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Hello. My name is O Song Gyeong.
I'm 28 years old.
I work at the bank.
I am Gang Dong Ju. I'm 34 years old.
Now working at sports academy.
supervising the kids, teaching them stuff like taekwondo,
and managing their daily lives.
I have a habit of winning.
My motto is "people who are prepared are more likely to be victorious".
Personal strength is information gathering.
I like to ride on a motorcycle. It seems like girls don't dig this.
I enjoy tea and movies.
I also like to read.
Can you smile a little?
Aigoo... funny as hell!
It is said recently that even those who work for a large enterprise will have to retire once they're over the age of 40.
That is what's rumored.
Steadily arrange life's projects.
I want to find someone who is like me. Someone who shares the same vision.
The type that I like?
My type is...
women who look good in uniform.
The needle hasn't even gone in yet!
-=Never Ending Story=-
An eminent person to the southeast...
Born in the year 1979.
What are you doing over there? It's time to eat!
I will.
By the way, do you plan to not address your husband's elder brother respectfully?
People who don't know us will think that our family is rude.
Ajubonim. (Brother-in-law)
That's the right way.
Everything went well yesterday?
In order to help you get married, I have racked my brain.
Please be on your best behavior when you go for the blind date.
Someone won a jackpot again.
2.7 billion.
When is it going to be my turn?
Hyeong, you want me to get you some rice?
That punk!
That won't do. I just checked and it has an issue with hygiene.
The payment due date is almost up. Don't forget!
- Welcome - Please sit.
The amount that you owe is way too high. There's nothing we can do.
On the 17th of next month, you shouldn't have any problem adapting to the revision of the schedule.
Just because of that money that I owe,
you people try to charge more in interest?
I'm sorry, there's not much we can do.
Does that look like a sorry face?
Don't mind me!
-=Assistant Manager O Song Gyeong=-
Miss O Song Gyeong.
You look like you'll get married soon.
You can't jinx the upcoming happy event by doing something like this.
No, I was only helping a friend with her wedding preparations.
Oh, a friend is getting married?
So, you're in a bad mood because of your inability to get married?
I can understand that kind of feeling.
You're not getting any younger,
and you're worrying that you'll die lonely.
I can understand that kind of feeling.
No, I'm also going to get married. Next year.
The year after, I will receive an apartment in the new Bok-dong Development Zone.
As for kids, I plan to have a boy and a girl after two years of marriage.
If in-laws are in the picture, we will move out after I turn 40 years old.
After 8 years, the education fund for the kids
until college will absolutely not be a problem.
Aigoo, you are not married, sir?
Lean over...
1, 2, 3, 4.
1, 2.
You've worked hard.
Focus... focus.
An eminent person to the southeast...
Tae Min, come over here!
You've worked hard.
Our Tae Min will do a good job, right?
One by one...
Good. One more.
Aigoo! Our Tae Min's luck is really unusual.
One more.
What are you doing?
Things were going great. Such a disappointment.
Can't I have an interest?
- Make sure you clean. - You nag all day long.
That punk!
That's impossible.
It is very normal to be in a denial in the beginning of such a situation.
Yes. But what I am telling you now is,
however bad it may sound, you just have to learn to accept the reality and stabilize your mood.
That way, the progression of the disease can be slowed down.
Of course it will be very painful.
I am also having a string of such patients. What a headache.
How come today's patients are such a headache?
If these results are true, how long do I have?
3 months to 6 months at most.
If it's very long...
Mr. Gang Dong Ju?
It doesn't make any sense.
Mr. Gang Dong Ju, I have already told you...
There's nothing to be apprehensive about.
This is really ridiculous! Look at that head, it's way too small to be my head.
This is not yours. Could you leave?
How can it happen out of the blue? A tumor is a tumor, why does it have to be malignant?
- You go out first. - Have a look one more time.
- We can't do that. - Why not? Why?
Just examine me one more time! Let go of me!
- Mr. Dong Ju. Mr. Dong Ju. - Please get up!
Didn't you say you would re-examine it?
Do it one more time to confirm it, okay?
I want to redo it. Please arrange the appointment for me.
The health inspection for the kindergarten is done quite often, right?
I saw on the news they said a lot of E. Coli bacteria is found on the playground.
Please add me to the waiting list.
No, it's a girl.
4 years old.
You have a kid?
No. It was my customers who wanted me to ask.
By the way, which bus are you taking?
I drove here.
Then what are you doing here?
I was just walking around.
Are you following me by any chance?
No. That's not it.
I understand. It's an instinct to be attracted to pretty girls.
Are you suffering from 'princess syndrome'?
It's a brain tumor.
~ Congratulations to you. Congratulations to you. ~
~ Wishing you happy birthday. Song Gyeong! Song Gyeong! Congratulations to you. ~
~ Congratulations to you. Wishing you a happy birthday. ~
You see, I told you.
This girl does not like surprises.
Honey, how about letting her check out the gift now?
Guys, let's eat!
How is it? How is it?
We can tell that you like it, but did we overdo it a little?
Are you crazy? How long would it take me to use up everything?
Come on, Song Gyeong. Blow out the candles!
Hey, if I die, what will you do?
I will turn your room into a study.
