Tri-Loc - M&R Screen Printing Equipment - Rapid Registration System

Uploaded by mrprinting on 29.04.2008

M&R’s patented Tri-Loc Rapid Registration System
is designed to provide quick,
accurate registration of screens
on M&R manual and automatic presses.
The Tri-Loc system components consist of the exposure unit master frame,
two pin bars and carrier sheets,
a Tri-Loc pallet,
and a Tri-Loc pallet stop.
The first pin bar is mounted on the light table
to allow the films to be precisely aligned to each other.
The carrier sheets register to the pin bar
and the films are taped to the carrier sheets.
By using a grid or a set of alignment marks,
the films are registered to each other.
The exposure unit master frame
holds each screen in exactly the same position
in reference to the second pin bar
by using a combination of spring loaded push-pins
and precisely positioned stop blocks.
The pin bar holds each film in registration to the others
during the exposure process.
By registering the carrier sheet mounted films to each other
and the screens to the films,
the resulting exposed screens are registered
before they reach the press.
The final step is aligning the screens with each other on the press.
Once mounted on the press,
the Tri-Loc pallet matches the same three stop points found on the master frame.
The pallet is easily moved to each printhead
and quickly aligns the screens on the press.
The result is easily registered screens in minutes.
Once the Tri-Loc system is configured correctly,
jobs can be registered on a manual press for sampling,
then quickly and easily moved to an automatic
and registered for production runs with the same accuracy.