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Hey whats up cachorros, how are you?
I am so happy to be back in my green screen
I am so happy just to be back in my country and everythig is beautiful when Im with you
am I right? yeah right??
todays vlog is about...
back to school
summer i over and now we are back to school
that time of the year when ugly men and women try to look good for society
i mean you want to look nice right?
girls get out their best flip flops
girls get out their best flip flops
and sadly in elementary schools we have... de little walking dead...
come on! wake up for school! you have to look good! your teacher is going to love you ok??
come on dear! wake up! see! you have to go to bed early because summer is over!
wake up baby!
poor little creatures! they just want to sleep!
they can barely stand and moms want them to eat, and get dressed?
thats why their parents have to do everything for them
hurry up son! is getting late for school! come on! hurry up! eat your eggs!
here son, get your lunch! put it in your back pack! let me see what else we have...
hurry up we have 5 minutes! now I have your back pack, ok lets go! hurry up son!
I am going to tell your dad that you woke up super late!
ok we are here, ok get down son! get down...
what happened ??
Mom?? mom??/ where are you mom?
they are so stressed that they forget the kids
mom for love to their kids, look nice when you go drop them off
or get your van windows tinted so that we can see what is inside
or use a condom so you dont have any more kids
and thanks to be back at school they make new friends
and to remember the name of your class mates there are very smart methods that scientific minds have developed
and every year they get better
ok everybody is going to put a name tag on your chest
and you are going to write your name in it so that we all know each other
so please, put your name tag
really smart methods right?
and that is how you start knowing all your class mates
Juan Pablo, Ramon... Lucia.... WTF?
hey whats up, I am Stuart... Stuart Little... how are you?
hey whats up.. am good, thank you
well.... I have a lot of problems in my house, my parents want to divorce, have you seen doctor house? my dad is like that
there is nothing worse than going back to school, and meeting some one that tells you all their life in the first day
so I don't really know what to do...
mmhmmm, but what don't you know?
its because.... mmm please don't tell any one this stays between you and me
it is because... I think I might be adopted... but I don't know...
are you serious?? come on.. lets see....
first of all..
i is because we don't even look alike... doctor house and me...
let me talk... first of all you....
we don't even have the same eyes... so thats why I think I might be adopted
just.. shut up!!! come on! you are obviously adopted, your dad is a human and you are a freaking rat!
I hate Stuart Little !
and in the mean tie in some high schools and colleges in the world...
it is good guys, it is good, that we now know each other, as time goes by, we will know each other even more
and well, get your things out, lets start working...
wait hold on.. hey.... mm can I have a pen?
a pen? yes yes please
shh hey!
can I borrow... a piece of paper.. or a note book?
come on...
why do you even go to school?
without a pen!
without paper
without dignity
what is in your head!?
(in their wedding) now... you can give her the ring...
hey.. can I borrow.. a ring? do you have one?
-hey.. you a ring??? -yes but give it back at the end!
ok now.. go on...
ooohhh... man! I forgot... a bride? can I borrow a bride?
without a pen and a note book in college? what is in their head?
don't be stupid, you always did that...
it used to happen, but then i stopped
-that is because you dropped out of college... -exactly... exactly
but it never happened again
and when you think that they only humiliated you in elementary middle and high school...
we have college professors
-and then I said... piripitiflautica... hahahahahaha! -come on give them a hand!
ok lets see, who else needs to present ?
ok ok go
and well my name is Iñaqui, i live on the west side, i went to river side high school
and I love this career because I think it might help me be a better person
very good, give him a hand! who is next?
-well my name is Nayid... -Nayid? ahahaha what kind of name is that?
hahahaha that is so funny, but ok ok go on
i am 23 years old....
23!!? come on, too much party! college is suppose to start at 18 man!
but I wanted to study biology, but then...
ohhh he wanted to starve to death...
ohhh and I am from the hood...
careful careful with your wallets....
I am from the hood, and you all are screwed !
there are many professors that joke way too much...
or the books they give you..
you are going to bring you spanish book, math and science ok?
also 3 bibles and a 1 meter ruler
that ruler and also the coran
a bunch of crap!
throw him to the river...
but boss, we dont have the sack full of stones
who cares, bring a third grader's back pack!
put it on!
boss, what if he comes back!
we kill him!
and thats how he died
they are ruining our spine!
and poor kids that go into one of those schools where everybody smokes
because it is so cool!
and they even brag about it...
and that is how it is, the ones that smoke the most are the cutest and who dies first is beautiful...
cachorros that is it for today's vlog
I am so happy to be back! here in my country! where I grew up!
where my parents abandoned me with only a camera
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and I hope this videos keep making you laugh in hard times, also good times, and even with your family
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