Jesu? (Younger brother's wife or sister-in-law)
I want a cloakroom.
You only have this much clothing and you want to renovate the whole room into a closet?
How many books do you have, then?
I'll buy more. I'll buy them!
You don't even like to read. Why buy books? It's better to buy clothes.
Clothes my foot! We better invest in something like literature.
Are you tired of living? Hand me those flowers!
Don't touch my plants!
The result is still same as the last time?
Prepare for the chemo.
Chemo will make my hair...
Can I keep on living if I lose all of my hair?
That... your hair won't fall out completely.
Besides, nowadays there are many beautiful wigs.
What's my chance of survival?
Well, next time when you come again, please bring a family member.
I'll be dead in 3 months, right?
Just arrange it according to the schedule.
Let's decide it now!
So, we'll use this as a benchmark to plan.
May I use this?
Chance of rain: 51%
Probability does not lie.
I'm home!
Nothing happened the whole night?
You didn't feel cold, did you?
Pyo Nan, don't drink, okay?
Or you'll end up like my hyeong.
Why aren't you answering your phone?
I'm talking to you.
Do you want to die?
Look at those two! They must have had a lot to drink.
It's really refreshng. Please have a drink!
This is really not so bad. Only a minor problem.
Why couldn't you just stay in your room after drinking? Did you really have to wander out again?
Why did you grab a stranger's hands?
Do you feel lonely lately?
I went to the hospital yesterday.
Aren't you going to ask me why?
- You take care of the check yourself! - There he goes again.
Even if I won a jackpot, I wouldn't give them a single penny.
I'm going to spend it all before I die.
So, that means...
I won't get my money back, is that right?
Our staff has spent a lot of time and effort for your sake.
It's you who changed your mind.
We have picked out a quite decent member for you.
Why don't you meet him and then we'll talk.
I already told you, there is no need for me to get married anymore.
Why don't you take a look at the agreement. The problem isn't on our side.
A member has the right to terminate the contract within a period of time.
Call the manager! Call the manager!
Tell the manager to come out!
I want my money back!
- Follow me. - Get lost.
Thank you.
But how come you know so much about stuff like this?
I did some research on how to get a refund.
You drove here?
Are you following me again?
Really, I'm not.
Let's go get some soju.
Three months...
Three months is too short.
I know, right?
Yes, 3 months is too short.
I can't just die like this.
I am trying my hardest to live on.
If only I had known...
As for me... I owe my brother and his wife too much and need to pay them back.
But I have no savings at all.
Up until now, I don't have any beautiful memories or anything.
I haven't even gotten married yet.
The more I talk about it, the more I feel it's not fair.
Let's rob a bank together.
Incurable illness... Rob a bank, a walk on the beach... those are all things you see in the movies.
Where are you going get the gun from?
You know how difficult it is to get a gun in our country, right?
Don't you know there are 15 CCTVs? What about the security system then?
How come you know all about this?
I work at the bank.
What is the opposite of mountain bunny? ("Mountain" sounds the same as "acid" in Korean.)
- Household bunny? - Wrong!
- Sea bunny? - Wrong.
- Wild bunny? - Wrong.
A wild baby bunny, right?
It's alkaline bunny!
- You have time this coming Saturday? - Huh?
I am asking you whether you have time this coming Saturday.
I have nothing special to do.
If you have time this Saturday, would you mind to accompanying me to Chong Pyeong?
I heard they have a nice crematorium and I want to take a look with you.
You don't plan to be cremated?
I don't think they have any empty spots left in the public cemetery.
Public cemetery?
Don't you think it'd be wise to plan ahead?
Anyway, I have time this Saturday. Will you go with me?
Just think of it as a date.
A date?
About that, I think I can make it.
But I seem to have a prior engagement.
Who is testing whom now?
Fine, if you don't want to.
Aigoo. What's wrong? I didn't say I wouldn't.
Call me tomorrow!
- I'm leaving. - Be careful.
Aigoo, phone number...
- You go first! - Thank you.
Have a nice day, Ma'am.
Customer number 39.
You never gave me your phone number.
- Why didn't you ask? - Huh?
You brought it up first, so you should have been the one who told me.
That would be weird. A pretty girl gives out her number without being asked?
I, too, want to experience what it feels like when a man persistently asks for my number.
- Me? - Yes, do it once! Like striking up a conversation or something.
Striking up a conversation is not exciting.
Of course excitement is necessary. Girls like that kind of stuff.
Isn't it a bit embarrassing to do?
Can't you do it just once?
Hurry and tell me! Time is running out.
I don't have much time either.
Forget it then. What a pity!
Customer number 40.
- Hey! How can you cut in like that?
You people have a really lousy way of dealing with customers here.
Shouldn't you pay more attention to me?
Is this one better or this one? I'm going to meet Beom Su's parents' this weekend.
Let me take a look.
Of course the pink one is better. Compared to black, pink looks brighter.
Pretty. When are you going to wear those?
Ah, one of these days.
You don't even have a boyfriend and yet you brought yourself wedding shoes?
You are indeed O Song Gyeong.
It doesn't look like a uniform.
I like uniforms.
Which way?
The position and location of our would-be grave is the best of the best according to feng-shui.
This is the urns' display room.
