Awesome Video Games - Episode 20 - Trick or Treating Tips

Uploaded by farfromsubtle on 31.10.2007

"Haunted Video Games"
"Video games are haunted"
"Haunted Video Games"
"Video games are haunted"
"Haunted Video Games"
"Video games are haunted"
Hey dudes and dudettes,
welcome back to Awesome Video Games.
I'm Chet.
And I'm Ace.
Today on Awesome Video Games, it's Halloween!
It's time for trick or treating,
do you have your costume ready?
Chet and I do. Find out what we'll be today,
on Awesome Video Games.
"Video games are haunted"
Ace and I have some pretty awesome costumes
for Halloween this year.
Did you figure it out yet?
We gave you a few hints over the past few episodes.
Let's recap.
"Video games are haunted"
Our costumes this year are based on
a famous Nintendo duo.
That's right Ace. They're also never seen apart.
One of them is red.
They also love to run and jump.
"Video games are haunted"
Chet: "OK Ace, are you ready?"
Ace: "Not yet bro..."
Chet: "Come on, this costume's nothing without you."
Ace: "OK, I'm coming."
Yeah! Woo! All right! Yeah! Awesome Halloween!
Halloween! Yeah! Woo! Trick-or-treat! Yeah!
All right. Happy Halloween.
Happy Halloween!
"Video games are haunted"
That's right dudes and dudettes,
this year for Halloween, Ace and I are going
as the officially licensed 'A' and 'B' buttons.
You may recognise them from the controller that
came with your Nintendo Entertainment System.
Woo, being the 'A' and 'B' button is tough.
That's right bro, we're gonna have our work
cut out for us when we're trick-or-treating!
-Trick-or-treating! Yeah! -Yeah!
I don't mean to brag or anything,
but Ace and I are considered experts
in the field of candy collecting.
You got it Chet, and when it comes to trick-or-treating,
we are all business.
It took years of practice and determination,
but you too can have the same awesome results
if you follow...
Ace and Chet's trick-or-treating tips and tricks!