The Great Maratha Part 9

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'To get rid of the supreme commander, Mahadji Scindia who was impeding..
..the British advance..
..General Harrison decides to hire the assassin Shaitan Singh and..
..sends Major Fraser to Radhabai's brothel.'
'Major Fraser is left stunned on seeing Shaitan Singh..
..unerringly kill three people. '
'On receiving the summons, Shaitan Singh meets General Harrison.'
'He agrees to kill Mahadji Scindia for Rs. 10,000 and leaves.'
'On the way, he sets his eyes on Chanda.. she's filling water from the well.'
'He satisfies his lust and kills her.'
'Looking for her, Chanda's aged father enquires from Shaitan Singh.'
'In response, Shaitan Singh kills him as well.'
'He takes possession of the father's utensil-laid bullock cart..
..and reaches Mahadji's camp.'
'Many soldiers arrive to buy the utensils.'
'Shaitan Singh befriends one of those soldiers, Damodar.'
'In the evening, Damodar asks him to stay on with him in his..
..tent for the night.'
'The next day, Mahadji comes to oversee his camp with Rane Khan.'
'At that time, Shaitan Singh attacks, hurling knives at him.'
'Rane Khan comes in between them saving Mahadji, but.. himselfwounded.'
'Shaitan Singh is killed.'
'Emperor Alam Sahni sends a messenger to warn Mahadji that the British..
..are plotting against him.'
'Saifuddin informs Mahadji of the presence of British..
..spies in his army.'
'Mahadji then orders security to be tightened.'
'Rane Khan warns the guards to be on alert.'
'Despite which, the enemy succeeds in blowing up a gunpowder stock.'
'But the second explosion is prevented by Rane Khan..
..who lays his life on the line.'
You know very well that whenever..
..there's been a war with the British, Indians have lost.
The only reason for that is that the methods..
..of our battle are outdated now.
The British have always thought over it and..
..have brought new plans, always.
We'd learnt that to some extent from..
..Ibrahim Khan Gardi.
Only iron can cut iron.
Similarly, we'll fight the British in their way.
Commander-in-chief, your majesty.
Explain to us properly, what do we have to do tomorrow?
Firstly, the cannons one after another..
..are to be kept in two lines.
After the cannons on the front are fired..
..the cannons behind are to be brought forward.
And when these cannons are shot..
..the cannons that have been used will be loaded.
What is your order for soldiers on foot and on horseback?
Arjun, our army will be of two types.
One, which will appear to the enemy.
And another, which will not be seen by the enemy.
The visible army will get the enemy's army in front.
And when the war gets explosive..
..our second army will surface as well.
And it will attack forcefully on the enemy's left and right hand.
Did you understand?
Yes, Commander.
Your majesty, you rest awhile.
So that tomorrow for laying your life..
..on the line, you may be fresh.
What is the news?
The formation of Mahadji's army is done, sir.
How large is the army?
Around 10-12,000, sir.
I've heard that his army is of around 25,000.
The rest may be kept as reserve.
Has Mahadji kept any army to his east or west?
We don't know, sir. - Go ahead.
Rane Khan. - Yes, your majesty.
Have you hidden the army, behind the mountains.. the east and the west?
I've hidden them , your majesty.
You only need to order.
They will attack the enemy from behind.
Naresh Ramchandra.
Yes, your majesty.
Get ready to fire the cannons.
As you order, your majesty.
Get ready.
Fire the cannons.
After the first barrage, the other cannons..
..are to be moved forward. - Yes, sir.
Nimbalkar. - Yes, your majesty.
The enemy is to be attacked from the left.
As you order, your majesty.
- Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva..
Sir, we have been surrounded from all sides.
Defeat is certain. - Retreat.
Impossible, sir.
My God. Mahadji has tricked us, young chap.
The pride of India. The rightful king.
A true patriot of the country.
Leader of the nation of Ganga.
A great leader. Subedar ofAjmer.
Commander Mahadji Scindia.. coming to meet the all-powerful king.
I thank my luck.
I heartily thank you for ridding me of this problem.
Your favour will not only be on me, but also..
..on the Mughal throne and kingdom.
I am thankful to the king of kings.
He keeps changing the fate of man like the sun and moon.
Today, he's made way for the real heir..
..of the Mughal empire reach his real goal.
Serving his ruler is not in every person's luck.
One day, it will be written in our history.
Due to the faithfulness of Mahadji Scindia..
..the king Alam Sahni got his throne back.
It's my fortune, your majesty.
Along with your name, the name of.. ordinary soldier like me, will be taken.
Who says that you are an ordinary soldier?
Someone who brings back the lost crown of a king.
Someone who makes a king sit on..
..the throne that was taken from him.
He is even greater than the king.
You are kind to me, your majesty.
Otherwise, I'm not worth this.
I never had faith in the British.
Now they have shown their true colours.
Still, this community is such that it won't forget.
And will come before you with more power.
What you say is right, your majesty.
I will be ready to fight with them, always.
Preparations are to be made for my..
..departure to Delhi, immediately.
The king's order will be brought into effect at once.
Excuse me, your Excellency. - Yes?
Sir, there is bad news from Allahabad.
And I have written to the court of directors in this report..
..that we have defeated Mahadji Scindia with brilliance.
Mahadji Scindia defeated us with brilliance.
And general Harrison fled to Patna.
4000 of our soldiers were killed.
And 8000 have been arrested.
40 of our cannons have been taken over by the Marathas.
Mahadji Scindia has taken away..
..the king, from Allahabad fort?
Yes, your Excellency.
If there is any other good news to be told, then tell me.
Well, the.. the.. Rane Khan's army has entered Delhi.
Begum Alia.
Begum Alia. Begum Alia.
May God increase your wealth and respect.
We come here every time and give congratulations.
Begum Alia, the king has captured Delhi.
Rane Khan is coming here to greet you.
The curtains.
Beautiful. Congratulations on your victory.
Thank you. Thanks. - Come.
This servant Rane Khan gives his greetings.
And I am proud to announce that our commander..
..Mahadji Scindia defeated the British.
The faces of these whites be blackened.
May God keep our Mahadji Scindia safe forever.
These whites. These children of monkeys.
They came for expressing cruelty.
On our country. On our king.
May God destroy them.
The king will come to Delhi soon.
I will await that every moment.
For all this good news, I thank you from my heart.
You people have increased the fire of the lamp..
..of the Mughal empire that was fading.
May God keep your names and work famous forever.
Your prayers are very valuable for us.
Now, we take your leave.
Allah, I am immensely thankful to you.
Listen. Listen. Listen.
It's being announced for the general public that..
..from Delhi, the son of Najib Khan..
..Zafta Khan's reign has been ended.
- Wow. It's a great thing. - Wonderful.
And good news is given, the king, the heir of the..
..throne and crown of the Mughal empire..
..commander and Subedar, Mahadji Scindia's friend..
..has entered Delhi.
Hail the Mughal emperor.
Hail the Mughal empire.
Hail Mahadji Scindia!
Hail Mahadji Scindia.
Mahadji Scindia wants to assure you that..
..the Marathas won't end the Mughal empire.
They will protect it.
Because if the rule in Delhi will be stronger..
..the whole country will be safe.
Lastly, from Mahadji Scindia and the king..
..congratulations on Id to all ofyou.
Listen. Listen. Listen.
Begum Alia. Begum Alia.
Congratulations, the fortune of Delhi has been realised.
The king has come here.
He is praying in Mote mosque.
Thanks be to you, Allah.
Hail king Alam.
Hail king Alam.
Hail king Alam.
Hail king Alam.
Hail king Alam.
Hail king Alam.
Hail king Alam.
Hail king Alam.
Hail king Alam.
Hail king Alam.
Hail king Alam.
Hail king Alam.
Hail king Alam.
Hail king Alam.
Hail king Alam.
Mother. - My son!
Come in, Son.
People dear to the Mughal empire.
All the respect is for the old and deserving.
After this, if someone today deserves praise.
That would be Mahadji Scindia.
For his honesty and courage, his foresightedness..
..and bravery, I am thankful.
Thanks to him, the famous Mughal emperor has..
..become the king and has reached the throne.
Mahadji Scindia's humanity and good thoughts..
..are light for my path.
He has proved and I appreciate this as well.
This country belongs to all its residents.
Whether they are Hindu or Muslims..
..Sikh or Christian, Parsi or any other.
Making this country prosperous..
..maintaining equality among each other..
..and protecting this safe motherland..
..from the bad intentions offoreigners.
This is the duty of every Indian.
Hail the Mughal emperor.
Hail the Mughal empire.
- Hail India.
Firstly, I will honour Mahadji Scindia and..
..present him an old and expensive sword.
After this presentation, in comfort..
..I give this reward to Mahadji Scindia.
The king of this country, the premier of all ministers..
Hail Commander Mahadji Scindia.
Hail Commander Mahadji Scindia.
Hail Commander Mahadji Scindia.
After these honours, I also give Mahadji Scindia.. will and make him my chief lawyer and advisor.
His will be equal to my will.
Congratulations. Congratulations.
Hail the chief advisor.
Hail the chief advisor.
Hail the chief advisor.
Now I also give Mahadji Scindia abundant rewards.
Hail Commander Mahadji Scindia.
Hail Commander Mahadji Scindia.
Oh, God, who says that miracles..
..don't take place in this world?
Ifyou don't make miracles happen.. will the desires, ambitions and..
..wants of us, people be fulfilled?
You've fulfilled my aspiration.
You have taken the sacrifice of my Tuko.
But my Mahad, you have made him truly great.