How much is this?
This is our best seller.
769 000 Won.
Why is it so expensive?
Because it's hand-carved, sir.
Don't you have anything with a decorative pattern on it?
This one?
This one is Rasputin.
What do you think?

Let me see this one!
Slow down if you have any conscience.
I heard that people who die from eating have it best.
Are you the only one who's going to die? I am too.
It's already unfair that I'm going to die. I have to suffer too?
Fine, eat then!
I'm full.
By the way, why are we using banmal? (banmal - informal Korean)
Although we're going to die soon, still we need to keep our good manners.
Since you brought this up, let's see who is older.
I am 33 years old. What about you?
You busy next week, oppa?
Why? You want to go and look at the graveyard?
How did you know?
Really, you are...
Why do you have to live like that?
In case it ends up like that,
people will help us with the arrangements.
Shouldn't I plan for my own funeral?
Just like I plan my own wedding.
How can a wedding and funeral be the same?
I am the lead actress in both of them. So, they're the same.
You clearly know that you're not acting normal, right?
That's how I am.
If you don't do anything, who will help you?
I'll do my own things.
I plan things to do for today and tomorrow. Then I'll do it according to the schedule.
That's my lifestyle.
You have quite a tiring life.
Helping each other to get through the day, isn't that nice?
Besides, how can life develop as planned?
If you're so stubborn, why did you go to the hospital then?
Use your own UV radiation treatment at your own home, treat yourself, wouldn't that great?
- Oh, shit! - You scared me!
I should go now.
Where are you going?
You ran like that to buy just this?
What? What do you mean by "just this?" This is very important to me, you know.
Number 37. Phone number 37.
=It's now the drawing time.=
Jump! Is it really that hard?
=The first ball is... Number 26 red.=
What's "squat with both arms opened and take a deep breath" in English?
You should learn if you don't know. How can you live with that spirit?
You don't know what taekwondo is in English?
I heard Team Leader Lee taught taekwondo in English.
Go teach it yourself if you're dying for it. Isn't ballet in English already? "Arabesque something."
Ah, really.
Is that English? Is it?
What's that?
Why don't you do some reading?
It hurts, it hurts.
Not even once.
- How is it? - Does your little finger hurt?
Haven't you two fought enough?
That's enough.
Do you know what the opposite of mountain (acid) bunny is?
Don't tell me it's... alkaline bunny?
Scared me to death!
Why did you turn off the light?
I want to sleep here.
You called because you're worried?
No, we're together.
Being together with that brat scares me even more.
=Aren't you going to call and ask whether or not I am scared?=
Isn't there a thunderstorm?
How scared can you be?
What's with your voice?
Did you cry?
No, I'm not fully awake yet, that's why.
I'll send you a map. Rush over here within 20 minutes.
What time is it already? This will be the last time.
- I know. - Mi Yeong...
why haven't you introduced her to me yet?
I know, I know. I will introduce her to you.
Why keep touching it if he doesn't plan to buy it?
That's a limited edition item.
Your romance line has increased with 3 more lines.
The first man was a short-lived first love.
The second one has passed already.
You'll meet the man you're destined to be with this year.
Liar! What do you mean, destined?
Lately people say I've become like a holy man and want me to ask God.
You know Eun Ji Won right? You should know Eun Ji Won well.
That Eun Ji Won couple got married because of my prediction too.
Let me see your hand.
We'll find whether or not you two are fit for each other using this method.
Let me take a look.
You are of the philosophical type.
The philosophical type abound in sensitivity, dying from hanging themselves from trees.
You are of the defensive type.
The defensive type focuses on reality. They have a strong drive.
Water and wood.
You two are simply inseparable.
It is fate. A magnet.
Red and blue.
What about my life line?
I am not really good at predicting from life lines.
Long... long... You two will be together for a very long time.
You'll live for a long time, like people who live up on a mountain.
Just make yourselves at home, okay?
The fortune telling fee and the popcorn together is 32 500 Won.
Mi Yeong...
That's right! Mi Yeong.
- Thank you! - Thank you!
Mi Yeong...
If you were born as a fish, what kind of fish you would want to be?
A tortoise. A tortoise has a very long lifespan.
I want to be able to live until I'm 100 years old too.
Also, don't cry anymore.
Crying alone is very embarrassing.
You cried because of those lotto tickets?
But that's ridiculous.
This time it should have won.
It must hit the jackpot.
How come there was not even one that hit?
The happiness of a person's lifetime is made in heaven.
Isn't there is a saying?
"In youth, suffer. In old age, be fortunate."
If you don't suffer when you're young,
you'll suffer when you're old.
That is the truth.
Think about it! We don't have much time left.
So, how about the luck that we haven't used?
The remaining luck... is now.
Let's add it together and use it all up!
If it's not a paycheck, how is it possible to save it?
According to probability calculations, now would be the most appropriate time.
Look at you! Don't you watch TV? Endorphin!
The amount of endorphin that can be secreted in a lifetime is only as big as half of your thumb.
But the amount used while you're still alive is not even one-fourth of that.
So when does the rest come out?
On your deathbed.
What's that got to do with lotto tickets?
Think about it! Of course it has something to do with it.
When is the time when our brain produce the most endorphin?
