MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 11

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(Male announcer) Last time, on Masterchef...
- Becky, well done. - Yes, finally!
(Announcer) Becky took control of the elimination challenge
and turned the Masterchef kitchen upside down...
(Gordon) Look at the [Bleep] mess.
(Announcer) With explosive results.
Have a little respect.
(Gordon) That is a disaster.
See this?
(Announcer) In the end, Mike was eliminated.
Your time is done in Masterchef.
(Announcer) But in a shocking turn of events,
there was a double elimination...
(Announcer) As Tanya became the second casualty.
Your time is done.
(Announcer) Tonight, a menacing sea urchin takes center stage.
Oh, [Bleep].
(Announcer) And the catch of the day sends a tidal wave
through the Masterchef kitchen. [Bleep]
It's Masterchef, not masturbate.
(Monti) Everyone can go home, as far as I'm concerned.
(Announcer) And one more Masterchef hopeful sinks.
I hope that fish doesn't take you down today.
Being in top nine, I really can't believe
that I'm in this position right now.
Welcome, welcome, welcome.
The competition is so tight right now.
But I totally belong here.
(Graham) It's time for another mystery box challenge.
(Joe) As with all mystery boxes,
we will be watching your every move
and tasting your dishes as you cook.
We will select three dishes to taste.
And the person with the best dish
will get a monumental advantage in the next challenge.
Whoever wins the mystery box
gets the sickest advantage.
It's always like, "oh, you can cook with chocolate."
And they'll have to cook with [Bleep]."
(Gordon) Okay, on the count of three,
you'll lift your boxes.
One, two...
[Gasps] Wow.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
(Christine) I start hearing, like, clicking noises.
Christine, do not start feeling your box.
[Blowing kisses]
I'm mesmerized.
Look at you moving around there.
(Tali) It looks beautiful.
Kind of represents... just me in this moment right now.
(Gordon) Right in front of you, you have the most amazing
sea urchin.
You've got to be very careful
breaking this thing down.
Some of those spines are poisonous.
So, all of you, come down here,
and I'll show you how to do it.
Let's go.
(Josh) I'm like, "thank God."
I came here to win, not to die from a sea urchin.
(Gordon) First and foremost important, like any ingredient,
trust me, you gotta get comfortable with it.
Do not get intimidated by it.
In every sea urchin, there's five
beautiful bright orange... We call them tongues... of coral.
That is the sea urchin uni.
You can actually eat it raw from the shell.
Now, this is the most humane way
of dispatching the uni.
Gonna nip the top.
Basically what we're doing
is just cutting a nice smooth, round hole.
(Becky) Watching chef Ramsay work is just Zen-like.
His method is just perfect.
(Gordon) Now, take that out very carefully.
Christine, if you just give me your finger please, darling.
First of all, just the size of the hole.
Okay. Okay?
And then the coral is just on there now.
Okay. There it is there.
From there, the spoon underneath.
Once the core is exposed, the oxygen decomposes.
So when you take them out,
you have to really get ready to use them.
The flavor is extraordinary.
Creamy, incredibly salty.
So, use your imagination.
In the demonstration, chef Ramsay
made it look super easy.
And I'm thinking to myself,
"uh, yeah, mine's not gonna look that way at all."
(Joe) Since sea urchin is the only ingredient
in the mystery box, we're giving you
a limited pantry of other ingredients
to complement that amazing sea urchin.
(Gordon) You've all got 60 minutes
to make one stunning sea in dish.
(Joe) Are you ready?
Yes. Yes, chef.
(Joe) Your time starts...
The winner of this challenge is being decided
right now by choosing the right ingredients,
the right pairing, and the right way to showcase the uni.
But they've got to understand the strength
of the creaminess, the saltiness,
and what a sea urchin and can do to a dish.
(Graham) What would you do with this?
I would do the most amazing fresh pasta
and do a roasted lobster.
Half the sea urchin running through the pasta,
and the other half in the sauce.
Nice. I might just do a Cole simple marinated vegetables.
Take a scallop, sear it, slice it,
and then froth up some of the uni just over the top.
Here? Yeah.
(Josh) Today I'm making a pasta with a creamy uni sauce.
And I'm gonna put some uni filets on top.
But I think it's pretty early
to be working with the urchin.
David's more of a pork and beef kind of guy.
