WTCC Graduation 2, Spring 2012

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(sound of 'Pomp and Circumstance')
Welcome to Wake Technical Community College's Spring Commencement
It's a pleasure for the Trustees, for the faculty and staff
to share this special day
honoring the graduates in the class
of 2012
Today over a thousand people are eligible to graduate
>>What a privilege it is for me to address you on this exciting occasion of your
and since Wake Tech's campus is in the district I represent
and it's the
crown jewel of the academics of Wake County
I feel it's my mission in life to do whatever Dr. Scott and the Trustees
ask me to do
Gotta keep them happy
They also asked me to be brief, so brief I shall be
A good teacher
brings something old and something new
and I'd like to share
something old and something new, it was the tradition for maybe a thousand years in
the west
that commencement addresses were in Latin
That's so the people from all different places could understand it, and the
common language. That's changed - you'll find as you go around the world now, English
is the common trade language
wherever you go, although it's certainly not the heart language, and you have to learn
other languages as you do business around the state
But I thought I'd give you a little taste of that old Latin so you
could tell your
friends that you actually had the old traditions here
and I've picked a few little
from my own profession, that is law and justice, but some of this applies
to you as engineers, those in the information technology, especially
those in business
and I'll just say a brief little word about each of them - the first one
and mostly in English, if you prefer that 0:02:41.299,0:02:45.419 The first one is a just decree commanding what is right
and forbidding the contrary, in other words
That's what we go to law school to learn is justice
but guess what
it's not
fixed in time
what I have to learn
You've learned engineering
but guess what - in ten years, they are going to be new things to learn
You have to constantly be learning, you learn
how to learn at Wake Tech
You haven't finish learning
There's a second one, and this one comes from
871 AD
from the Dome book of the 'Liber Judicialis' of King Alfred the Great
of England
He said this, 'I again and again command all who are sent over the state that
they show themselves just
judges to all as it is written in in the judicial book
and this, and that no
deter them from declaring the common law boldly and freely'
In England,
Every little community had its
law, it had its prejudices, it had its customs
but these folks were sent around the by the King
to declare the King's Law that is the common law of England without fear
and now that you have a degree,
you have a right
to practice in that field
without fear
It doesn't mean without
some trepidation,
and a lot of, you need a lot of experience
but you really do know something and you need not be afraid of the mob, or
your friends
being ashamed of what you know, you actually know something, and you have become
an expert in your field
The third one is from Magna Carta
1215 AD. This is what King -
You certainly saw 'Robin Hood' when you were kids, right?
or the movies - this is about the Sheriff of Nottingham and bad old King John
and this is what he had to
pledge in order to keep his crown
and probably to keep his head on
He had to promise in writing this - 'to no one will we sell,
to no one deny or delay,
right or justice',
and since that one is so important
I'll just give you a little taste of it - 'Nulli vendemus, nulli negabimus 0:05:10.490,0:05:14.360 aut differemus rectum aut justiciam'
and what that means is –
get your business done quickly,
get it done right,
and with justice
>>Will the candidates for Diplomas in Associate Applied Science degrees from the
Business and Public Service Technology Division
please rise
and come forward
Jennifer Crystal Kvrgic
Shana Jonell White
Brenda H. Lockamon
Betty Ann Brown
Michael S. Bulluck
Hanane Dadoune
Danielle Marie D'Ottavio
Zac G. Drake
Antonio Foster
Yanyan Ji
LaToya C. Malloy
LaToya C. Mall
Reuben N. Mwaura
Levette C. Reams
Robert Ivan Reyes
Ana K. Valdez-Cruz
Lakeitha D. Woolard
Teresa L. Yarborough
Kara Elaine Cecil
Catherine Leigh Fistori
Corinna Lynn Jackson
Kristen Renee Mitchem
Eric C. Stopka
Jason S. Sturdivant
Katherine M. Barbour
Sharon Tennille Brower-Earley
Jennifer Lynn Crane
Anntionette L. Elleby
Deborah M. Hutchins
Bryan E. Lanier
Latoya Ernessa Montague
Bryan W. Mooney
Marjorie M. Roberts
Samantha Leigh Schroll
Dirk Swart IV
Regina A. Woolard
Dorothy Ann Blue
Nakia S. Burchett
Yamileth Indira Council
Michael James Gilbert
Gali Nduku
Shannon Ashley Ahrens
Katrina Antoinette Clay
Amie L. Cooke
Krystal C. Faison
Mitchelett Angel Graham
Takishya S. Graves
April M. Kadel
Nicole M. Klein
Ru Li
NaTasha Nicole McKnight
Sarah D. McClain
Sonya Ann McLean
DaQuanta Michele Ramsey
Amber N. Simmons
Dalaisha Aleneta Monique' Swinson
Byron Edwin Barrett
Kendra Lynne Burdeau
Candace O. Butler 0:13:37.300,0:13:44.300 Chanté M. Christian
Brenda M. Hawkins
Patrick Alexander Hamilton
Courtney Deon Jones
Cassia Sheyné Juanico
Derekia D. Lewis
Heidi J. McKinney
Lindsay Aline Nall
Carolyn Renee Riley
Princess Delaine Royster
Gaelen Brady Welch
Jermonica J. Young
Alexia S. Boynton
Angela Goldston Montalvo
Keith Paul Stringer
Gabriella Faye Woodson
Crystal Yvette Baker
Hajar Boucteb
Lachanda Renee Brunson
Cecilia M. Correa
Connie Irene Eastmann
Danielle S. Finnell
Sherri C. Freeman
Jacqueline Rose Fuhrer
Kendall Elizabeth Harmon
Brenda L. Hegyi
Elham A. Idris
Brittany Shena Jones
Deborah Ann Lilienthal
Christina B. Martin
Schewaundy Maxwell
April S. McCloud
Kimberly Boone McClure
Crystal A. McDonald
Hanan Nejar
0.210 Wendy Marie Nixon
Erin Leigh Philbrook
Sonya Wilson Scarborough
Yashida Amina Vinson
Angela L. Washington
Katina LaVette Wilkins
Arielle Anis Williams
Jamise Williams
Brian Peter Adams
Tracey Lee Morgan
Angel Luis Aponte, Jr.