You have taken him to an esteemed position, Lord.
He's laid the crown on a dethroned king.
He made him sit on the throne.
He's received so much fame.
I'm so grateful, I'm so grateful.. you that I'm speechless.
Lord, many thanks to you.
Thanks be to you, Lord.
Has father turned into a great man, Grandmother?
Yes, dear. Your father..
What is it known as?
He's become a great officer.
He'll have powers similar to an emperor.
Equal to an emperor?
When he was young, he would play such games.
He would adorn his younger brother, Tukoji like a king.
Once, I asked him, why didn't he himself become the king?
He said that he liked making others king.
He didn't like being king himself.
Really? - Yes.
Once he was walking while holding my finger.
I asked him what he will become when he will be older.
He said he will be a distinguished man..
.. a great Maratha.
And that's what he became.
And his brother, Tukoji?
Dear, he was killed in the battle of Panipat.
Mahad was also very badly wounded in the Panipat war.
He was drenched in blood.
If Rane Khan hadn't saved him..
..even my Mahad would be separated from me.
He's had a lot of sorrow, dear.
And for him, I too have borne much sorrow.
But I have always raised his courage.
After all, I am his mother.
When you become a mother, Give them..
..a similar lesson of being very good and very big.
The first lessons are received in the arms of a mother.
Like Jijabai turned Shivaji into King Shivaji.
I will do as you say, Grandmother.
My dear, I'm not going to live that long.
You can see how bad is my health.
I don't know which day I might die.
Oh, Grandmother.
Your dream has been fulfilled by Mahadji Scindia.
Today you are not among us.
But your blessings are with Mahadji.
You have increased his courage.
You have shown him the way.
You gave him advice.
He used his intelligence for his work.
He increased his bravery.
On the basis of his strength, the Mughal empire..
..that was dying out, he gave a new life.
A new story will be written in his history due to this.
It will be written in golden words and the flame of truth.
Like you, I also hope that Mahadji will.. greater things in future.
Tell the book keeper that food is to be served.. orphanages and hermitages.
Rs.1 lakh to be given to poor people as alms.
Yes, Bai.
Son, drink this medicine.
Take this, drink the medicine.
Medicine won't do any good, Mother. I am..
Be quiet. Don't talk about such things.
Drink a little more, Son. Drink.
I was spitting blood all night.
There is absolutely no strength in my body.
Don't speak, Son. Lie down.
Lie down.
Greetings. Srimant Narayan Rao, Ganga Bai..
..and Nana Phadnavis have come for a meeting.
Let them come. - As you order.
That's enough, Rama.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Brother, there is good news.
First give me the sweets. I have just had bitter medicine.
Well, let it be. First give me the good news.
So that the sweets may be even sweeter.
Mahadji Scindia has given Emperor Alam's..
..throne back to him.
Happy with Mahadji, the emperor..
..has given him many positions.
He's even made him his chief advisory.
Praise be to Mahadji Scindia!
I had firm belief that Mahadji will accomplish this.
The job that I couldn't do due to my young age..
..thatjob has been done by Mahadji Scindia..
..with valour and greatness.
I am very happy about the emperor making..
..Mahadji the chief legal advisor.
Nana, tell all these people what is meant by chief legal advisor.
The chief legal advisor has all the rights of the emperor.
Without the permission of the emperor..
..he can take any decision on behalf of the emperor.
This will be taken to be the emperor's decision.
Who has a greater right on this other than Mahadji Scindia..
.. to be the chief legal advisor to the emperor?
Narayan Rao. - Yes.
Now I will have the sweets. - Yes.
Congratulations to all ofyou.
Anandi, I think that..
Keep your thoughts to yourself.
And listen carefully.
Anandi, I think that I..
You raised the flag on Attock, right?
Mahadji Scindia has raised his flag in Delhi.
What are you saying, Anandi? - Yes.
He's given the throne to the emperor.
In return he has been given a great position.
Everybody is having sweets in your nephew's home.
So should I have poison.
What do you want to say, Anandi?
Mahadji Scindia is independent.
He is powerful, intelligent, brave.
Whatever he did isn't the end but the beginning.
He can do whatever he wishes.
Now, he has a lot to do.
Yes, yes he will do a lot.
And you sit here doing nothing.
I think that by some way ..
..I should escape this prison.
And that method is, that I adopt.. paternal uncle's nephew, Jaganath.
Did you understand? - What?
Yes. When the customs for adoptions..
..are completed, at night with the guests..
Will you really adopt him?
No, crazy woman. All this is..
Did you understand? Yes?
Come on.
Congratulations. Congratulations.
Congratulations. Congratulations.
Congratulations. Congratulations.
Open the door.
Wait. No one is to move from his place.
We have to make a check.
Srimant Raghunathrao.
Anandi Bai.
Both ofyou come inside.
The rest ofyou may go out.
Pandav, I surely will avenge you for this one day.
I am forced by the order of the Peshwa, sir.
Some people are cleverer than us.
That isn't so, Anandi. Our luck is bad.
Every step is going wrong.
That's why I am thinking that now I will take a right step.
If it is an intelligent matter, then go ahead.
Yes. Tomorrow morning we will go to Madhavrao.
We will request pardon.
And give us permission to go and stay in Anandwardi.
That's it. Once we reach there, Anandi.
Only for once.
We will be able to do a lot on reaching there.
But will your nephew agree?
What is wrong in giving it a try?
Lets gamble once again and see the results.
Fate will shine on us sometime.
It will for sure.
Get up, Madhav. Drink water.
Son, your uncle and aunt are coming to meet you.
Let them come.
What happened last night, they are coming..
..with a fake apology for that.
Greetings. Greetings to all.
Lie down, child. Lie down.
How's your health now?
It's getting worse by the day.
But you need not worry.
I shouldn't worry about you? How is that possible?
I had come to enquire about your health and..
Last night we.. tried to escape.
Madhavrao, forgive us.
Very good, Brother.
Even though you are Madhav's uncle.. have come to say sorry?
I said the same thing to him.
Madhavrao will forgive us without saying sorry.
Aunt is right.
For uncle, my heart is always clear.
I know. I know that, child.
That's why I'm very sorry and I am thankful to you.
Do another favour for me. One favour.
I have faith that you won't refuse me.
You may give an order.
An order? Not an order, child. Not an order.
It's a petition. It's my request.
Son, I have been free all my life.
In the prison house, I feel suffocated.
I want to go away from you.
And you must have no inconvenience due to me.
Child, give me permission to go and stay in Anandwali.
I won't have any relation to politics.
Nor any connection to royalty.
But I will remain loyal to you.
You may make me swear by the property I own..
..or the food that I eat.
There is no need for an oath.
Now, we don't have a long life to live.
The remaining life will pass peacefully.
We will die with ease.
Please don't talk like that, aunt.
May God allow you to live as long as we live.
That's enough. Bless you.
May God give a long life to both of.., daughters-in-law.
May your husband and child flourish.
Uncle, whenever you want to go to Anandwali, you may go.
May God give you a long life.
I assure you for the last time that I will..
..never again give you a chance to complain.
I always have this expectation from you, Brother.
That is what I desire.
You and Madhav shouldn't be like uncle and..
..nephew, but like father and son.
Your desire is our wish.
Now it will be so.
Greetings. Greetings.
You shouldn't have allowed uncle to go to Anandwali.
We don't know what they will do on reaching there.
They had to be given another chance.
The last chance. Now if they do something..
Uncle is like a mouse in a snake's neck for me.
He cannot be swallowed nor can he be brought out.
Our bad luck has left us. Our life has been saved.
Now we will be at Anandwali and enjoy.
What do you say, Anandi?
Ifyou have got freedom take its advantage.
Think how we can be fully free from the hold of Madhavrao.
There aren't many days left for Madhavrao's death anymore.
When he's died we will get many opportunities.
Narayan Rao is a child now.
He will think it to be child's play and become a Peshwa.
And then we will take full advantage of him.
Don't be under that impression.
Gopika Bai will spread her hood and rule over it.
Gopika Bai has decided to leave politics.. go and stay in Nasik.
Now we will send our loyal Kasi Surve.. meet the British in Mumbai.
Now we will prepare our plan of being a Peshwa.
Do it today instead of tomorrow.
And do it right now instead of today.
I may die at any moment.
I have come into this world and will have to go one day.
I am not afraid of my death.
All I am afraid of what will happen.. Narayan Rao after my death.
Brother, you are my father and also similar to my father.
May God always keep your blessings over me.
Nothing will happen to you or me.
Narayan, misfortunes never give any..
..warning before their coming.
They happen all of a sudden.
We must be always ready for that.
Man can be saved from many problems.
Lie down, Madhav. Your health may become worse.
No, Mother, I am all right.
There is less time.
And the problem is large.
Narayan is young now. Neither has he experience.
He won't be able to handle the weight of being a Peshwa.
As my late father gave me the protection of uncle.
Similarly, I too will give Narayan Rao under uncle's..
Brother. Brother, don't hand me to a demon.
Anyway, he can capture the position of a Peshwa after me.
It's better that he be made the partner of the Peshwa.
He's afraid of Nana Phadnavis and Mahadji Scindia.
They will always keep helping you.
I've always believed in Mahadji Scindia.
And at every misfortune, he's strengthened my faith.
You won't find a truer and honest man anywhere else.
What do you think, Mother?
You are right, Madhav.
Making Raghunathrao our enemy is dangerous.. well as making him our friend.
Making him our enemy may cause..
..a lot of loss to Narayan Rao.
That's why it's better to make him our friend.
If uncle sits idle he will be making conspiracies.
