[2 APR][ENG] ZE:A Siwan Kwanghee Cut

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What's your role in ZE:A?
I'm the brain of ZE:A~
Many people only know Kwanghee from our team~
So ZE:A is always related to an easy personality like Kwanghee...that kind of image
So I come to this show to help changing our image
(ZE:A is releasing a new song?) Yes it's called "Here I Am"
(Are we going to listen to it?) Sure~
This was meant to change ZE:A's image...!
No, but actually I...let me greet everyone first! Hello I'm ZE:A's Kwanghee!
I have been longing to come here but only Siwan can come
I'm recently attending drama meetings and after it ends I walk past here so I come
[I thought drama meetings would be longer...] It was an urgent one so it's pushed forward
When they see me they just reject me~
What do you think about Siwan's interview? Does he has the posibility (in varieties)?
I can't hear the interview but only cheerings~ Why are they cheering for him?
He's the brain of ZE:A, you agree with that?
Actually he's so smart so I always feel...what, what is that called? The feeling~
Inferiority! Inferiority!
[Cause he can't recall inferiority]
This is speechless...he doesn't even have a drama meeting today!
[So his intention is only coming here?!]
No way he's wearing full makeup!
Actually we go to the same salon, and the gathering time here is 10:30 but he arrived at the salon at 7am!
So the hairdressers are very annoyed since he's getting his makeup done after 2 hours
So won't you perform together with Siwan now?
Excuse me but they're not coming like this one by one right?
Simon D! Lock the door!
This time I can dance in the centre~ and my 8 members are behind me
That delight is no joke!
[Dancing in the front feels so good~] [Yes this time he stands at the centre]
No matter what I'm the appearance representative...
[The next dance step?]
How to do this, what's this? It's not my part I don't know about it
Although I'm responsible for the chorus I don't sing~ I only present myself there
We've named out dance this time~ It's a dance to seduce girls
[1st] There's a girl in front! I'm here, look! You greet her like this~
[2nd] She acknowledges that and you bounce to her happily
[You present it well] [I know that right]
(Kwanghee thank you so much but you have another schedule right?) No for today...
[So Kwanghee has to leave due to another schedule~] [You're so busy]
Let me greet the sunbae first~ Hello! Please invite me here next week~
Oh I don't have that kind of power here...
It's been very enjoyable but after 4 minutes you get annoyed!
Why is Kwanghee coming again?!?!
Sunbae I'm sorry~I'm worried about Siwan and I got no place to go~
I've already prepared my clothes!
[Where should I sit?] [Go to that side~] [Ah beside Tony sunbaenim~]
I brought the chair from music show~
[I'm sorry but can you go to the backstage to change?] [I would have to leave then...]
[So we should start our cheering now~] [Does Kwanghee even know about it?]
Ya~ You're doing well!
Oh his saliva!
Saliva of the empire!
[Rule: If you do / say the thing posted on your head you lose]
[Mission of Kwanghee : "Thank you"]
[Mission of Siwan : Dancing]
Aww this is so explicit~~