Roman Falkowski
Jonathan R. Fisher
Crystal C. Kungu
Samuel Philip Setliff
Timothy M. Shafer
Sharron M. Thomas
Veronica Armstrong
Brandy Annette Hall
Alyssa Nicole Messer
Sarah R. Pontius
Robin Renee Terry
Nicole M. Virgilio
Santita L. Wilkins
Taylor Anne Capley
Denise Ann Crockett
Kristina Renee Faison
Pamela D. Jackson
Alicia I. Johannsen
Yalegueba Kpekouma
Jennifer Michelle McKee-Chester
Nancy D. Mills
Tanecia Noelle Moore
Samantha E. Moses
Julie M. Neumann
LaTasha D. Stancil
Regina Strickland
Marsela Vishe
Cheryl Lynn Arella
Viviana Elizabeth Bright
Jon-Erik Nordquist
Kayla J. Pisano
Kyle J. Rustin
Nadeen Rosalie Russell
Teresita S. Spencer
Yonely E. Cedillo Flores
Mary Kay Kelsey
with the recommendation of the faculty, I have the honor of presenting the
graduation candidates from the Business and Public Service Technologies Division
>>Thank you, Walter
Now, please let's welcome
Ms. Angela Bequette,
Dean of Computer Engineering Technologies for the presentation of our
graduates in that area for the diplomas and degrees
>>Will the candidates for Diplomas and Associate of Applied Science degrees
from the Computer and Engineering Technologies Division,
please rise and come forward
Angelica Baylon
no microphone
Angelica Baylon
Angelica Baylon
Carol A. Berenyi
Carla Dee Cooper
Dana Joan Dudley
Mary Gabriel
Kenneth Gentry
Carlos Gonzalez
Emanuel I. Jenkins
Ashley Juanita Kirstein
Brendan Meyer
Phebe N. Moche
Terrance Parker
Justin A. Shank
Randy L. Workman
Jonathan Wade Annum
Leslie Laurene Bellamy
Lemuel A. Drake
Antonette Michelle Evans
Serge Francis Matoko
Kerifa Ellesa McKenzie
Barbara Ann Olivier
Shalimar Taneo Schenck
Brian Scott Hinnant
William Russell Kelly
Bradley F. Parsons
Jeffrey Andrew Petersen
William Jacob Pollard
Wendy Elizabeth Jarels
Rodney Wray Ayscue
Edith Ray Church
Troy Andrew Dodson
Daniel A. Espinoza
Joyce Denise Clark
Lakisha Renee Miller
James Alan Waters
Timothy Watson
Barry Alexander Henderson
Jason Blair McDaris
Allison Philips Brantley
Laura Anne Kordulewski
Brian Matthew Ziegler
Brandy Nicole Eller
Angela L. Coleman
Diana Catherine Curtis
Blaise Falkowski, Jr.
John D. Hales
Andrew L. Holley
Mitchell Duane Kearney
Kyle Thomas Walker
Randy L. Bernard
Matthew Christopher Clark
Bradford M. Ingersoll
Kory Michael Sherman
Benjamin W. Cooper
Dale McGowan
Scott Young
>>Trustees, with the recommendation of the faculty,
I am honored to present the
graduation candidates from the Computer and Engineering Technologies Division
>>Under the authority vested in the Board of Trustees of Wake Technical Community College
and by the statutes of the State of North Carolina
and the State Board of Community Colleges,
it is my privilege to confer upon you these degrees and diplomas so named
as evidence of your new status as graduates, you may now
turn your tassels from right to left