Let's Move! -- Tyler Elementary School's After-School Programs

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Thanks for having us. I'm Arne, how you doing?
Thompson (ph) Franken, I'm the After School Coordinator.
Good to meet you.
Good to meet you.
Thanks for your hard work.
Thank you.
What's happening? Hey, how are you?
Hi, I'm Tina Tyler (ph). I'm the principal.
What's going on? How are things going?
This is our outdoor classroom.
It's really nice.
Thank you, it's...
Well, I really didn't have anything to do with it, to be honest with you.
You got a lot of land.
Oh, we do use it a lot.
Is that your field too?
Yes, yes.
Great, wow!
Hi. What's happening? How you doing?
This is Miss Kay, and you guys are doing the Wilson meeting Group (ph)?
Sorry to interrupt. Thanks for your hard work.
Hi, nice to meet you.
I appreciate it.
How are you doing Zayir (ph)?
How many Kings on this? One or two, or many?
How do you know?
Because of the "s."
Because of the "s" of the suffix. Awesome. We'll do it together. Ready?
Eeez, meez.
There you go. Things. And then what happens--I forgot to give your cards, Salom (ph) if you
get an "oops," what does that mean?
You'll keep the cards.
All the cards will go back me and we start all over, so.
Therapeutical set.
You see, [INDISTINCT] and this group over here, the sponge cake, those are things over...
What are these?
There are.
Sponges, all of that.
If you're out of them then it'll be delayed.
All right, thanks, thanks for your hard work.
Good to see you.
We need some water.
Do you see our yoga building? That's funded by the United Way.
I need some yoga in my life.
I want to...
All right, let's bring it up. Look up, hands up. Bellies are forward, head back. All right,
move right back to your heart. Okay, arms on your sides. Now what does that do?
All right.
Keep--keep doing your thing.
We do the right side, and now we’re going to do the left side.
Take it down with the faces up. Stretch that leg back. Long arms, long legs, and lift your
head up. All right, move forward so the chest up over the palms. Come on it Johnny. Good
And we try to focus on healthy food. I love cooking with kids, that's my passion, food
and children.
What made you decide to do, you know, do the siesta?
Well, I was teaching third grade in the Bronx and--but I really love kids, I go at schools
and I was trying to think what else do I like? Well I'll go to culinary school; I really
am passionate about it.
We're doing buckwheat pancakes today but only because--not only because but because I was
inspired by this book. And we also--but we also focus on the vocabulary. So there's our
cooking word wall, stock, sauté, chop, dough, to go what it means to be in season and what
seasoning is. Let me see. I just think this kind of thing is so important for kids; their
motor skills, it really exposes them to other things, they love it. My feeling is that even
if they didn’t like the food, they like the process of making the food and they can
make it for somebody else. And maybe next time when they see it, maybe they'll try it;
maybe not next time, maybe the time after that. And so that's kind of how I have the
kids attracted.
And she said please.
I love the [INDISTINCT].
Give me some.
That's all.
On top?