If he becomes an officer of the Peshwa..
..he won't make any plans.
Then again, he has also taken an oath to remain loyal.
You are elder.
Other than you, who will think more for his good?
Sir, this servant is willing to serve..
..Narayan Rao in every way.
Whether Raghunathrao becomes.. officer of the Peshwa or not.
I will keep doing my duty as I have been doing it.
Uncle is to be called from Anandwali.
As you order, sir.
Do you dare to stop me.
It is the order of the Peshwa. You can't go out.
Stay inside the palace.
What was that noise?
I was testing my freedom.
I have found that we are being watched..
..even when we are here, Anandi.
No, we can only live like this being suffocated.
And we have to die suffocated.
No, Anandi. No.
I will neither stay like a lion in a cage nor will I die in it.
I will..
I'll go in. - No. You wait here.
Greetings, sir. - Greetings.
Have you come to arrest us again?
No, sir. The Peshwa has called for you.
And he has asked for you to be brought with respect.
You wait here. I'll be ready and come back.
Yes, sir.
Uncle, you have come at the right time.
It's time for me to die.
No, child, no.
He is still young.
You are the oldest.
He needs your experience..
..your loyalty and your blessing.
Yes, child. My son.
His position as a Peshwa is yours.. guide as a Maratha royal.
He is like your son..
Yes, Son. Yes, he is.
You are everything to him.
Promise me.
Yes, I promise.
Give your promise, Uncle.
Colonel, that is Sumer Singh.
Raghunathrao knows him from many years.
He has been made a special leader of his battalion.
He isn't a Maratha, but a Gardi.
But he is a loyal man to sir.
Sir has even kept a batch of guards for his protection.
Come on.
Sumer Singh, this is Colonel Gomes.
Sir is waiting for him.
Come, Colonel. Come along.
Sumer Singh. - Yes, sir.
You go out and be careful not to allow anyone in.
As you order, sir.
Sit down, Colonel. - No, thank you.
It's all right this way. I have to return soon.
Taking a great danger, in hiding, on..
..your calling, I have come here.
Colonel, the English go thousands..
..of miles away for engaging in danger.
You have only come from Mumbai to Pune.
To see the price of danger.
To see the price of danger? - Yes.
The spies of Narayan Rao and Nana Phadnavis..
..spread thorns on the way of our dear ones.
Many times my letters have gone into..
..the hands of my enemies instead of my friend.
This time I don't want to take any danger.
I don't understand. - I'll explain.
The governor had written in his letter..
..that for giving me the position of a Peshwa..
..he will send his armies.
How will I repay that and in what way to the company?
For giving an answer to that letter..
..I called for one of their responsible officers.
He would come himself and see that I can give everything.
Come with me.
These are the jewels and ornaments of my wife.
Look at what price I can give.
Tell its price to the governor, it's Rs.50 lakh.
Rs.50 lakh.
The late Madhavrao was not only our Peshwa..
..but also a very good friend of mine.
I am also very sorry about his demise because..
..he died while he was still young.
Before his time, he left the world.
He had seen so many dreams for the Maratha kingdom.
All of them have remained incomplete.
Now I have to complete his dreams.
And I have to keep his memories as they were.
May God give peace to his soul and..
..may he give strength to our ambitions.
He's made Raghunathrao, assistant for the Peshwa.
I don't find this appropriate, your majesty.
Madhavrao has repeated his father's mistake.
It must be his helplessness.
It may turn out to be ill-fate for Narayan Rao.
Raghunathrao can hold his nephew..
..Narayan Rao as prisoner and he can also kill him.
Now there will be problems in the Pune rule, Rane Khan.
The dirt of conspiracies will leave..
.. the bottom and come up.
At such a time, can't you do anything, sir?
No. I cannot leave the mission of Pahargadh.. incomplete, Arjun.
Until I don't win this war, I cannot take any decision.
Rane Khan. - Yes, your majesty.
Send my condolences to Gopika Bai.
She and Narayan Rao are to be assured..
..of my loyalty and support in every form.
As you order, your majesty.
How dare Narayan Rao do this?
What did that little snake do?
He's vomited poison.
He told me, that I am his guardian.
But I can't rule, he's the one who will.
He will take advice from me.
To agree or to disagree is his wish.
Until you don't become a Peshwa.. will have to bear all this.
When Balaji Bajirao died, you didn't become Peshwa.
When Madhavrao died, you still didn't become Peshwa.
Narayan Rao will die as well, and you..
What do you want to say?
No one will give you the position of a Peshwa.
Until you don't move your hands towards it..
..and you don't move your feet towards it..
..till that time you can't occupy that position.
Deal with it tactfully. Take help from Sumer Singh.
Do you have so much faith in Sumer Singh?
Doesn't Sumer Singh have great faith in you?
Take a test of his loyalty.
Blind him with greed.
Give him such a big reward that he loses his intelligence..
Imprison Narayan Rao..
..and have him shut in a palace.
Like the Peshwa have held King Ramraja in Satara.
You are right, Anandi.
No one will dare to battle with my daring.
By fortune both my enemies are away from Pune.
Nana Phadnavis is alone.
He won't be able to oppose my large army.
And Mahadji Scindia is breaking his head on the Pahargadh.
I will never get a better opportunity than this. Never.
Greetings, sir.
Your servant is waiting for an order, sir.
Sumer Singh, you have called yourself.. a servant and me as sir.
Do you realise the meaning of that?
Try giving me an order, sir.
You will find out whether I know its meaning or not.
I will give you an order.
But whether you are able to comply with this order..
..or not, you won't reveal this order to anyone else.
Swear to me, in the name of Lord Ganesha.
I swear in the name of Lord Ganesha.
I won't reveal anything about this order to anyone.
Tell me, what do I have to do?
You will have to arrest Peshwa Narayan Rao.
I knew that you won't be able to do thisjob.
It is a deal of great courage and valour.
I am not a coward but..
I had thought that if you would do thisjob.
You would get 1000 gold coins before..
..Peshwa Narayan Rao's arrest as a reward from me.
Property worth Rs.3 lakh, yearly, after his arrest.
And when I become Peshwa..
Well, forget it.
No, sir. This wish of yours will be accomplished.
Won't you take your reward?
Sir, for my defence I make a request to you.
Tell me.
You write and give me an order..
..that I am arresting Narayan Rao.
I won't show that order to anyone.
If only there is any chance..
All right. Come tomorrow morning before the prayers.
Okay. Greetings. - Greetings.
Greetings, sir.
Greetings. Take your seat.
Agreeing to the advice given by all ofyou Sardars..
..I have taken a decision that I will arrest Narayan Rao.. quickly as possible.
Make a proclamation for the public that we found..
..out through our detectives that..
..Narayan Rao wanted to arrest me.
That is why, for my defence I had to take this step.
Narayan Rao will be put into prison.
And I will, with the help and blessings of..
..all ofyou take the position of Peshwa.
Sir, we all agree with you.
The success of my plan demands..
..absolute loyalty from all ofyou.
I will be the Peshwa and all ofyou will be elevated.
We all assure you of our loyalty.
Thank you.
Sir, may your name be praised.
You are being awaited, to start the prayers to Lord Ganesha.
Tell them that I am on my way.
As you order, sir.
You may leave.
Anandi. Anandi.
Anandi, Sumer Singh has been delayed in coming.
And I am getting delayed in going for the prayers.
If he comes, give him this order.
Narayan Rao has to be caught. Raghunathrao.
Narayan Rao has to be arrested.
Narayan Rao is to be killed.
Narayan Rao is to be killed.
Greetings, madam.
You are late.
Take this. Sir, has left this order for you.
Thank you.
Sir.. but..
1000 gold coins.
Property worth Rs.3 lakh annually.
And then later, something more. A lot more.
Think about saying yes or no.
Ifyou say no, then nothing.
Give me the order then.
No, madam. Now either Narayan Rao..
..will lose his life or I will lose my life.
Wait. Don't dare move ahead.
Move away from my path.
We have to meet the Peshwa.
You cannot go in. He is resting.
He is resting and we are dying due to hunger.
We haven't got our salaries since four months.
Come in the evening.
A few ofyou guards will be allowed to go in.
No. We will go right now.
Yes, we will go right now.
Well done. Men, the way is clear. Move ahead.
Rama. Pandav. Hari.
Hey, What is all this going on?
What's all this noise?
Sir. Sir. Sir..
What happened? - The Marathas are being killed.
The guards have come in. They are searching for you.
What? - Save your life and escape from here.
Narayan Rao is going there. Catch him.
Narayan Rao. Today you won't escape from me.
Narayan Rao, surrender yourself to me.
Narayan Rao, now you cannot escape.
You have been surrounded from all sides.
Narayan Rao.
Uncle. Uncle.
Uncle, save me. These people will kill me.
They will kill me, Uncle. Save me.
Save me. You may take the position of the Peshwa.
Take everything. I don't want to be the Peshwa.
You may take everything.
I don't want anything, Uncle. I don't want anything.
Save me, Uncle. Save me..
What is going on, Sumer Singh?
Move away, sir.
Uncle. Uncle, save my life.
No, no. Uncle.
Uncle. Uncle. Uncle. Uncle.
Sumer Singh.
Dear, be quiet. Be quiet, dear.
Mother, everyone knows who had him killed.
Why he was killed, everyone knows.
Today, give him a curse mother.
That murderer.. that murderer will never enjoy..
..being in the position of the Peshwa.
May he always suffer from setbacks.
May he.. may he lose all his wealth.
His family.. may his family never be happy.