It's when we strike a lottery jackpot!
I will apply for a leave of absence soon.
No matter what, it needs to be official.
You will run with me, right?
Both of us holding hands together, preparing to die?
That too.
You know right, that I am very good at checking on things.
I have found out a place where it's easier to hit a lotto jackpot.
Great! That's not bad!
It looks like I will hit it big soon.
I didn't want to tell you actually, but do you know what bad luck I have?
For example, has a bird ever crapped on you?
I think not.
Other people managed to avoid that, but me, I have experienced that at least 17 times.
One time I was looking up the sky and a bird shitted in my mouth.
My mouth was stinking of bird poop.
All of my friends fled.
You fell asleep? Hello?
Why is he like this all of the sudden?
Are you hiding something from me?
I want to take a leave.
The food needs to be delicious.
Is it delicious?
Not too bad.
What are they so happy about? Laughing like that.
How sad the deceased would feel.
That's why they laugh.
It means the deceased need not worry, because the people he left behind are doing great.
Number 1, checked.
I don't get how you can be like this during such a precious time.
Let's go if you're done.
Where is the place?
Hurry up!
What's the use of us doing such things?
This kid, why do you remember such words?
Look at you! Sorry, sorry!
Where to?
Hey... Hey...
You see...
It's at the top. You see that?
Why is the lotto place located so high up?
Doesn't make any sense at all.
Nothing is free. Hurry and go up there!
By myself?
Were you ever an outcast when you were in school?
Nope. Kids who are smart and good-looking are not outcasts.
What a nuisance.
We came here together, so we also go up together.
Broken steps.
This shroud is made of gold.
Although the price is a little bit high,
isn't it said that if you wear a gold shroud
you will go to heaven?
Well, actually it's not necessary to buy an expensive one.
Just prepare accordingly.
This is a top-notch Andong robe.
This one is not bad.
People care about this stuff when they're alive, but once you're dead who cares?
May I try it on?
Miss, you really are funny.
It's for me.
Come on! Come on!
How could there be such a person?
Let go! What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
"It's for me."
That's really...
You're still in the mood to worry about other people?
Did you see that ajumma's expression?
If she got spooked and the baby came out, would you be responsible for that?
Go somewhere else!
I want to pick one that looks good.
I'm leaving.
Song Gyeong!
Are you guys just coming in now?
Do they like Jin Ju?
Very much so.
Song Gyeong, how come you've lost so much weight?
Because I have to worry about Jin Ju's meals everyday.
I knew it. You must have done the grocery shopping.
How on earth did I end up with two sons?
Mother-in-law is also...
Hey, are you suffering from alcohol poisoning?
Also, you came home in the middle of the night? And what are these?
I bought these lotto tickets from the store that has the highest hit rate.
Hold onto these! This is the only thing I can do for you guys.
The only thing you can do for me is not buying these lotto tickets,
it's moving out of here as soon as possible.
You got that, brother-in-law?
I told you to keep them!
These are the winning tickets.
Hey, is something bothering you?
Where to?
To Ganghwa-do.
=It's such nice weather today.=
=It's a perfect day for traveling.=
What are you doing?
Come and take a look!
Ramyeon, rice, kimchi...
and a camp stove too.
Coming to such a place with plenty of good food will lift up the mood also.
Barbecue pork! Barbecue pork! Pork! Pork!
I'll barbecue some for you.
What? What is it? Let me see!
This is so you.
You prepared almost everything.
But the tool box really looks like it.
Seriously! What do we do now?
Stupid! Stupid!
You go first.
Nothing. Let's go shopping for a shroud!
I'll help you look.
Okay. But I'll go to a different store.
I checked around and I think there is another good place.
If oppa hits a lotto jackpot,
will you buy me the gold shroud we saw last time?
If I win, of course I will. Covered from head to toe with gold and diamonds.
I will also buy a new car for my dongsaeng and his wife.
I will renovate my sister-in-law's art school.
As a hyeong, I haven't done anything for them.
I need to repay them.
Oh wow, such a gentleman.
Don't you have anything you want to do?
Me? Of course I do.
First of all, I will buy a huge motorcycle.
Right! And wear a very cool leather jacket.
Riding on the motorbike traveling around the world,
from Europe to Africa.
To travel from Europe to Africa...
you would have to use an airplane to transport it.
- I think so. - But, don't you know that we aren't allowed to board an airplane?
- Why? - According to the doctor it will increase the brain pressure and we can die from that. So, no airplanes.
Why didn't he tell me that?
Then, should we go by boat?
For a person whose life depends on the lotto tickets, your dream is a little too simple.
That's true. I'm not a greedy person.
Then give it to me.
I'll help you hold on to it.
The air is so fresh here.
If we pick this place, which tree would you like to be buried under?
Me? The chestnut tree.
Don't you think a chestnut tree is a bit...
An unmarried young maiden being buried under a chestnut tree is a bit...
It's nothing.
I like chestnut flowers.
Can't a young maiden lie under the fragrant flowers?
Look at you, you knew!
You don't need to know such a thing.
I researched chestnut trees.
Do you know why I insist on it being a chestnut tree?
I used to think that if I bought a house, I would plant a chestnut tree in the yard.
