Don Dracula - Full Episode 4 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Yes I see a beautiful woman I drool.
My heart beats I throw the feet.
Always the whole family has a split personality.
I'm ready. Me intellectual Ratio Dracula is the ratio.
I like all human beings
I like to be my friends.
The mansion is a haven Nerima.
It is comfortable to live. Dr Don Paradise.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Dracula.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Paradise.
The mansion is a haven Nerima.
It is comfortable to live. Dr Don Paradise.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Dracula.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Paradise Paradise.
"Attack! Naked monsters"
Screenplay: Takao Koyama
It is a beautiful shell!
A shell pink. It's as pretty as you.
Ah you say Nobuhiko!
Sorry I made you miss class.
Suddenly I wanted to see the sea that...
Ah yes...
- Because... - What is it?
Maybe I'll have to change school.
Still, it's nothing, but maybe...
- Because of my father's work. - Oh yeah...
- So we go? - Yes.
Let's run to the house.
Nobuhiko there is a house.
- Let's see. - Yes.
"Research institute the annihilation of the vampires."
Huh? What about vampires?
Is a research institute the annihilation of the vampires.
What do you mean annihilation?
We'll see...
Anyone who makes harm to society
like vampires, make them disappear from this world.
Eh no...
Looks interesting. What do you think if we look inside?
One day I will come with the Association of Science Fiction.
Anyone who hurts to society as vampires
make them disappear of this world...
Chocola what's wrong?
You fool!
Hello! We meet again. How are you?
I'm Bat Yasu. Already I have learned my name?
Anyway, Nobuhiko is quite clumsy, eh?
Chocola is the daughter of a vampire.
If you say something will break your heart.
By the way what will this institute Research for annihilation?
- I look? - Come.
A great success!
Open the door! Open it criminal!
You are surrounded by only me.
No one. End of the month again if you come to collect.
How electricity or gas?
Note particularly at the end of the month. Back then.
At the end of the month I will take some time off.
I will be out of service. Hey degenerated...
I'm telling you I'm not.
Ah! Who are you?
Do not be scared if I tell you who I am.
Say when asked would be impertinent
but I was born in Enshu and I live in Hamamatsu.
The inspector met Murai
Research Section ll Police that's me.
Give up and let you stop!
- Inspector not lose the nerves. - I'm fine!
Inspector if wasted so many bullets General Superintendent...
I became a cop to do this. I have no fun.
How could eat Yokan if he feared the Superintendent?
- Do not get into this! - Excuse me.
What will become of me?
Quiet. I'll stop.
How can you keep shooting without changing the cartridges?
Do not be so serious.
This is an animation animations and anything goes.
You're doing something wrong with women who will bring them home right?
- Confess. - Have not you seen the sign outside?
Does the sign?
Wait a minute.
What do you mean, ABCDE?
It reads "Research institute for the annihilation of the vampire."
That... Is it German?
It is the language of animation.
I'm Professor Helsing.
This is a laboratory product antivampiros.
Alright. I will make a record home.
Lead me home.
Not forgive you as I hide something alien cheat!
What? Do women dissected?
There are vinyl dolls.
Must be inflated and deliver one to each family.
What's that for?
Have appeared recently in Tokyo vampires.
A lot of people would have sucked blood.
Can not you do something with this way of laughing?
It's innate.
With this false rumor of vampires trying to hide your crimes
but the eyes of Murai are no holes. Look at them well.
The eyes of the inspector Murai are real holes.
Vampires have landed in Japan.
If you do not somehow stop Japanese girls are the victims.
So I invented this.
Before they hung garlic to ward off the vampires
but it is completely passé.
So these dolls inflate aerated garlic extract.
The vampire comes
and wrist snaps.
It makes holes in the wrist gas fills the room
and the vampire is choking and faints.
What this is safer the roach?
I want to work with me. I would ask the Ministry of Health
who manufactures these dolls mass and distribute them to each family.
Gas that garlic is all lies.
A put a soporific gas and while people are asleep
go into his house confessed to stealing.
What insolence! I am...
No discussion. Will come to Police Headquarters.
You understand nothing.
Oh my dear girl your blood and soft delicious
fans the flame in my heart
and fills me with joy as if Trevi Fountain.
Come to me together we will a night of love.
Come now.
Don Dracula!
Keeping me again with an unknown girl!
Fea... fea... Ugly blonde.
After a time suck my blood Why does not assume responsibility?
Man Cold!
Tonight I'm also hot. Bite the neck.
Do not approach not nigh! Now I'm busy.
Please Mr. Conde.
Your blood will be the last to take.
Damn nosy... In a moment!
Bite Count neck.
You do not have to be here. That man is mine.
I do not like ugly women!
I think the bleeding from the nose now I have high blood pressure.
Do not take it anymore!
Why does it always this happening to me?
I'm sick!
Lord Count!
No Count.
This is not done to his beloved girlfriend! How cruel!
I have done well in preparing this.
Lace, I'll send you on a safari Africa.
Co-exists well with the gorillas.
Now... beautiful girls Beautiful girls!
It is inexcusable!
The embassy can tell you about me.