If there is a God, he will surely get this curse of mine, mother.
My husband's blood.. my husband's..
..blood will be avenged.
It has been 14-15 days since Peshwa..
..Narayan Rao has been killed.
And Nana Phadnavis hasn't returned from his..
..village Wai after celebrating the Ganesh festival yet.
I don't understand what will happen?
Now, Raghunathrao has even declared himself as Peshwa.
And Gangabai has been held as prisoner.
In the whole of Pune, hatred for Raghunathrao has spread.
There is his fear everywhere.
He will ask us any day to swear loyalty.
What will we reply?
Ifwe are made to swear before..
..Nana Phadnavis comes, we will swear.
Otherwise, Raghunathrao will destroy us.
If Nana Phadnavis comes, what will we do?
We will do whatever Nana Phadnavis tells us.
I have faith in his intelligence as well as pride.
Will he guide us in a wrong manner?
All of us will work under his guidance.
Tell me, do you agree? - We agree!
Sister, wasn't my assumption right?
Yes, madam. Your daughter is pregnant.
This is a matter of difficulty.
Earlier, one life was in danger.
Now two lives are endangered.
Here is your reward.
In the name of God, I request you.
Don't tell this to anyone now.
I won't tell it to anyone, madam.
Have faith in me.
I have been loyal to this family for years.
Mother, on one day or another, uncle will know.
If he can have his nephew killed..
..he can also have his pregnant wife killed.
It would be better if I.. I commit suicide.
You will commit a sin for all ages!
Have faith.
After all, there will be a way to escape from..
..these four walls and be safe from this problem.
I don't think so.
One intelligent man. An enemy of Raghunathrao.
Nana Phadnavis can save the remembrance of Narayan Rao.
He will save him for sure. We will surely meet him.
On doing as sir had ordered, the Nizam of..
..Hyderabad, Haidar Ali from Mysore..
..and the governor of Mumbai have been sent..
..messages of goodwill and cooperation.
All the Maratha Subedars, landlords, rich men..
..and the commanders have been notified..
May sir be praised.
From Narayan Rao's court till my court.
You have covered thisjourney, Nana Phadnavis.
But have you left your loyalty outside..
..or have you brought it together with you?
Sir, he is in my heart.
I have also brought some more loyal men with me.
They are behind me.
I doubt your and these men's loyalty.
Even ifyou take the oath of loyalty, I won't have faith.
Sir, will you please tell me the reason for this?
In the past you used to be extremely loyal to..
..the late Balaji Bajirao, Madhavrao and Narayan Rao.
And in your heart, you were angry with me.
All of a sudden, how did you change?
Now, you are being loyal to me.
Sir, this change has taken place because.. you are occupying this position.
And I have always been respecting this..
..position more than the person having this position.
It is a symbol of Maratha strength, unity and greatness.
Don't be upset, sir.
The truth is that my friends and me..
..are loyal to you because of this position that you hold.
Ifyou have faith, we are for your service.
And ifyou don't, we will leave this political palace..
..and go back to our huts.
No, Nana, I need you.
I have faith in you.
This position and this Peshwa welcome you and your friends.
Greetings, sir.
Greetings. - Greetings. Please sit.
On hearing the news of Ganga's pregnancy..
..I was very happy.
I pray to God that in the storm of the Maratha politics..
..this lamp may keep burning.
Now saving this memorial of Narayan Rao is..
..not only my duty, it is also my religion.
Both ofyou may remain reassured.
You are the only support we have.
We have our desires linked to you.
God himself doesn't come for anyone's help.
He sends someone.
For us, you are that form of God.
We will forever remain grateful to you.
Do one favour on the Maratha rule.
Keep this thing secret for now. - Yes.
Greetings. - Greetings.
The sorrow of Madhavrao hadn't left my heart.., I am even sorrowful about Narayan Rao's..
..death, Ranik Khan.
Your Majesty, there is a rumour in Pune..
..that it is Raghunathrao who has committed this murder.
And he has even declared himself as Peshwa.
Your Majesty, Nana Phadnavis has also accepted..
..Raghunathrao to be the Peshwa.
And he has also sent a letter in your name.
In which it is written that you accept Raghunathrao.. the Peshwa and express your loyalty to him.
Ranik Khan, by expressing loyalty to Raghunathrao..
..I won't be disloyal to myself.
Let this war in Pathargarh be over.
I will move towards the Deccan.
May the emperor by even more great!
Congratulations for the victory of Pathargarh.
You are the real person who deserves to be congratulated.
Another victory has been added to..
..your enormous number offeats.
Along with this victory, the arrest of Zafta Khan..
..was a desire of my heart.
He has escaped with his son Khadir Khan.
But Ranik Khan is scanning the whole palace.
And he is searching for the wealth of Delhi in Pathargarh.
I will wait impatiently for the result.
Surely, emperor.
After this brilliant success..
..I request for a leave from the ruler.
Is everything all right?
Emperor, my mother has been ill since long.
And she needs to be served.
There, the political condition of Pune is getting worse as well.
I may be needed there as well, that's why..
Mahadji Scindia.. would be cruelty for you to be..
..separated from me.
Bu it is necessary that you go.
I bid you goodbye with my good wishes.
And I will pray to God for your mother's good health.
I hope that you will soon return to Delhi.
Thanks a lot.
I am leaving my son-in-law Arjun.
He will be with you for your service.
That is good.
Mother. What has happened to you?
Son, my life is for a while longer.
There is a little time for my death.
With difficulty, I have kept these eyes open.
So that I could see you once.
Now, if they would shut, it won't matter.
No. No, mother.
Don't say that.
Don't say that. You will be all right, mother.
You will be completely all right.
No, son.
I know.
The dreams that I had seen for you..
..have all been accomplished.
A mother is fortunate who has a son like you.
The earth is fortunate..
..on which a patriot like you is born.
My blessing.. soul..
Mother? Mother!
No! No, mother!
Grandmother! - Mother!
You left me as well, mother! - Grandmother. - No
Dear. - Father!
Have faith, dear.
One form of motherhood has left our life.
Whatever God gives us..
..he also takes it back.
But we have to go according to his will in every way.
Pray that may your grandmother's..
..soul rest in peace.
And stay in peace.
Don't cry.
Dear, we get accompaniment on every step of this life.
We also lose them.
At the end, everyone has to take the boat of life by himself.
You.. you are married now.
You have to make a family now.
You have to make a small world ofyour own.
You go to your husband.
My duty is calling for me.
I will have to go on the journey with them.
Ranik Khan. - Yes, Your Majesty.
Dear, he will leave you till Delhi.
Go and be happy.
My child!
Officer. - Yes, sir.
I had called for an inspector today.
Has he come?
The inspector is in the presence of..
..justice Ramshastri.
What was the result of the result of..
..the investigation of Peshwa Narayan Rao's murder?
I have to say this with regret.
I have neither got any evidence by now..
..nor have I got any witness.
I am very sad to hear this news.
Have you not got any evidence because it is said that..
..there are a few big people involved in this murder.
And you haven't got any witness because..
..he has shut his mouth.
The rumour isjust a rumour.
How can I believe in it, sir?
The law asks for evidence.
Listen to me, inspector.
It is a matter of my Peshwa's murder.
Our ruler has been killed!
If the murderer isn't caught, it will be..
..the killing of law and justice.
That's why it is necessary that we take interest.
I am trying my best, sir.
All right but also do anotherjob.
Have it announced in every region and area..
..that a witness for the killing of Peshwa Narayan Rao..
..or anyone having any evidence for that matter..
..should come forward and help the law.
He will be given protection.
Sir, if anyone asks who has given this right.. an inspector, what should I reply?
Tell them that I have given you this right.
And if someone asks, what is the name of..
..the person who has registered this complaint?
ChiefJustice, Ram Shastri.
Listen, listen, listen!
From the chief inspector of Pune, it is being..
..announced that if anyone has witnessed the killing..
..of late Narayan Rao or knows about his murderer..
Then he is to come to the inspector, fearlessly..
..and give his statement.
He will be fully protected.
Serving the law and supporting justice.. the duty of every citizen.
Listen, listen, listen!
Listen, listen, listen!
Is there so much evil under your rule?
Are you aware ofwhat is going on?
Dear wife, instead of reducing my worries.. keep increasing them.
Tell me, what happened?
Just now, an announcer made an announcement.
That if anyone has witnessed the murder of Narayan Rao..
..or has any information about his murderer..
..he is to come and meet the chief inspector.
This cannot be the daring of an inspector.
Otherwise, he would have declared this a long time ago.
Nana Phadnavis won't do this secretly..
..because now he has made a relation with the position of the Peshwa.
And he knows very well that if something happens to me..
..there is no one from our family to occupy this position.
It has to be a big official who has made..
..the inspector stand in opposition to you.
Who can he possibly be?
Ram Shastri!
Chiefjustice, whom our people believe to be a saint ofjustice.
Listen, take that order back from Sumer Singh.
Now, he doesn't require it.
There hasn't been any news of Sumer Singh since many days.
I don't understand one thing, Anandi.
I had given an order for the arrest of Narayan Rao.
Then.. why did Sumer Singh kill him?
That.. the thing is that..
The order that you had written, in that..
For your good, I had changed d to m.
Anandi, you had him killed!
He was my relative!
He was my nephew!
He would have stayed in prison.
How would you have been affected, Anandi?
What kind ofwoman are you?
You are childless and your mind doesn't..
..have any affection towards children!
Anandi, do you know this cruelty done by you..
..will be written down in history as hatred!
As hatred!
Behind my back.. behind my back, you have..