Just like my grandmother's house.
I need to relieve myself.
Don't peep!
What? Can't you hold it? Is it convenient here?
- You peeped, didn't you? - Are you nuts?
Quickly wipe your hands!
But, this is a bit unfair.
You should drive.
- Really? - Really.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
- No regrets? - No regrets.
Slow down! Slow down!
You are such a lousy driver!
I don't have a license.
What? Are you crazy?
Then why are you driving?
They keep telling me that I flunk, so what can I do then?
Don't force me or I'll step on it! I'll pass it sooner or later.
We'll be dead before you get your driver license.
Big mouth!
Wait a minute...
- Watch the speed! Watch the speed! - I know.
Watch the lane! Merge to this side.
So fun!
I would rather live a longer life than have such fun.
Slow down.
My neck!
Oh my God, Jesus Christmas! How the hell did such a big accident happen? You people...
My leg also feels uncomfortable. Come over here!
- Over here! We need to talk! Get out! - You stay here. I'll go.
Get out! Aren't you getting out?
Hit and run.
- Hit and run. - She just learned.
I'm really sorry.
Ajussi, how could she drive like that?
I was subjected to a tremendous blow.
From my neck to my leg. People could die, you know.
- Sorry. - Excuse me!
Don't be so trashy! Just call the insurance company.
What? Trashy? Hey!
You! Come here! I said come here!
Hey! Who are you calling trashy?
Damn it! What are you doing?
- Did you just say "damn it"? - Because I didn't say anything, do you take me for an idiot?
- This punk seriously... - What? Say it! What?
What a bum!
Come over here, come here.
You better follow me while I'm still saying it nicely.
- I'm coming. - Over here, you bastard!
- Seriously... - I'm coming.
- Let go of me! - I'm so sorry.
Did I scare you? Please take this and treat yourself to a nice meal.
I was afraid of losing face in front of the woman. I'm so sorry.
Give me more.
You bastard!
This... this... I bought this from a lotto shop in Sangjung. It's a guarantee you'll win. I'm sorry.
Why are you giving me a lotto ticket?
Try to be fierce again and you'll see, bastard!
Must be tired of living...
That bastard, trying to act tough?
Why are you cursing at others?
You've never cursed others in your entire life?
No, I haven't.
Seriously? Not even once in your lifetime?
Not even once.
I had planned to have some fun before I got married into a decent family.
So old-fashioned.
Sometimes you need to curse and swear to feel more like a human.
How is it possible to be alive without cursing?
I'm not sure about other stuff, but I am quite confident of my physique.
If I didn't curse at people, I would absolutely die from being angry.
It's so unfair. I am a good-natured person.
Darn! I feel like cursing again.
Damn it.
How can you vent your anger by saying it like that?
Louder! Like this.
Damn it! Like that.
Damn it! Oh, that's true.
I feel a bit relieved.
Have I ever lied to you?
Damn it!
I feel so wronged!
So do I!
If we can survive this year,
next year will definitely be better, right?
We'll be happier!
I used to think it could happen.
What the hell is this?
Why are you treating me like this all the time?
I'm leaving. Thanks for today.
You're welcome.
- Go in! - I'm going.
Nothing. Good night.
In that case, I'm going.
Hey, hey, hey! What's wrong?
Song Gyeong, what's wrong with you?
Are you all right?
Get up, get up.
Did you hurt yourself?
I'm sorry.
Are you really okay?
Are you worrying about me?
Should I give you some of my endorphin?
What endorphin?
You should've given me a hint beforehand.
I want to save it. My entire life, I just spent as much as the size of my fingernail.
A driver for the sports academy?
How did you...?
Anyway, then what...?
Nothing, it's just...
I kissed him first.
Are you nuts? You should have waited for him.
What should I do?
I should've kissed her first!
You're dead meat!
Will you be...
my girlfriend?
I heard that once you've gotten to a certain age, in order to cut off fate and destiny you become more ruthless.
Why don't we do it like this for now, okay?
Of course.
Isn't this what life is all about?
Everybody is the same.
That's true.
Oppa is very good at driving,
very nice,
and strong enough to move heavy stuff.
Are you picking out a slave or what?
I'm thinking.
What's there to think about?
I'm excited!
Are you home?
I had a great time today.
I want to see you tomorrow. Sweet dreams. You'll only have a sweet dream if you dream about me. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye.
I also had a great time today.
I also want to see you tomorrow. Have a good sleep and sweet dreams.
A sweet dream is when you dream about me.
You too.
I know, right?
By the way...
I have a bit of a bad temper.
That's why I sometimes become so detestable.
If I ever tell you to get lost, don't listen to me.
After a while, you still have to come back, you hear me?
You have found the right person. This is my specialty.
I finally managed to dodge the bird poop!
We can do it! We can absolutely do it!
Victory! I can do it!
Why did we go to such a faraway place?
Because the netizens across the whole of Korea voted this as the most tasty vending machine coffee.
Looks like you did your homework.
As much as I can.
-=Song Gyeong is mine.=-
Should we head back now?
It's almost midnight.
So... just go home like this?
You come with a beautiful girl like me and you want us to leave just like that?
Then you...
is not going home okay with you?
You should stop me from leaving. Crying, begging...
screaming while you jump into the sea.