I don't think he's, um, gonna do well today at all.
Hi, Tali, how are you feeling?
Good, chef. I'm making an uni shooter.
I'm going to... An uni shooter?
Yeah. Why?
It just looks so pretty.
And I'm going to put a little bit of Tequila in there.
You're one brave man. You know that?
I know.
Good luck.
I have my uni out. It's in here,
looking creamy with some butter.
And make this baby into a little risotto.
And I'm feeling pretty good.
[Crack] Oh, [Bleep]. Oh...
(Gordon) Just coming up to 20 minutes to go.
(Monti) I'm just gonna do this real fast, man.
Forgive me. Oh, my God, dude.
I hope that's not your brain.
(Gordon) Look, Frank is using gloves.
Becky's going in, no gloves.
(Graham) Right, barebacking. The balls of her.
Do you know what I mean? (Joe) She's got a lot of confidence.
She's cooking with a lot of confidence.
(Gordon) Love the idea of Stacey.
She's doing a California roll.
That's bold, isn't it? Yeah.
(Graham) Felix, risotto.
It's almost like a little mix of Japan via Italy.
Very complicated.
I think a chef in restaurant would be taking
a big risk putting a dish like that together.
We'll see if she can do it.
Oh, God, that's so good.
(Joe) Okay, guys, just over ten minutes left.
Christine. Hi, chef.
Who's gonna be in the bottom three
with the sea urchin tonight?
Uh, I think Monti will be.
Thanks, Christine.
So, Becky, you've been in the top three
more than anyone else.
You're on everyone's hit list
as labeled the number one they need to take out.
Who would you love to see go down?
Uh, I wanna see Monti go home next.
I question her as a Masterchef.
I mean, she's a pretty good, like, recipe user and stuff.
But I think that she has a schtick
that has lasted her quite awhile.
That's what I think. Okay.
(Monti) Screw people that think I'm gonna be in the bottom.
I'm gonna win this [Bleep].
This isn't who's the best home cook that cooks on a budget.
It's who wants to be a Masterchef.
You know what? People look at me
like I'm gonna struggle at everything,
and anyone who does think I'm a fluke
can kiss my Puerto Rican ass.
Just under two minutes to go, guys.
Start plating, please.
(Announcer) Tonight's mystery box challenge
contained a Masterchef first... Sea urchin.
Forgive me. Oh, my God, dude.
I hope that's not your brain.
(Announcer) As always, the home cook with the winning dish
will take control of the competition.
(Gordon) Ten...
Nine, eight, seven,
six, five, four,
three, two, one.
And stop. Hands in the air.
(Announcer) Having carefully tasted everything
throughout the challenge,
the judges now take one final look
to identify three standout dishes.
(Gordon) We've now chosen three dishes
that stood out, really stood out.
The first person we'd like to invite down...
Felix. Let's go.
(Becky) Felix? Whatever.
I know that I'm better than her.
Okay. Explain to us.
What is it, please?
(Felix) It's an uni risotto in a little bit of ginger,
some pearl onions, sake, and snow peas.
So visually, the uni's gone. It's disappeared.
Why nothing on top at the end?
I did an uni cream sauce.
(Gordon) What else is in there?
(Felix) Yuzu to give it a little bit of citrus brightness.
I mean, it's breathtaking.
I mean, absolutely bloody delicious.
Tough just doing a risotto,
let alone a sea urchin risotto.
Bold move, but well done.
Thank you.
(Graham) I love the fresh grating of citrus
over the top with the zest.
You know, it makes it... [Inhales]
You get those essential oils.
It's just a really, really complex
technique-driven dish that showcases the uni.
Great dish. Thank you.
I haven't seen you up here since
the first mystery box, right?
Welcome back. Thank you.
This is amazing. Thank you, Joe.
This is really taking it to another level.
This is what we wanna see.
You're back in this competition big-time
because you're kinda pulling on it
from all levels now and then nailing it.
Good job. Congratulations. Thank you so much.
The second home cook that has
made it into the top three.
The dish was plated to where
it looked like it came out of a restaurant.
And this person has never been in the top three.
Please, come down...
Josh... seriously?
There's no innovation.
I didn't see anyone with my type of dish.
Because it's never been done.
It looks beautiful. Thank you.
(Graham) You got some rock shrimp in there?
