5 Minute Chakra Balancing

Uploaded by AndyBramhill on 10.10.2010

5 Minute Chakra Balancing Exercise
This is very quick chakra balancing
exercise taken from the album
Healing Chakras by Andy Bramhill
Its best to sit in an upright
position if you can
with your arms and legs uncrossed.
The music has been specially made
with the appropriate vibrations for
each chakra.. On the album each track
lasts for about 5 minutes but here
we will be doing a superfast version
just to give you an idea as to
what its like
Start by imagining a ball of red
energy emerging from you root chakra,
between your legs
at the base of the spine...
feel the energy start to flow outward
imagine a 4 petalled red lotus
flower floating over you root chakra.
imagine it rotating.
Allow the energy to flow out
with the music.
Allow the flow of energy to now move
up to your second chakra,
The sacral chakra
Imagine a ball of bright orange
energy coming out from just below
your naval...
Let the energy start to flow outwards
imagine a 6 petalled orange lotus
flower slowly opening and rotating
over the chakra....
let the music stimulate the chakra
as the energy starts to flow.
Now on to the solar plexus chakra....
See a ball of yellow light emerging
from the center of your stomach,
just above the naval.
As the energy starts to flow out
imagine a ten petaled yellow lotus
flower slowly opening and rotating
Next is the Heart Chakra.
Vsualize a twelve petaled green
lotus flower opening and gently
spinning as a beautiful green light
emerges from the center of your chest
Let the music help the energy
to start flowing outwards.
Now let the energy move up to the
throat chakra,
observe a vivid blue almost turquoise
light and a 16 petalled blue lotus
flower opening and gently rotating
in the center of your throat.
The energy now moves up to the
third eye chakra
Imagine an indigo light
Pouring out of your third eye
See a 2 petalled indigo lotus flower
slowly opening and spinning
in the center of your forehead
Allow the energy to flow outwards
with the music
Now up to the crown chakra
right on the top of the head,
See a rich violet light pouring out
of the top of your head...
feel a thousand petalled violet lotus
flower opening and rotating on the
top of your head.
You should now have all of your
chakras open and in balance.
This has been a very abridged version
of the meditation from the album
HEALING CHAKRAS which can be found at
the website below.