I even brought my uniform with me.
Do you want to go home early tonight?
What then? You said it's almost midnight.
Yes, yes.
It's time to go home.
I also wanted to go home early.
Why are you staring at me like that? It's so nauseating.
Close your eyes!
Men... Okay, I understand.
What's this? I'm going to open my eyes.
What are you doing here?
Take this.
~ What kind of secret could there be? ~
~ Us, who are so impatient in the beginning... ~
~ Although I pretend that I don't really care, ~
~ I actually like it very much. ~
~ Everything that's said today... ~
~ I will keep it all in my heart. ~
~ My love for you is like spring, warm and fresh. ~
~ If we ever have a falling-out, ~
~ I will be the one who apologizes. ~
~ Although I have a lot of flaws ~
~ I naively sweet talk you. ~
~ I am grateful to you... ~
~ for accepting plain old me. ~
~ Gathering my courage to tell you, I love you... I love you. ~
What's this all about?
Our 30-day anniversary.
We are different from the rest of the world.
As long as our hearts still beating, we have the right to be in love.
We don't have much time left,
so 30 days, 40 days, 50 days...
need to be commemorated.
Great! Let's do it like that.
You only came back now?
Where have you been?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
What are all these?
What happened?
Why didn't you say anything?
Shouldn't you have told us from the beginning?
I wanted to.
I'm all right, okay?
Drink this!
What's this?
Just drink it!
There isn't any incurable disease nowadays.
Everything is curable.
I heard that for 200 million Won, even a terminal liver cancer patient can be cured.
Where are we going to get that 200 million?
What's so hard about that? As long as we're determined, we can do it.
We can put the house up for auction.
We also have a bit of savings, so there's no need to be worried.
You won't die.
Everything will be all right.
Don't cry!
I already said nothing's wrong.
It was only a silly dream.
do you still remember the photo that used to be in our room?
Every time when I look at that picture, I think you looked so beautiful at that time.
Of course you're still pretty now.
Don't tell me that I'm so beautiful because I take after you?
Mom, don't you miss me?
I did some research about this place.
They say this place has the most second prize wins. That's why maybe we should take a look.
There is also a lottery stand that will go bankrupt soon at the other place.
First, let's have our lunch over there.
Drink up and then we'll go.
What's this?
It's good stuff, but it's better to pinch your nose while you drink it.
Drink up!
I'm not going to buy any lotto tickets today.
Then what do you want to do?
I've never even set foot in here, and now we're actually coming here?
Why? You want to be born again in paradise?
If it were up to me, I wouldn't let you have it your way.
This is also your first time coming here, right?
You always want to do what other people do.
Isn't it said that Buddhism is about compassion?
It's certainly different from your bad temper.
Come! Let's pray.
Someone you know?
Come and say hello. These are my parents.
They died in a traffic accident 10 years ago.
Mom... Dad...
I have a girlfriend now.
Isn't she pretty?
I know you both miss me very much.
Hang in there for a little while.
She and I will come and look for you soon.
What did you pray for, just now?
It's nothing.
What about you, oppa?
Me? Of course I prayed that you'll be saved.
Only me?
No, I also prayed that I would be saved too.
I knew you'd be like this.
You idiot! You should've prayed for me alone.
That way Buddha would be moved by your sincerity
and answer your prayer.
What about me then?
For oppa, I can come and pray for you.
Oh no! Dear Buddha, please save Dong Ju oppa.
I'm really going to be okay.
I'm going to be just like that...
That doesn't sound so bad.
Of course not.
It has shrunk a lot since last time.
Looks like the family members were hit hard.
If it stays like this, perhaps we can give surgery a try.
there's something to look forward to.
That's great!
See? I told you so.
Thank you very much, Doctor.
What's with you? Aren't you happy?
Of course I am.
That's great then.
How is it? Good or not? Does it fit me well?
A must-have photo.
One more.
What's that endorphin guy doing lately?
Probably doing nothing and talking nonsense.
I see that you've been smiling a lot lately.
Bride, please come over here.
What did the doctor say?
Nothing important.
What exactly did the doctor say? He must have said something.
I'm tired.
I want to lie down.
How is it? Suitable or not?
Like a vampire.
Am I that sexy?
What kind of logic is that?
Do you want to step in here and try?
I think it will be better for you to lie on your tummy in the coffin.
Because your ass is very sexy.
My ass is very sexy?
It's a little uncomfortable in here, let's get up.
That's true. How can we talk about something as uncertain as that?
Or you don't feel like talking to me?
What's the difference?
Why do you keep asking me?
Because I'm curious.
I think it's going to look great.
What? You want to get your hair done?
Song Gyeong! What brought you here?
Song Gyeong!
I happened to be in the neighborhood, so I decided to stop by.
Who is he?
Your boyfriend?
How do you do, miss? My name is Gang Dong Ju.
Song Gyeong talked about you a few times. You look better than I imagined.
I know, right?
I was only telling the truth.
Where did you meet this handsome guy?
- Aunt, come on! - What?
We met at the fan club.
What kind of fan club?
The malignant tumor fan club?
Would you like a cup of coffee?
Yes, let's.
Stay a while, okay?
I planned to.
