What to expect after an expungement in California - Expunge Your Criminal Records

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Hello congratulations in having your case expunged. My name is Jennifer Strange and
I am one of the attorneys here at Higbee and Associates. I am going to know answer some
commonly asked questions that people ask after they have their case expunged.
Now since your case is been expunged is not longer considered a conviction what that means
is when you have background check done on you there will not show a conviction for this
case, if someone searches for only convictions they will not see it at all. Now is someone
searches for all court cases they can see your case is a dismiss case but not a conviction
since it was dismissed. Now if you have a live scan or what is know as Department of
justice background check done on you, that means it will search all court cases in arrest
so what they will see is that you were arrested the charges of your case and that was ultimately
dismissed, therefore it will not show a conviction on your record.
Now the law for expungement in California states on job applications you do not have
to disclosed the conviction, that means when you are applying for a job you can check "NO"
to whether you were convicted of a crime. now tare are three circumstances where you
do have to disclose you do have something expunged. The first time is if you are contracting
with the State Lottery Commission. The second time you have to disclosed and expungement
is if you were running for a public office, now that can be if you were running for major,
city counsel or anything as a governmental official for public office. The third time
you have to disclosed it is when you are applying for a state license throughout the state.
What this means is when you are applying for your state license you have to disclosed you
had something expunged, however after you obtain the state license when you are applying
for a job in that profession you can state "NO" and you do not have to disclosed it because
a job application is different than applying for a state license. Therefore, you can apply
for your jobs with more confidence now that you have it expunged you are no longer convicted.
Now since your case was granted that means it was expunged. Now according to penal code
section 1203.4 that means it was dismissed. An expungement is the same as having your
case dismissed. So congratulations you are no longer convicted of a crime.
Now you will be receiving proof that your case was expunged what this means is that
a judge signs an order stating that your case is expunged presume to 1203.4 once we received
that order from the court we will be sending it to you. Typically it takes the court two
to four weeks to sends us that order and like a said once we get that we will sending that
to you. After the court grants your expungement and
you are no longer convicted of a crime they update their records typically within forty-eight
hours. Once the court updates their records to show that your case is dismissed and expunged
then they send the order onto the Department of Justice which is the state agency. Now
the California Department of Justice typically takes thirty days to update your records and
show that your case was expunged and dismissed after the Department of Justice updates their
records they send it on the Federal Agency which is the FBI now the FBI typically takes
about another thirty days to updated their records although is not certain how long they
will take. So typically our clients see that their records are expunged and updated with
all the governmental agencies within frothy to sixty days on average.
If you have any more questions about expungement and the benefits of having it expunge, I suggest
you go to our frequently asked questions portion of our website for California expungement.
Our website is RecordGone.com and there is a lot of information that you can read twenty-four
hours a day regarding expungement.