Homemade Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Recipe : Utensils Needed for Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.02.2008

Hi everybody, my name is Jay, and I'm talking on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip
I'm going to show you how to make pumpkin pie, and we're going to show you the tools
to make pumpkin pie. This is going to be a real simple thing here; I'm going to show
you. First and foremost, what you're going to need, you're definitely going to need a
strainer. This is to strain the puree that you're going to make, essentially a custard,
and you're going to strain it through here to make it a lot smoother in consistency,
and that way you get a nice clean cut every single time you cut into the pie. Next thing
you're going to need is a micro plain grinder, as I have this. This is going to be good for
grinding down the nutmeg, the fresh nutmeg, which I have. Also you're going to need a
whisk, you can have two whisks. I'm just going to use one. I'm going to use it, then wash
it off, and reuse it again. It's always nice to have these handy. Sometimes it's a pain
to clean them off, but very very handy. Definitely we're going to need two bowls. One is to mix
the main custard, and one is to make kind of like a whipping cream, kind of, that we're
going to fold into the actual custard. Also we're going to need a wire rack, as I do here,
I have here, and with this we're going to do is we're going to let the pie cool after
it's done on the wire rack. Next thing what you're going to need is, hopefully you can
get a pie crust, as I have here. This is a pre-made pie crust. You can buy these are
your local grocery store, or you can make your own pie crust, whatever it is you like
to do. This is a lot easier for me to do and, I've made my own pie crust in the past, and
I just choose to do this today. It's a lot easier for you folks at home to do. If you
don't have one of these you're going to need a pie tin, of course. You're also going to
need a baking sheet, where we can actually place the pie on top and slip it in the oven.
And that is all you need to make pumpkin pie. Thank you.