But then again, why did you bring me here?
Because today is Saturday.
What's with Saturday?
I forgot to buy lotto tickets. Damn it!
Did you buy these?
Time really flies.
Well, what can I do? I still need to match the tickets.
=The first ball. This ball is...=
=Number 23 red. Number 23 red.=
It's 23! 23!
=Number 19 blue.=
You see! You see! It's number 19.
=The third ball...=
=Also blue... number 14.=
=The sixth ball is coming up.=
=Number 21 Red.=
Look! I hit 4 numbers.
I hit 4 numbers!
I'll buy out all the coffee here.
This is where "The Happy Home" is.
"The Happy Home?"
Just listening to the name gives me the feeling of being scammed.
It's nothing like that. A lot of patients who've been diagnosed with illnesses who came here for treatment were healed and went home.
I found this out after spending a lot of effort.
I called yesterday. My name is Gang Dong Ju.
Oh, is that so?
- Please, come this way. - Yes.
This place is quite new.
My only thought when building this place
was to let these people go through happy moments during their last minutes of life.
However, I didn't expect that many miracles would actually happen here.
So, news spread by word of mouth.
So, is it coincidental?
I'm not sure either. It's probably not entirely coincidental.
You see this person over here?
Since coming here, he has published a comic on the internet.
It's been 3 years now.
This one is...
Her name is Seong Eun.
She is a novelist and a volunteer.
One person is painting, and the other one is writing.
Those two turned out to be a perfect match.
Stay seated. I'll get the door for you.
Let's apply for admission next week.
Let's go.
Don't think about anything else until I come and pick you up.
I'm leaving.
Can you give me a hug, please?
Sleep well.
Go on.
I love you.
The tumor has progressed faster than anticipated.
Now is the time for you
to be mentally prepared.
Are you done packing?
Don't tell me you haven't even started yet.
It doesn't take a genius to figure out.
=I'm not going.=
What's wrong with you all of the sudden?
=I think we should take a break.=
Stop wanting to do things like other people do.
We're different from others.
We can't afford to take it slow.
=The number you have dialed is switched off. You will be directed to voice mail.=
=Please leave a message after the beep.=
What's wrong with you? Why? Why? Why? Why?
So beautiful!
Wear them well.
=Bride and groom, please enter.=
=They look so affectionate together.=
=Please give them a warm round of applause.=
=Let's wish them well in every step they take.=
You really don't want to go?
I already told you so.
Then let's go to the hospital together and receive treatment there.
I think I said that earlier.
If it's worth it, I will go.
I have done everything I can.
Now, nothing matters anymore.
What have you done?
To what extent?
By the way, did I tell you that I'm going to go to Ganghwa-do?
I just paid for that not long ago.
Although it's a bit far, of the places that we've been to, it's the most--
Enough! O Song Gyeong...
Enough is enough!
Go pack your stuff and come with me!
It's not over yet.
What's not over?
What's wrong with you all of the sudden?
Up until now, I have been constantly planning for my future, persistently trying to stay alive every minute, every second,
thinking that if I was together with that person, perhaps I could smile happily also.
So I don't plan to develop any kind of hope.
I even had a ridiculous thought that if I smiled more often, perhaps my illness would get better.
It feels like I've turned into an idiot.
I have become a fool like you.
It's been hard enough to take care of myself alone.
What can two sick people do together, anyway?
Who dies first? What's going to happen to the one left behind?
What's the other one going to do?
I'm scared enough already.
Being together with you, I still have to worry about you.
Haven't you thought about that?
What are you going to do then?
You see?
Your brain can't think straight.
Day after day, waiting for death to come.
You neither think nor plan anything.
I've had enough of you.
Song Gyeong, wait!
For you, I want to live a longer life.
What about you?
Why can't you think like this?
I also want to stay alive.
I really really want to.
But, never mind.
It's over now.
Smile a little!
1, 2, 3...
As a patient, your request is quite harsh.
A bad influence from someone.
It feels so comfortable here.
How was the honeymoon?
We're not ready yet.
Everything is in such a mess.
How is Song Gyeong?
I can't contact her, that silly girl!
She left a housing contract,
deposit book,
and some kind of phone number of the graveyard in Ganghwa-do.
She tries to act tough.
In fact, she is a...
a patient who wishes to be cared for. O Song Gyeong, that silly girl!
She said some people complained
that the funeral parlor is too far away and wanted some parking coupons.
So, she has prepared the parking coupons.
It seems like she went to the countryside.
is this number going to be displayed on the caller ID?
Up a bit. Yes... Feels so good.
Yes, right there.
Why don't I keep you company everyday?
You want to torture me everyday.
When are you leaving?
Is that so?
How about I leave the day after tomorrow?
It's okay. You're busy. Just leave.
It's okay. Then I'll stay for one more day.
But then again, do you really
not have any boyfriend?
You're not getting any younger.
Find a decent man and get married.
Not again.
It can't be forced.
I am such a beauty and you're worried that nobody would want to marry me?
let me tell you a joke.
Do you know the opposite of a mountain bunny?
Tomorrow is your surgery, have a good rest.
Everything will be okay.
It feels so quiet when you're not laughing.
I understand. Go back now.
We're leaving then. Go to sleep.