..sold the honour of my family and made me a Peshwa?
No, Anandi. If I would know that this is..
..the price of being a Peshwa, I would..
Forgive me! Forgive me!
Forgive me! Anandi..
Even if I would forgive you, the Marathas..
..won't forgive you till the end of this world.
They never will.
All ofyou make an oath of rice and milk with me.
Today, in Barasardar..
Today in Barasardar..
In the temple of Hemantpanti..
In the temple of Hemantpanti..
We take an oath..
We take an oath..
For protection of the Maratha rule..
For protection of the Maratha rule..
And we will remain loyal to it.
And we will remain loyal to it.
We will do what is best for it..
We will do what is best for it..
And we will keep all its decisions secret.
And we will keep all its decisions secret.
Today onwards, we are 12 brothers.
12 pillars that will keep unity in the Maratha kingdom.
Firstly, it is very necessary that the murderers..
..of the late Narayan Rao be arrested.
According to rumours, guard Sumer Singh is the killer.
And this killing has been ordered to.. done by Raghunathrao.
In this matter, the judge Ram Shastri and..
..the chief inspector are trying their best.
And soon a result will come out.
But before that we have to protect..
..Gangabai in every possible way.
Her life is in danger.
How is that?
All ofyou will be happy to know that she is pregnant.
Raghunathrao and Anandibai don't know about this.
But in few months, this secret..
..will clearly be seen in Gangabai's body.
At that time, Narayan Rao's child, even..
..before it opens its eyes, will spread blood on..
..Raghunath Rao's unreasoning law.
Gangabai has been kept in a prison.
How can she be saved?
That is my responsibility.
Bai madam will reach her destination.
But.. I will come at a crucial juncture.
If she has a son, we will assume him as..
..the Peshwa and carry on governance in his name.
If she has a daughter..
What if she has a daughter?
What will we do then?
What will happen then?
Then.. then Raghunathrao will remain our Peshwa.
You people don't be disappointed.
We will see what happens then.
Now, we have to do first things first.
Gangabai has to be taken away..
..from Raghunath Rao's and Anandibai's..
..extending and spreading cover.
Sir. If I keep a serious problem of the government..
..before you, don't think that I have come to..
..disturb you early in the morning.
No, no, Nana. Don't think like that.
Reaching the problems of government to me is your duty.
And to solve them is my duty. Tell me.
The Nawab ofArkat hasn't paid tax since long.
Our detectives have informed us that he has..
..made all preparations to attack Pune.
An army of the British from Madras.. also coming to help them.
This danger has to be stopped before it comes to Pune.
I agree with you.
Attack is always the best form of defence.
Our army is always ready.
Order should be given to march against Arkat.
Nana, who will be the commander of our army?
Do you know someone?
You! Only you.
When the Nawab ofArkat and the British General..
..know that the man who raises the flag of attack.. now coming with his flag towards..
..Arkat, their courage will sink.
You will easily have half of the victory this way.
Nana, you are very intelligent.
You have proved that you are my well-wishing servant.
It is to be announced that Arkat will be attacked.
Anandi! You have a long life.
I wasjust thinking about you.
Is everything all right?
Nothing is all right.
When trouble comes, it doesn't come alone.
What happened?
Summer Singh's home was searched.
And your order in which it was written..
..that Narayan Rao is to be killed..
The chief inspector has got it.
That order was given by you.
And the signature on that was made by me.
You have condemned me, Anandi. Condemned.
What happened after that?
Ram Shastri has sentenced you to death.
And he has ordered for you to be arrested.
If I could, I would kill Ram Shastri!
Anandi, this means that neither can we..
..stay in Maharashtra nor can we go to Pune.
Nana Phadnavis has taken Gangabai away from Pune.
Bai madam is pregnant.
Nana Phadnavis..
..attack Arkat..
Now I understand it.
Anandi, Nana Phadnavis has planned this against us.
I have fooled him too.
I made a excuse of going to my parents place.
And I have brought all myjewellery with me.
Really? Jewellery worth 50 lakhs!
You have paid for all the crimes in your life.
You did so much injustice against me..
..but you have also done this favour for me.
Anandi, this is so much wealth..
I can buy the British through this.
I can take revenge for Ram Shastri'sjustice..
..and Nana Phadnavis' injustice.
But this army ofyours shouldn't arrest you.
We will leave this place immediately.
And we will reach Ujjain as soon as possible.
Mahadji Scindia is the only respectful man..
..who won't arrest us. Yes!
May your majesty be praised.
Raghunathrao and Anandibai have come.
Send them.
As you order.
Ranik Khan, today, a camel is coming for help to my camp.
I also think so, Your Majesty.
Greetings, sir. - Greetings.
Greetings, Bai madam.
Please sit.
First, tell me, did you get an order for arresting us?
Who are they to issue an order for arresting us?
They are ruling the government at this time.
The law is in this hands. They have power.
They are 12 brothers.
Along with Nana Phadnavis, there are 11 Sardars (Generals).
But they have no right to rule without the Peshwa.
Perhaps you are not aware, Bai madam.
A boy has been born to Gangabai.
He has been named as Savai Madhavrao.
And in his name, the 12 brothers have gained rights.
Have you assumed him as the Peshwa?
Excluding you both, everyone else has..
..taken to Savai Madhavrao to be Peshwa.
We had come to you with many hopes.
We had come for shelter.
We had come to ask for help.
So that I can be Peshwa.
This is no shelter, sir. This is your home.
You may stay as long as you wish.
Until I am here, no one can raise..
..his eyes against you nor hands.
As far as help is concerned, I will surely give you help.
But not for becoming Peshwa.
For forgiveness from the Peshwa.
Raghunathrao gives forgiveness..
..he doesn't ask for it!
Sir, by your attitude, it is obvious that you are..
..the younger son of the great Peshwa Bajirao.
You can never erase that.
You can never be the Peshwa.
Fighting with the 12 brothers and with your fate..
..your whole life will pass away.
But you will only see the position..
..of Peshwa in your dreams.
Wake up, sir. It isn't bad as yet.
I will get you pardoned as well as your old property.
The rest ofyour life will pass easily and peacefully.
Bai madam, brother Raghu listens to you.
You try to explain to him.
Listen, brother Mahad is right.
Forget the position of the Peshwa.. you had never seen it.
Are you certain that if I go with you..
..the 12 brothers will neither arrest me nor punish me?
I am certain and I also promise.
All right, we will go with you to the 12 brothers.
But before that, I will take Anandibai to Dhar.
And I will leave here there and return in 10-15 days.
Come on, Anandi.
Rest for some time, sir.
What is the need to hurry?
No. I am in great hurry.
Salutations, sir. - Salutations.
Salutations. - Salutations.
Your Majesty, I don't think Raghunathrao will return.
You are right, Ranik Khan.
Becoming the Peshwa has become..
..a destination for Raghunathrao.
The more he moves towards it, the more.. moves away from his hands.
Yes, Colonel Keating?
His highness Raghunathrao and his.. has been settled, your Excellency.
Please come.
His Excellency Mr. Gambier, governor of Surat.
His highness, Peshwa Raghunathrao.
We had got news that your wife is also coming with you.
Yes, but I have left her at Dhaar.
Oh, well, let's go.
Please come.
All these have been appointed for your service.
Well, very nice, very nice indeed.
Please come and be seated.
Thank you.
Governor, I have come to you.. a thirsty man goes towards the well.
All this wealth which I have brought..
..with me is the proof of the trust I have in you.
And I hope that the glitter of this wealth will.. you see the road to Pune very clearly.
And that will clear my way for the throne of Peshwa.
Your highness, all this money will be spent there only.
And what we would gain by helping you in such a big gain, so..
Governor, the British have already taken illegal..
..possession ofThane, Bassein, and Saashti forts.
I am not responsible for that.
We'll have to lure new Governor-general..
..Warn Hastings in such a way that the..
..throne of Peshwa becomes fixed for you.
Our trade will increase if you allot the western side of..
..Maharashtra after becoming Peshwa to East India Company.
I understand this.
Okay, I accept this also.
It's very good news.
I will prepare the agreement so that you can sign on it.
Now you can go inside and take rest.
Please give us the keys of these boxes before going.
Oh, yes.
Take this.
I think that it wouldn't be unethical..
..ifwe take some part of it for ourselves?
No, sir; not at all.
Okay, then first do this.
And then write a report to Governor-general.
His Excellency, Mr. Warren Hastings.
Governor-general, East India Company.
Please be seated.
Before we can start the proceedings of the council of..
..directors, I welcome the new Governor-general..
..of East India Company..
..Mr. Warren Hastings on behalf of our other directors and myself.
Thank you.
We hope that you'll tread on our former..
..Governor-general, Mr. Clive's footsteps and increase the..
..strength and rule of the company in India.
And you'll always get our full co-operation for that.
Thank you very much.
Today's proceedings are being started.
The governor-general will shed light on his policy.
After fully studying the political condition of this country.
I feel that there is no unity at all in this country.
Different people of different territories and..
..religions have hatred and enmity for each other.
The conspiracies against each other..
..and treason are very common here.
We'll take away the freedom of this country by..
..putting oil in the fire of personal enmity and hatred.
This country will be a slave to us.
The chances are in our favour.
And we'll finish the bigger powers one by one.
The foundations of the Maratha kingdom are shaking now.
There is no government at Pune.
The twelve-man council is in Purander.
And Raghunathrao has reached Surat.
He needs our help to become a Peshwa.
We will not help him, but help ourselves with his wealth.
We'll attack Pune and take its control.
