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Oscarito Gabriel is very affectionate, very sentimental and like his mother. He worries about everything, worries about everything óìMom, Why this? Mom, Dad.î
Heís always asking questions. Theyíre two beautiful children, and itís beautiful to live with them and be with them every day.
The thing is, theyíre great. One minute they may be fighting and the next theyíre best friends, kissing and hugging. The fact is, they are the loves of my life.
[Oscar has three other children who donít live with them, from previous relationships... Jacobo, 13, Atiana, 7, and Devon, 9.]
Have you told your other kids about your problems?
No, not about my problems.
Do they know?
They do know. Itís a difficult process, itís a process in which I must sit down with my son Jacobo and my daughter Atiana, Devon, and tell them, look, first of all,
Iím sorry, Iím sorry for not being there for you, but Iím here now and I love you very much, with all my heart.
I donít know how Iím going to react with that or how am I going to do it, but I have to do it and Iím going to do it.
How is your relationship with them, Oscar?
My relationship with my son Jacobo is good. Heís almost taller than I am, and heís not going to be a boxer, he is going to be a baseball player.
There has been little communication with them and, like I told you, I need to sit down with them and explain to them why their father has not been part of their lives.
Some say that some cases of alcoholism can be hereditary in part ñ In your family, as far as you know, were there any alcoholics?
Yes, you make a good point because as a matter of fact, this worries me a lot, but they also explain that at the Malibu center. You must not expose your kids to that,
you must no longer drink in front of them, you must not tell them, ìHey, look, buy me a beer at the store or grab me a beer from the refrigerator.î
I can talk to them, I can educate them. That is what I can do as a father and pray that they donít turn out like me.
Why is it that you now want to tell the world what happened to you?
Well, because I feel capable of talking to the public honestly about what Iím feeling.
for my wife and my family, and I think, the public, to explain to them, to educate them about how this works, to tell them that Iím going to be okay.
[He says he doesnít want to disappoint his fans and betray his roots...]
Now, careful, careful, because weíre going to work, weíre going to fight, weíre going to keep working for what is Latino, Iíve always done that.
Itís a personal goal that we, Latinos, excel in this country, which is very important.
I thank my Mom for watching over me. I feel that sheís watching over me.
How do you think she would have reacted to this news?
First, I think what I went through would not have gotten to this point. I had a good relationship with my mom. I was very close to her.
She scolded me a lot, she knew me better than anyone else, and she would have taken me down the right path.
Do you feel that a weight has lifted off you?
A very big weight.
[Nowadays, Oscar De La Hoya devotes a great deal of his time and energy to his company, Golden Boy Promotions. His priority is to search for new boxing talent and manage their careers...]
What attributes are you looking for in a young boxer?
For him to be a good person, a healthy person, a clean person, hardworking, with a close family, but you must also recognize that he must know how to fight.
Are you looking for Mexican talent, Latino talent or not?
If theyíre American, it doesnít matter where theyíre from. Part of me and my heart is watching Mexicans, Latinos.
His name is "El Canelo ¡lvarez", Sa˙l Canelo ¡lvarez from Mexico. People have that desire of seeing him become a world champion and represent the Latino people, and heís going to do it.
[Sa˙l Canelo ¡lvarez, who aspires to be a champ, is 20 years old...]
Many people say that itís too soon, many people say itís time, but instinct tells me that perhaps in six or nine months, heíll be ready for the best in the world.
Every once in a while I want to get into a ring and teach them a few moves, a few combinations,
but I believe thatís not my role and obviously, Iím not in shape to do it, especially with these youngsters.
What are the three most important pieces of advice that you offer future champions?
The first piece of advice is one that they always remain humble and, obviously, that they not forget where they came from, their roots.
And I believe that perhaps, the most important thing, and itís a problem not only for boxers but for many athletes, for many celebrities, is drinking. Stay healthy.
If youíre an athlete, you must focus and work and lead a clean life.
How hard will it be for you to live in an environment in which you know there will be alcohol, there will be drugs?
Manny Paquiao, Mosley, Vargas, Mayweather, Mayorga, all of them combined in one ring, fighting against them, I can knock them all out, but this addiction is going to be the toughest fight of my life.
[He recognizes that it will be a big challenge, although he says he has an action plan.]
As long as I donít drink at all, donít use any drugs, stick to my program to be clean, Iíll have a brilliant life, a happy life. That is what I want.
[At this time he is preparing for two very important fights on September 17...]
We have Sa˙l "Canelo" ¡lvarez fighting in Los Angeles Staples Center, and Mayweather and Ortiz in Las Vegas.
[ Heís referring to Mexican-American boxer Victor Ortiz, whom he represents.]
Macho Camacho was in this program ìMira QuiÈn Bailaî
I can just see Macho Camacho dancing. He must be a clown. (laughs) Two left feet! (laughs)
Do you even dare to be part of a television competition? (laughs)
Iíd first go back to the ring. Never!
How different is the Oscar De La Hoya who went into a rehab center in May from the one sitting in front of me today?
Oh! Night and day. I feel as if somebody up there has given me a second chance in my life, and this time Iím not going to waste it.
Iím going to use it well to become the best person I can be. Itís a daily struggle. One day at a time... like preparing for a fight that never ends.