Gang Dong Min,
Lee Yu Nab...
Thank you.
Gang Dong Ju...
be sensible, okay?
=I saw you taking the medicine.=
=The first time driving=
=that van.=
=Did you take a peek?=
- =You took some medicine.= - =Took what medicine?=
=You liked=
=me just like that?=
=That's not true. It's you who liked me first.=
- =I was only... it was you who asked me out.= - =It's you, oppa, who liked me first.=
- =It was you.= - =When did I ever ask you out?=
=It was you who asked me to go with you.=
=That's not it. It was because...=
=Try saying it!=
=Oppa, do you like me?=
=I really can't tell.=
- =So?= - =Stop... stop...=
It's really delicious.
That's why...
you shouldn't starve yourself. Eat more!
Okay, I understand.
Someone is coming to fix the heater this afternoon.
It's better to fix it now.
How did you get by all these years?
I saw that the gas pipe also needed some work.
It's perfectly fine. No need to make a fuss about it.
Prior to the surgery, please remove any jewelry and contact lenses.
I need the guardian's signature as well. I'll go and prepare.
Let's go.
- =Right?= - =How could I possibly?=
=Wait! It's backlit.=
=Over here... come!=
- =Okay, excuse me Miss O Song Gyeong...= - =Yes?=
=What is your first impression of Mr. Gang Dong Ju?=
=I really don't remember the first time we met.=
Where are you going?
May I ask how can I get there?
She looks smart and very beautiful.
She came from Seoul not long ago. She didn't live here.
It sounds like Ye Seong's daughter.
Ye Seong's house.
Song Gyeong!
O Song Gyeong!
Is Song Gyeong here?
O Song Gyeong.
O Song Gyeong!
I'm not really sure.
Isn't this O Song Gyeong's house?
It's not?
I'm sorry.
Song Gyeong!
O Song Gyeong!
Song Gyeong!
Song Gyeong!
Song Gyeong!
Song Gyeong!
O Song Gyeong!
I'm also very scared.
How could I possibly not be afraid?
I am more scared because of you.
I regret the way we came to know each other.
The one who is left behind will be very sad,
will be very scared,
very lonely...
But, Song Gyeong...
Let's not think about all of that.
If we feel like laughing, we'll laugh heartily.
If we want to see each other, we just meet. Can't we?
You miss me too, right?
Yes, I missed you very much.
I like you.
The more time I spend with you,
the more I'll like you.
If you died before me,
I would miss you. What would I do then?
If I died before you...
We don't have that much time to waste.
Do you know how many things we have to do?
On the 8th, 1 o'clock,
Busan traditional squid restaurant.
On the 9th, 3 o'clock,
Apply for a driver license.
On the 11th, 12 o'clock,
Meet the Chief of the National Cancer Society, Gim Min Seok.
- On the 12th, go check out a necklace. - Okay. Enough!
Listen to me first. You will change your mind.
On the 13th, go to Baehan-san. 14th, to Janghan-do.
What took you so long to come?
Didn't I say, if I told you to get lost, to leave but then come and look for me again?
What took you so long to come?
I miss you till I feel like dying.
Bride and groom...
please enter.
So cool!
Everyone knows that today these two people,
whom I will personally confirm
can only live for 3 months.
This man and woman...
at this very moment
are standing before me as bride and groom.
You all need not worry.
These two will take care and accompany each other in time of need.
Today, in front of family and relatives,
they have something to express.
They have prepared their vows.
Let them read them out loud for us.
Please face each other.
Seeing you, Dong Su, makes me feel so fortunate.
Just like you said before, no matter what's going to happen tomorrow,
I still have to be grateful
for every moment of life
to enjoy happiness.
Thank you for teaching me how to smile.
According to the truth of the universe, I should be able to hit a lotto jackpot.
But how come I've never won anything?
I obviously could have, but how come I've never won anything?
I thought it a thousand times, even ten thousand times.
But, since I met you...
I finally found out that I've never won any lotto because I was going to meet you.
Kiss... Kiss...
I hereby
pronounce them
husband and wife!
Bride and groom...
chin up!
March forward!
These people are the newly-joined members?
Yes, boss.
According to my 7 years of experience,
I feel that
this person
and this one here, are perfect for each other.
You think these two are perfect for each other?
Very much so. I can feel it.
You can leave.
when there are only two of us in the office,
can you show some respect for me, honey?
I told you not to call me "honey" at work!
Get out! Get out of here!
- Get out! - Yes, boss.
How about this one?
Not this one. I want the one from Australia.
I have a 48-square meter apartment listed under my name.
- Have you been on many blind dates? - I drive an imported car.
- No, I haven't. - Nowadays, who drives domestic cars?
I think so too.
You look good in red.
What do you do for a living?
A bit here and there.
My parents live in the countryside.
They've liked farm work since they were young.
They also bought a huge piece of land.
I'm going to tell you a joke.
A burglar broke into a house of a fool.
The burglar was quite ridiculous.
He pointed a knife at the fool's neck and said...
Name three countries mentioned in the Three Kingdoms period. If you get them right, I'll spare you your life.
Guess, what's the fool's answer?
No idea.
A Cesarean!
- 010.6448.5007 - No manners!