And we'll become the owners of the Maratha territories.
Tell me, do you agree with this policy?
Yes, all of us agree with it.
But can you make us believe that there is no risk in this plan?
The person from whom we may have a risk.. resting far away from Pune at Ujjain.
Mahadji Scindia.
And the who could save Pune from us are at Purander.
The council of twelve men.
Well, very well, very nice.
Press a little more, press with a bit more force.
I am having great fun.
Serve me and you'll get its fruits.
Today I'm remembering my wife a lot.
She would massage my body with such great love when..
..I would return home after a day's hard work.
She would remove my tiredness in just a moment.
And I would lie down silently to enjoy that.
And she would just..
Long live Srimant.
There is a messenger from Dhaar.
Send him in.
As you command, sir.
My wife has a very long life.
We were just talking about her.
And now we have got her message, very nice.
My respects to his highness.
I have brought good news.
Congratulations, Anandi Bai has become a mother.
She's given birth to a son.
I've got a son, this is my good fortune.
My longfelt wish has come true with God's blessings.
If I become a Peshwa, then my son..
..will also become a Peshwa after me.
Take this as your reward.
Thank you, sir.
Give congratulations to Anandi Bai.
And tell her that she has given me..
..the biggest happiness of my life.
And that name, the name which I have..
..thought for my son since years.. is.. Bajirao.
Okay, sir.
Press again, press again.
I've become a father.
My son will become a Peshwa.
Mahadji Scindia has sent a message.
That he is going to come with a very big army to express..
..respects for the new Peshwa Savai Madhavrao.
The new Peshwa was born a year ago.
And he's coming now to express his respects?
And what's the need for such a large army..
..if he is coming to express his respects?
I can see that his intentions are not good.
Raghunathrao went to meet him at Ujjain.
But he did not arrest him.
On the contrary, he let Raghunathrao get away from there.
It means that he has joined Raghunathrao.
Maybe he is coming to kill the new Peshwa.
I cannot accept that.
Mahadji Scindia will not lift his sword for Raghunathrao.
If not for Raghunathrao, then maybe for himself.
What else? He's established his supremacy in the north.
Now he has his eyes on Pune's throne.
Nana, the new Peshwa will be in the same condition.. Narayan Rao if we do not protect him.
We should not back away from our responsibility.
Mahadji should not be allowed to enter the fort with his army.
Only Rane Khan and selected soldiers..
..with gifts should be allowed inside.
And apart from that, there should.. strict vigil of armed soldiers inside the fort.
Greetings. Greetings.
We request Mahadji Scindia to leave his army outside the fort.
And what's the reason for that?
This is the decision of the twelve-man council.
But why?
We cannot tell you.
It's all right.
Please come.
My respects to Mahadba.
My greetings to Nana Phadnavis.
Please come.
Srimant infant Peshwa, Savai Madhavrao is coming with his..
..mother, Srimant Ganga Bai to this court.
Mahadji Scindia, I welcome you on behalf of Peshwa..
..Savai Madhavrao, myself and twelve-man council.
I've heard many stories about your valour and sincerity.
I accept your greatness and am moved by your fame.
I had a great desire to meet you.
It's my great fortune that today I have met you.
Honourable madam, it's my great fortune that the mother..
..of Srimant Peshwa has given me such a great honour.
The Maratha state has made me whatever I am today.
And my life is always present for it.
My father Ranoji Scindia's sweat is there in its foundation.
And there is blood of my four brothers in it.
And now, I am also among its humble servants.
I am proud to be the servant of deceased..
..Peshwa Balaji Bajirao's third generation.
I express my loyalty to Srimant..
..Peshwa Savai Madhavrao before God.
Long live commander Mahadji Scindia.
Long live Srimant Peshwa Savai Madhavrao.
Long live Srimant Ganga Bai.
Some humble gifts from me for the infant Peshwa.
Thank you.
Now I seek permission from everyone.
Mahadba, I have to talk to you about some..
..very important and secret political matters.
Would you come with me?
Yes, please come.
Please come.
Tell me Nana Phadnavis, what do you want to say?
All ofyou can go.
The sudden turn in the politics of the Maratha state.
We will talk about Maratha politics later.
I was thinking that we'll talk a bit about today's politics.
Today's politics?
Why was my army not allowed inside the Purander fort?
Why are there so many armed soldiers inside the fort?
Why were there hidden soldiers..
..behind the curtains in the court?
Why was such a strict vigil kept on me?
And what was your doubt about my intentions and why was it there?
Believe me, I am not responsible..
..for all the security arrangements.
Some chiefs of the twelve-man council thought that you have..
..joined Raghunathrao when you did not arrest him.
And you can become a risk for the new Peshwa.
Did they forget even this, that I had not arrested..
..Raghunathrao at Anandwali even after..
..deceased Peshwa Madhavrao's orders?
What do they think about Mahadji Scindia?
If he wants to become a risk for someone, he can.
Then no one can stop him.
Who seized the Allahabad fort from..
..the iron hands of East India Company.
Can't he seize the Purander fort from..
..the delicate hands of a twelve-man council?
One who can make a Mughal emperor acquire his throne.
Can't he snatch his throne from a milk-drinking Peshwa?
Nana Phadnavis, I am not allowing my tongue and my..
..sword to go out of control for the integrity of Maratha state.
And don't let the twelve-man council misunderstand this.
I have taken this misbehaviour this time.
But they will have to bear my punishment next time.
Mahadba, I am the chief of the twelve-man council.
I am asking for forgiveness on their behalf and myself.
That's why I called you alone here.
So that I can explain to you.
That what we have to do in today's conditions.
Maratha rule's boat is shaking in the storms of time.
The only two rudders which can take.. safely to the shores are you and me.
Yes, you and me.
I want to make a secret pact with you until..
..all the twelve men are not on your side.
And what's that?
I will remain the prime minister of Maratha state.
And you will be supreme commander.
And we'll run the government with each other's advice.
All right.
But this pact will be in
.. force until one of us dies.
I agree with it.
For that, we'll have to take an oath on basil plant leaves.
I accept it, Mahadba.
Please come.
The director of the intelligence department..
..Gopal Palekar has come to meet you from Pune.
What news have you brought?
Our spies have sent us messages from Calcutta and Bombay.
An army under the command of Colonel Goddard from Calcutta;
And under the command of Colonel Cockburne from Bombay.. going to leave very soon for Pune.
Both of these armies will meet sixty miles north east of Pune.
And then they will attack Pune.
Rane Khan.
Yes, your highness.
Our army should immediately be ordered to leave for Pune.
Yes, Captain Farmer, what's the report?
Colonel Cockburne..
..our scouts have brought the report that..
..our army can easily go up to Khandala Valley.
There is no Maratha army on that side.
And after reaching up, the road to Pune is very clear.
Good, very good.
Major Stewart, sir.
Captain Farmer, this is the only place..
..where our army could be fought.
Marathas could have stalled us there for many days.
No power in this world can stop us from going to Pune..
..once we have climbed up and crossed the valley.
We have heard that Mahadji Scindia.. the commander of Maratha army.
He's fought many wars and is also very experienced.
Then how can he commit such a mistake?
Raghunathrao thinks that Mahadji Scindia is his well-wisher.
And he'll let us win this war.
So that Mahadji Scindia continues as the supreme..
..commander of Maratha state after he becomes a Peshwa.
This is his misunderstanding.
Let us win this war once.
Then there will not be any Maratha state.
And no one will become its Peshwa and its commander.
A large territory will be joined to the company's rule.
One more sultanate of India will be destroyed.
And the speed at which India becomes a slave will increase.
And the foundations of British rule in India will become stronger.
Exactly, let us take a view of the valley.
Let us go, sir.
The road for Pune would have been very straight..
..for us if not for this zigzag climb of Khandala.
Regard this now as straight.
Because there is no Maratha army there.
Can I join you people here?
Very gladly, Raghunathrao.
I think that we have won the battle, once we reach up.
Colonel Goddard's army will come from Calcutta and meet us.
Then Mahadji Scindia's army will be grounded..
..between the two stones of the grinding mill.
I too want that only.
I will make you wealthy beyond your dreams..
..once you get back the throne of Peshwa for.. which has been taken away from me.
Don't worry about that, Mr. Raghunathrao.
Only you have the right to that throne.
And you will get that throne by all means.
How many days will you take to enter Pune?
As per my estimate, only three days or at the most one week.
I am wandering senseless since two years.
I will wait one more week.
You have to do it.
Our main objective for attacking Pune is to make you Peshwa.
I know about it.
I cannot become a Peshwa without the company's help.
I will be grateful to you till I die.
Bombay's army has still not started climbing the Khandala valley.
Where would you like to fight this army?
I don't think we will fight a battle with this army.
But how can you say that?
Khandala valley's road is so narrow that we cannot fight here.
Either we can fight before climbing the valley.
Or we can fight after climbing the valley.
What is your strategy regarding Bombay's army?
I have sent chief Phanse down with an army.
But not by the road.
Very away from the road though dense forest and stones.
They will go behind the English army and loot their..
..provisions and cut away their incoming provisions.
I didn't get it.
Nana Phadnavis, English army will die of hunger.
And its road for return will be blocked.
And each soldier will be killed if he comes up.
An English army from Calcutta is also coming to Pune.
I have sent chief Kolhatkar to stop them at Burhanpur.
Mahadba, you have faith in your strategy.
And I have faith in you.
Your fame will increase and so will the twelve-man council's..
..respect ifyou win this war and the Englishmen lose it.
Nana Phadnavis, within a couple of days you..
