YouTube Marketing: In Programming Updates (YouTube wants you to be a better brand marketer

Uploaded by caseyszeman on 07.10.2012

Hi everybody its Casey with Casey Zeman Online
I wanted to make a quick video about some changes that just occurred with YouTube.
in the last week or so that is what we are going to be talking about in todays video.
some YouTube Updates.
okay so you tube in the last week or so chest incorporated something called
default channel settings
okay now what are those youtube is now giving you an area where you can enter
title description tags ahead of time as your default
so that every time you uploaded video those default settings immediately
populate into that to you that you just upload
what that simply does it allows you to do less work
for your granted alright
you did what they're doing is they're saying hey it's okay to have the same
title description tag
innovative series uh... as long as you also and some other cool stuff you know
like i'd never
police have my character from texas a man all my dears
but i can set default for the title
into false
called actions in the description such as mind you are a lot of front at the
top of the scription when you are out at the bottom of description
and then
comment accidentally on
inclusive in policy
thirty of these videos
but then peachtree hotel quote will have very specific stuff in each one right so
if the videos about uh... common misconceptions about
uh... carburetors leaking rightful radiators leaking ratner
where when i put that that would be in the body between my two called actions
so that's what i'm talking about that's really cool youtube is actually done
just recently last week or so
of very very very cool update cocaine
another cool thing that you to discuss incorporated just last week
is the video overloaded your programming uses this
you can now add your own
uh... as a watermark on all of your videos
and they have an area
in channel settings where now you simply can't use your
your channel farrakhan
okay as the actual video watermark or you can upload your own mocha whatever
you'd like
another thing that you can do is video to the front of him and
of your video so if you have branded animation entry video but say like that
maybe a twenty-second uh... intro bumper that's an immediate
you can't have that uh... all of your video sting you tube is essentially
doing this because they want
to become better really as a marketer for your own contact
so it's a very cool thing
high-fives huge
use you possum job you guys and i can't wait to see what's
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we'll see you guys later began