Shut up! Would you shut up?
As a start I
Hemorrhoids back to hurt me again.
I told you to shut up.
I have hemorrhoids. Please take me to the service.
Shut up! Shut up!
The embassy also can tell you that I have hemorrhoids!
Do not take it anymore!
Hey is it the Dutch Embassy?
Section name research ll of the police.
I want to confirm whether such a Professor Helsing in your country
suffers from hemorrhoids.
How? Okay, thanks.
It is true that you have hemorrhoids. Take it to service.
Since there is no time. It's too late.
We have to take the patrol car washing.
While you're busy stay stopped to deface public property.
Do not scream that aggravates me pain.
Don Dracula
Don Dracula
lgor serve me more.
I love what you have big appetite! But Miss...
Chocola what's wrong are you crying? Did you scolded your teacher?
Next to the beach there is a high school for the annihilation of vampires.
Institute for annihilation vampire?
Annihilate is to destroy all that harm society right?
There is no law. If no disservice to society...
I feel sad.
You must be Helsing.
Chocola not cry. If you cry until I get sad.
But what can we do?
Your father will kill it immediately.
I will not take us for fools.
Chocola not worry.
- Chocotto! - Dr Don!
Helsing go outside.
Have hurt the sensitive heart, Chocola.
Professor piles!
How strange!
If you must go mad... Aren't you?
Chocola seems that there is none.
Have you been Helsing?
They are pretty good. Also well lush.
They are also naked.
Chocola glad we suck much blood from these women.
Dad be careful.
I am Count Dracula. I want your blood and soft delicious.
Helsing I've set a trap.
Dad looks!
Maybe you are a man-fish.
That's right.
He understood that you lived in the Amazon...
No. We are a fish-men from Southeast Asia.
Coming from South Asia?
And how is it that you are in Japan?
We are a refugee...
No men-fish refugees.
The river where we lived in peace remained contaminated and could not stay there.
We had no choice but to go out find a new carrier.
We are not welcome anywhere.
We were wandering in the sea during long.
Exhausted came to Japan. There was a house on the seashore.
And we all hid there.
We do not know why but there Women had many skins.
We did get those skins because that human thought us
and the Japanese would not suspect us.
I feel sorry history.
But it is impossible. You seem not human.
Oh we're not there.
I understand very well.
We are also illegal immigrants.
How are you living here?
Lead a decent life is impossible.
Japan is a difficult country to live for refugees.
In this world there is no place where we can live without problems.
Please help.
Yes please.
Vale. Raise your face. Leave them to me.
Dad has promised something again without thinking.
Chocola are in the same situation. I feel sorry.
Are you sure? I do not know...
All a sign of appreciation!
- Thanks! - More! More!
Well well!
Token of gratitude, token of gratitude...
Thanks, thanks...
Father is the sea!
Father is the sea!
What? The sea...
Leave me!
Leave me!
Do not worry. It is a sign of thanks.
Let go of me! Ah! No! No I did not! Let go! Let go!
We are in the water. I will die.
Return. I can not with water.
Back Back!
It is a sign of appreciation special.
Chocola, help!
Did not I tell you?
My father would die if he falls into the water.
Take him to the ground now.
Huh? Really?
All signal stop. Thanks.
Three four one!
Daddy get well!
Chocolate what?
Have you committed without thinking?
That is why I insisted so much...
I do not know what to do with you.
Give us back the signal thanks.
Give her back to us! Give her back to us!
Is it better to ask for help the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?
Or maybe the Health?
Okay now I'm going.
Dad you know what time it is?
Government offices are closed at five.
At five...
Why not work at night?
Japan's utilities are fatal.
Do not blame others. What are you doing?
Old men can not fish.
You can not live in Japan.
I mean no harm but go away now!
But that's not what we have promised.
Dad is someone.
Hear escondeos fish-men!
I will ask that somehow we allowed to live in Japan.
It's useless.
What I can not make me nobody can not do that.
There should be no worse than you.
All you get in line.
Behave as human beings we say hello.
We tried to ask.
I say it's useless.
Can you leave ya alone?
Of course. To apologize I brought you and drive right?
Huh? What is that?
What's going on here?
Are my wrists. The dolls are moving!
Come all salute to humans.
Good morning.
But if it's night...
Women's mouth torn have risen!
You have to capture them alive!
We can do nothing. Let's get out!
Stay still! How I feel!
Stay still!
Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
Give me back my wrists!
Wait! Come back!
Wait, wait!
I feel good good!
They can not live in Japan.
He could have received at home.
If it was only for one or two days...
But we also live can not be hidden.
Poor fish-men...
If you go to Amazon can help them.
Or go to Hollywood and that engaged for horror movies.
With the voices of Kenji Utsumi Saeko Shimazu Kaneta Kimotsuki
Dr Dr Don Don Don Dr...
Don Dracula
My beloved father is a vampire.
His black coat is sober of good taste right?
Their sharp teeth are cool, right?
Is the number one in this world and in the hereafter.
He is the king of the night a superstar.
Don Dracula Dr Dr Don Don Don Dr...
Don Dracula.
Hates garlic and the cross.
My father is a vampire.