How To Use Pixelmator : Cropping Images in Pixelmator

Uploaded by expertvillage on 04.02.2008

Hey everybody my name is Matt and I'm speaking to you on behalf of Expert Village. I'm going
to select my marquee tool and select part of my photo. And there's a lot of different
other things you can do with your marquee tool, other than just moving around your selection
as I showed you in the last tutorial. But if you go up to edit and come down to transform;
you can change the scale, you can rotate your selection and a couple of different other
things. I'm going to select scale and it's going to give me boxes at each corner and
each edge of my selection and you can click and drag those to change the scale. When you
are happy with it, you can click the "check mark" up here. You can also come in and manually
change the scale as well. I am just going to click the "x" to undo that and like I said
before you can also rotate and skew and distort and a couple of different other useful things.
I just selected rotate, I can click those and rotate that around. I am going to click
the "x" again, and if you want to deselect your marquee just hit "apple d". And another
useful tool is the crop tool, it's over here. If you select that you can drag it out just
like we did our marquee tool and you can move it around and change the size of that. But
whenever you are happy with your selection you can come down here in your tool options
and select "crop" and that's going to crop your object to your selection.