School Presentation Jonathan Li

Uploaded by SpeechExpress on 17.02.2012

Jonathan. Yes? What is your goal this year please share with your class. Well, my goal
is to get into the University of Hong Kong. Hahaha. Oh my god! Are you kidding me? That's
an F go back to your seat. Seriously? Is this really what you're going to do? Ha, you gotta
be kidding me I can tell you, this guy's gonna suck. So if you really want to become the
hottest guy in your school if you really want to get the highest grades if you really want
to be loved by your loved one here's what you gonna do. Check this out. I wish you were
there with me in the living room on 31st December 2011. You can see my parents and me watching
TV in the living room and you can smell the hot chocolate floating and you hear the MC
on the TV saying, 3 2 1 Happy New Year! And I immediately closed my eyes and said this
year I will definitely study in the University of Hong Kong. What are your dreams? What are
your goals in 2011? 2011, Oh, 2012. You know I'm not a master of time huh Ok now in the
next 15 minutes you're going to receive 8 questions on goal setting how to follow your
dreams and of course some kind of special questions ok now are there any volunteers?
See isn't that awesome? What did he use? The 5 senses. How you see you hear you smell you
touch. Oh what else have I missed? Anyway next time if you're going to give a presentation
try to use these 5 senses. Connect with the audience and get what you want.
Please share your experience on how you use these 5 senses in school presentations. And
which sense do you actually like the most? Also subscribe to my Youtube channel and you
gonna pick up a lot of tools on how to express your speech from fear to fantastic. Stay tuned.