..will see the white flag of peace at the.. of the English flag coming towards you.
I will present the conditions of peace to..
..Englishmen on behalf of the twelve-man council.
You go to Pune and take rest.
Come, Rane Khan, we'll eat our traditional food.
Come, your highness.
I was thinking that we will lose very badly at the hands of the British.
And Raghunathrao will take over the Peshwa..
..throne on some auspicious day and time.
Yourjudgement would have been right if..
..Mahadji would not have been here, but in the north.
His presence here is very good luck for us.
The Maratha state's grave will be saved.
There is no answer to Mahadji in his war strategy.
And also in politics.
Today he has made both these ends meet.
He said that he'll present the conditions of peace on our behalf.
I could not find courage to refuse him.
Don't worry, Englishmen are very good at making false..
..promises and presenting conditions for peace.
Mahadji will take care of them.
What a man, what confidence he's got.
We'll have to be wary of him in future.
We have sent three messengers, but none has returned.
One has gone since afternoon.
He would be here anytime.
And Mahadji Scindia's bombing.. addition has made it more difficult for us.
Major Stewart.
Can you confidently say that we won't get our provisions..
..from Bombay even by tomorrow morning?
The conditions are like that only, sir.
Sir, our caravan of provisions which was coming behind us..
..has been looted by villagers and hidden Maratha soldiers.
The grains of the neighbouring farms have been burnt.
A very big Maratha army has blocked our return route.
How much ammunition we do have with us?
For two days only.
Only for two days?
What will we do with the ammunitions..
..when we don't have anything to eat?
Very nice, very beautiful.
Very nice, Rane Khan.
Your highness, I know about your choice.
The party which comes for the discussions of..
..peace pact from Englishmen will be amazed.. see these preparations for their welcome.
They will think about how we knew that they are coming here.
It's three days since the English army is going mad with hunger.
Now it cannot bear it anymore.
Its officers can come anytime for discussions.
We will wait for some time.
Major Stewart.
Captain Farmer.
We welcome the Englishmen who are in search of peace.
We Englishmen are peace loving but..
..we never back away from war also.
Have you come here to discuss..
..peace or threaten us with war?
Major, you also keep this in mind.
That we Marathas are also peace loving.
But when forced, we also do not back away from fighting wars.
As you have see in this war.
When both of us are willing for peace..
..then why don't we start discussions for it?
But before we start the discussions..'ll have to meet one of our conditions.
It's very strange.
How can you keep any condition at this stage?
The conditions are kept during the discussions.
We want to keep the condition before..
..the discussions and keep it non-negotiable.
I don't have any authority to accept or reject your conditions.
I will convey your condition to Colonel Cockburne.
Tell me, what's your condition?
You will hand over Srimant Raghunathrao to us.
Mahadji Scindia, Raghunathrao is not our prisoner.
He's come to us for shelter and he's free.
You people have given shelter to him so that.. can get an excuse to fight with the Marathas.
And you wouldn't have even made Raghunathrao..
..a Peshwa ifyou had won this war.
I am well aware about your politics.
Please forgive me for this.
Raghunathrao hates all ofyou.
And all ofyou hate Raghunathrao.
You want to take revenge from..
..Raghunathrao for coming to our shelter.
You should not be concerned with what we..
..think about him and what he thinks about us.
And what we are going to do with him.
First go and bring him with you.
Then we'll talk to you about peace.
Go and tell him that Mahadji Scindia..
..has promised to give him shelter.
Go now.
Whenever I take steps to do something, I get a junction.. some distance and I always choose the wrong path.
And I again get a junction at some distance.
And again I choose the wrong path.
This has been happening to me since years.
I have created a maze for myself..
..and I am not getting a way out of that.
Today, again I am standing at a junction.
Raghunathrao, don't make a mistake this time.
Choose a right path for yourself.
Which can get you repentance for all your old mistakes.
After thinking over all the odds I have decided that..
..I will present myself before Mahadji.
But we were fighting this war for you alone.
This world will laugh at us ifyou go and join Mahadji.
And Mahadji Scindia will arrest all..
..of us and your army if I don't go to him.
He will seize all your weapons and cannons.
Then also this world will laugh at you.
I am doing repentance for myself.
But for you, I am making a sacrifice.
Got it?
A person can immediately decide..
..about his life when he is hungry.
That's true, your highness.
Now that you've given the word for your shelter.
Raghunathrao will not make any delay in taking a decision.
The British commander must also be praising you in his mind.
The British have never been trapped so badly in India.
Look, there's Srimant Raghunathrao, coming to us.
Greetings, Srimant.
Mahadji, today an accused of yours has come before you..
..with folded hands to ask forgiveness for his offences.
No, Raghoba.
I've always respected you because.. are the son of great Peshwa Bajirao.
Bajirao who had done many favours to my father Ranoji Scindia.
He became a great commander, a chief..
..and chief executive from a simple person.
And today, I'm his sole heir.
It's my religion to remain loyal towards the Peshwas, to..
..serve them and to respect them and their families.
You are really great, Mahadji.
Today I've realised that a man is not..
..great by his birth or by his designation.
He becomes great by his actions.
Mahadji, what atrocities did I not inflict on you?
And you, you just went on silently enduring everything.
The more mean I became and stooped morally..
..the more dignified became your behaviour.
Mahadji Scindia, you are not a human, but a god.
You are a great Maratha.
I am just a well-wisher ofyours.
Mahadji, I have come here trusting your name as my security.
I have come here as a slave to your repeated sincerity.
Only you can save me from the punishment of..
..Ram Shastri and the backlash of the twelve-man council.
Mahadji, I will do anything..
..anything you tell me.
Brother Raghoba, you just give me in writing that you're..
..surrendering the claim to the Peshwa's throne forever.
Then only can I get you a pardon from the twelve-man council.
And after that, you'll go to the north of the Narmada river forever.
You'll be given a territory of Rs.12 lakh yearly near Jhansi.
I will send you there in the protection of my army.
I agree to it.
This is your last chance from the Maratha state.
And ifyou go back on your promise and..
..get yourself trapped in conspiracies.
Then these people will not listen to me, brother Raghoba.
They will not listen to me at all.
I will not do any such thing.
I swear upon the head of my own son.
Your son?
Yes, Anandi gave birth to a son at Dhaar.
He is a year old now.
And I have named him Bajirao.
Congratulations, brother Raghoba.
Congratulations Srimant, congratulations.
Long live his highness supreme commander.
Major Stewart and captain Farmer want to meet you.
Send them in.
As you order, sir.
Mahadji Scindia, Raghunathrao..
..has come to you as per your condition.
Now colonel Cockburne wants your..
..permission to take his army back to Bombay.
No, your army cannot go back..
..until we have talked about the peace.
But our colonel does not have the authority to make any promise.
A commander, who can break one promise, can also sign on another.
Your colonel violated the Purander..
..treaty and came here to attack Pune.
Colonel must have got some rights from the governor-general..
..of the company like I have acquired rights for this pact.
And if he does not sign the pact, we will..
..arrest your whole army and send it to Pune.
Tell us your conditions.
First condition is that the English army will immediately..
..vacate the forts ofThane, Bassein and Saashti..
..which have been illegally occupied by them.
So that Maratha armies can proceed there.
And second condition is that the company's army which is..
..coming to Pune from Calcutta should go back.
And the third condition is that the friendly relations..
..between the Peshwa state and the company's..
..governor-general will remain as per the Purander treaty.
I will present these conditions to the honourable colonel.
Listen to more conditions now.
Until the first two conditions are met, two..
..British officers will remain as surety with us.
And it will be better if both ofyou are these two officers.
Don't worry, we will treat you as honourable guests, not prisoners.
Now you can go back to your colonel.
The great warrior, extremely kind, magnanimous, valoriant..
..the very powerful chief ofAgra and Ajmer..
..Great commander Mahadji Scindia is coming here.
Long live Mahadji Scindia.
Long live Mahadji Scindia.
Long live Mahadji Scindia.
Long live Mahadji Scindia.
Long live Mahadji Scindia.
Long live Mahadji Scindia.
I welcome great commander Mahadji Scindia.
Thank you.
Congratulations, Mahadba.
Your victory over British at Wadgaon and this..
..treaty will be written in golden letters in our history.
This victory over the British is not the victory only of the Marathas.
But it's a victory of the whole nation.
It's a duty of all of us to save and protect our country..
..from the people who have come from outside.
This wasjust our first war with them.
Now there will be many more fights ahead.
And all of us have to be ready for them.
This is our first victory over them.
We have to be victorious again and again.
We have to throw the British and their flag out of our country.
We have to free our country from them.
We have to bring unity to our country.
And this is the ambition of my life.
And I'll sacrifice even my life for this ambition.
Now you should stay at Pune itself.
I am very grateful for the love all ofyou have given to me.
But I cannot stay peacefully at one place.
Firstly, I have to go to the north.
The British have occupied our Gwalior through the..
..conspiracies of Rana of Ranjangadh.
I have to free it from them.
Long live commander Mahadji Scindia.
Long live commander Mahadji Scindia.
Long live chief Mahadji Scindia.
Long live chief Mahadji Scindia.
Long live chief Mahadji Scindia.
Long live chief Mahadji Scindia.
Long live chief Mahadji Scindia.
Long live chief Mahadji Scindia.
Long live chief Mahadji Scindia.
Fire the cannons.
Fire the cannons.
You're being given a four-day ultimatum.
The entire British army should leave.
As you command.
Arrest the commander of Ranjangadh and its whole army.
Yes your highness.
Rane Khan.
Yes, your highness.
