8 Mile (3/10) Movie CLIP - You're Gonna Be Great (2002) HD

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- That's what I'm talkin' about. - Okay, I got it.
Fuckin' yeah, man. Let's burn this fuckin' thing down.
- Let's go, Cheddar. - This is the definition of an attractive nuisance.
- Hey, Rock! Come on, Rock. Let's burn this thing. - Right behind you, man.
- That's what I'm talkin'about. - Yeah, baby.
Could have sworn I had some matches. You got some?
You got my lighter? I gave it back to you.
- I got one. - Wink, you got the lighter?
[All] No!
- Oh, shit! Get out! - Run!
Hey, what the fuck, you guys?
I'm out! Fuck you, Cheddar!
Hey, Rabbit, word!
Rah! Hey, I burned the house down! [Laughing]
#The roof The roof #
# The roof is on fire We don't need no water#
# Let the motherfucker burn Burn, motherfucker #
# Burn ## It's almost beautiful.
When I was little, I used to want to live in a house like this.
You know, how it used to be.
You live with your family? [Siren Blaring, Distant]
I got out of there as quick as I could.
Left home when I was 17. What about you?
Sort of the same. [Cheering, Shouting]
[Dog Barking]
When you record a demo,
I'd really love to be there.
Alex. Hey, girl.
You're gonna be great. [Siren Blaring]
I got a feelin' about ya. [Woman] Let's go, Alex.
See ya. See ya.
[Sirens Blaring, Continues]
[Future] Cheddar, bring your ass on! Come on!
[Sirens, Approaching]