Rana of Ranjangadh had snatched..
..Ranjangadh by conspiring with the British.
I want to punish him strictly for that.
You should surely punish him, your highness.
Make preparations for an attack on Ranjangadh.
Mahadji, Mahadji, Mahadji.
We'll have to stop this increasing risk for our kingdom.
We will have to stop him at any cost.
Mr. De Boigne has come, your Excellency.
Send him in please.
Good morning your Excellency.
Good morning Mr. De Boigne.
I've heard a lot about your army experience.
I have served in Russian and Turkish armies.
And then I came to India and joined your army at Madras.
I had a quarrel with some officers there, so I resigned.
I know about it.
I have called you from Madras to Calcutta for a special purpose.
Tell me, sir.
You are French and I want to take advantage of that.
And ifyou do this, then you also will benefit greatly from it.
Is it so? What exactly is it?
Come and sit down.
Have you heard about Mahadji Scindia?
Yes, this name can be heard all over India.
I want to destroy this name forever.
The name of East India company is being belittled before this name.
Mahadji has stopped our progress in India by..
..defeating us at Wadgaon, Allahabad and Gwalior.
I cannot bear this.
I want you to befriend him, stay with him and be our spy.
And keep telling us about his plans.
You are French, so he won't doubt you.
And you will be given a salary of Rs.50,000.
Yes, this is not an ordinary amount.
And the work also is not difficult.
Good, you can go and take this amount from my secretary.
And leave for Gwalior tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
Stop there.
What are you doing here?
His highness has ordered all British officers to leave.
I am not British.
You're lying and I will punish you for that.
Rane Khan, Rane Khan.
He isn't British, but French.
He's come to the honourable commander for work.
He's staying at Gwalior with my orders.
Oh, but how should I know.
British and French look the same to me.
Both are fair.
Honourable commander had immediately..
..returned after Ranjangadh's victory.
I was awaiting your return.
I want you to introduce him to honourable commander.
He will get some work.
Oh, come with me, then we'll talk on our way.
So you have come, Rane Khan.
Yes, I have left an army at Ranjangadh.
Come and sit. - Thank you.
Majesty, first, I've to introduce a French gentleman to you.
But where did you meet this French gentleman?
Near that ladies' temple.
He wants to meet you and work for you.
He would be very useful for you, Majesty.
But who is he and from where has he come?
I will just call him and you can ask him yourself.
Call him.
Yes Mr. De Boigne, please come in.
I am Bennoy De Boigne, sir.
I was in the Russian and Turkish armies.
Now, I have come to India to test my luck.
I know many languages.
I want to work with you.
But why only with me?
Because you are Mahadji Scindia.
And you have a very big army.
You army is notjust a showpiece like other rulers of India.
It's always progressing and going ahead.
It has defeated a powerful enemy like the British.
It can defeat the mightiest forts.
So I will be happy to serve in your army.
Why did you notjoin the army of Pondicherry and Chandar Nagar?
Because there was no scope for earning good money.
What can you do for me?
I mean at what are you really good?
Cavalry, cannons or infantry warfare?
I am good at everything, you can test me.
De Boigne, I want my army to get trained in..
..the British way offighting.
And I will like you to give this training to my army.
What greater responsibility than this can you get?
Show the magic ofyour knowledge and efficiency.
Don't worry about the money.
His highness will make you wealthy.
I accept it.
Then it's decided.
Tomorrow morning, Rane Khan will introduce you to all our chiefs.
And you'll start your work with their co-operation from tomorrow.
Sure, sir.
Rane Khan, we are the enemies of the British.
But these French are also their enemies.
Governor-general will be very furious about De Boigne..
..and our association.
The British will be veryjealous, your highness.
Just get this clear.
Try to find out everything about De Boigne.
As you say, sir.
Ganesh. This is Ganesh Ramchandra.
And you already know him.
And this is Mr. De Boigne whom you all wanted to meet.
And this.. - Enough, I won't like to know them.. their names, but by their work.
And we'll get introduced when we work together.
Oh, sure.
Excuse me, I'll like to meet the soldiers alone.
Oh, do your work.
What are you looking at me?
I am also a man like you.
I have come to give you training.
I have come here to make you efficient in your work.
Firstly, you all have to learn discipline.
The first principle of that is..
..don't leave your work if somebody comes while you're working.
Come on now, do your work.
The stable is in a very bad condition.
You should clean it twice a day.
How do you like commander Mahadji Scindia?
He's a very nice person.
He takes very good care of all of us.
He's like our mother and father.
We all bless him a lot.
When do you people clean your swords and guns?
About every week.
Every week?
No, you should clean them daily.
Very well, sir.
Listen; - Yes, sir.
How do you like Mahadji Scindia?
He is like a god, we can sacrifice our lives for him.
Good evening, sir.
Good evening, Lastino.
Any good news?
A good news which will double the effect of this wine.
Wow, cheers. - Cheers.
Come and sit.
I've got work with Mahadji Scindia.
We are on our first step of our success, my dear friend.
Good, very good.
Send a secret message to Warren Hastings that De Boigne..
..has been appointed to train Mahadji Scindia's army.
Oh, great, cheers.
You will get a lot of money from here also.
Well, I hope so.
Then take me also with you.
I'll appoint you also in his army..
..once Mahadji Scindia starts trusting me.
Very good, use more power.
Come on, come up, immediately.
Oh, come on.
Very good, very good, fast.
Keep doing, keep doing it.
Very good, very good, come fast, come this way.
Keep moving, keep moving, fast, fast.
Very good, very good.
Come on, run, run.
Go fast, go fast.
Take care, take care.
Left right left.
Left right left.
Left right left.
Left right left.
Left right left.
Left right left.
Left right left.
Left right left.
Left right left.
Left right, hold it.
Hey, you. -Me? - Oh, yes, you.
Yes. - What's your name?
No, your name is swine.
How dare you come with these dirty clothes?
You will be punished for that.
Go and take a weight of twenty five..
..pounds and take ten rounds of this ground.
I will not leave you.
Rane Khan. - Yes, sir.
I am very happy with De Boigne's work.
This is a very good thing, Majesty.
He's made such a big difference in just three months.
That thing which is called parade by..
..Englishmen should be done daily very strictly.
The whole behaviour of our soldiers has changed.
Their bodies have also become strong.
And they have become efficient in targets also.
Majesty, there will be a great difference after one year.
Long live honourable commander.
Majesty, a messenger has come from Calcutta and..
..he wants to meet you immediately.
Send him.
As you command, sir.
What is it, Majesty?
My doubt was correct.
Our spies have sent the report that..
..De Boigne is a spy of the governor-general.
I will behead De Boigne.
No, Rane Khan. No, leave this to me now.
A sword will not be useful here.
Love has more strength than a sword.
Keep it like this.
Ready, fire.
Very nice, good, very good.
Once more.
Move away.
You fool, take him away.
Get up, De Boigne.
Oh, God, I wasjust saved.
I would have been killed had you not come here.
Our Rane Khan say something on these occasions.
That the one who saves is greater than the one who kills.
He is great, but you are also great at this moment.
You have saved my life.
However, my thanking you is not enough.
There is no need for thanks, De Boigne, just keep doing your work.
Come, Rane Khan. -Yes, your highness.
Any news which you would like to send to Warren Hastings?
News, yes there is a news.
Mahadji Scindia is going to attack Lucknow.
But why?
To free Aasif-ud-daula from the house arrest of the British.
I don't believe this.
Mahadji Scindia's whole attention is towards Rajputana.
Because the kings there have not..
..paid the part of taxes to mogul emperor.
The treasury of Delhi is empty.
And why would Mahadji go to Lucknow in this condition?
Write to Warren Hastings what I have said.
De Boigne, I see that you are sending wrong..
..reports to Warren Hastings since the last few weeks.
I feel that you have changed.
Yes, I have changed Lastino.
I am not that De Boigne who was spying for Warren Hastings.
I am that De Boigne who is serving Mahadji Scindia.
My conscience had taken away my sleep.
It had taken away the peace of my heart.
Whenever I used to see the mirror, I would..
..see a devil, not a human being in it.
I would feel as if I had sold my soul to Warren Hastings.
Now, I feel that I am the owner of my own soul.
The words you are speaking are coming from your heart.
They have the smell of truth in them.
Why not? Mahadji Scindia saved my life.
He is not only a great Maratha, but also a great man.
First time, I have seen such a great man.
Who doesn't even think about himself.
He has no greed, no desire for himself.
Neither for wealth, nor for power.
He has only one desire.
He wants his country to become one and free.
That's why the British regard him their enemy.
I have changed myself after seeing him and his behaviour.
I am returning Rs.50,000..
..which Warren Hastings had given me.
This is the letter to the landlord..
..of Calcutta who has my money with him.
Take this.
You are right, De Boigne. I am also with you.
So De Boigne, today's drill is over.
Yes, sir.
How a person feels light after his responsibilities are over.
Yes, the weight of responsibility is over.
But I've to take off the weight off my conscience before you.
The weight of conscience?
Yes, I have to confess a serious crime before you.
I had come here as a spy.
And there is only one punishment..
..for espionage in an army and that is death.
Take this, fire at me.
Neither you will back away, nor will I.
Take this.
Rane Khan, what do you think about it?
What would you have done at a time like this?
Forgiveness is more powerful than punishment.
Otherwise, as you wish.
Exactly, we know about it, De Boigne.
And we know this also that you have..
..returned the company's Rs.50,000.
We know about it.
Keep this inside.
Come and embrace me.
One more loyalist ofyours, my friend, my colleague, Lastino.