(Josh) Yeah, some rock shrimp with then about three corals
from the sea urchin that's in the sauce.
I just topped it off with a couple
uni filets on top.
The cream sauce is really good. Thank you.
I think that the flavor of the urchin
is incorporated throughout.
And then you have some of that extra goodies on top.
You know, that's one thing that I love,
is being able to see the actual ingredient in front of me.
Do you know what this cut of pasta's called?
Um, I wanna say Linguini, but I'm not sure.
It's called taglierini.
Taglierini. "Tylenini."
Taglierini. "Tylenini."
Taglierini. "Tylenini."
Taglierini. [Laughs] "Tylenini."
You need to learn to say it
if you're gonna cook it. Yes, chef.
Now, you know what's brilliant about this?
This is the exact pasta that I serve
this dish with in my restaurant. Wow.
Did you know that this would be the kind
of pasta you would use
to make a sea urchin pasta with?
Well, my visual is to cook something delicate.
Fettuccine or tagliatelle just a bit too much for this dish.
You have those kind of instincts?
Yes, I do.
If you really do, you could win this thing.
That's the plan.
That's why I came here.
Thanks. Thank you.
(Gordon) Great job, Josh.
(Josh) So Joe tells me, "you got the instinct of a winner."
And I've been thinking,
"that's what I been trying to show you
from the audition days."
(Joe) Okay, we're gonna only taste one more dish.
This home cook put a unique twist on an Asian concept.
Get up here, Stacey.
[Applause] Well done.
I was surprised when I hear Stacey's name called.
I didn't think that she was gonna
come up with anything amazing.
I went straightforward with a rock shrimp and sushi roll,
and I made an uni aioli.
It's beautiful.
You're quite a dark horse in this competition.
You gotta start understanding your own capabilities.
Yes, chef.
I look at the effort that's on that plate,
and I look at some of the efforts that are behind you.
And it's just like they've had 15 minutes
and you've had three hours.
It's quite extraordinary.
Thank you so much.
(Joe) Is this something you've seen before,
or you just kinda came up with it?
I just came up with it.
Wow, you really kind of went at it like
someone who has a lot of experience
creating sushi dishes.
Good job.
Thank you.
(Gordon) Okay, well done.
I mean, three stunning dishes.
And we're delighted to have three dishes so close.
Only one of you can have a huge advantage
in the next stage of this competition.
(Stacey) I need to shoot straight to the top
and not dance around anymore.
I need to just win.
(Josh) Felix and Stacey, they're nowhere near me.
This is really my time to shine.
(Gordon) Trust me, it was tough.
(Felix) Come on, just say my name.
If he says Stacey's name,
I would shoot myself in the head.
The winning dish of the most amazing
mystery box challenge tonight
belongs to...
(Joe) The person with the best dish
will get a monumental advantage in the next challenge.
(Announcer) In this mystery box challenge,
the home cooks had just one hour
to prepare one amazing dish with a unique ingredient...
Sea urchin.
(Gordon) The winning dish on the most amazing
mystery box challenge tonight
belongs to...
All right, Felix.
This is exactly what I needed.
It just reassured that I still have what it takes,
and I can win this.
(Gordon) Felix, are you ready to see what
your colossal advantage is?
[Laughs] I'm ready.
(Gordon) Let's go. Congratulations.
Great job. Thank you.
Great job.
Well done.
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.
Oh, man!
Wow, that's beautiful.
(David) Yeah, that's really good.
This is Monti's. What did she make?
It's a giant bowl of pasta
with everything in the world in there.
Nothing's on fire. That's good. [Snickers]
(Announcer) As the winner of the mystery box,
Felix is now in control of the elimination test
where at least one person will leave the competition.
I'm ready. (Gordon) Good.
Because it's time to go fishing.
Beautiful! The pick of the ocean.
What do you think of that?
(Felix) That's amazing.
(Graham) You're looking at nine completely different fish
from freshwater to saltwater.
Your enormous advantage is that
you get to hand select each and every fish
that you and your competitors will be cooking.
Oh, my God.
I'm like, wow.
This is getting really personal.
(Gordon) I mean, from a chef's point of view,
rock fish, a nightmare to filet, full of bones.
John Dory, so difficult for those spines.
The work that needs to go into making
a catfish delicious is extraordinary.
Yellowtail, good enough to eat raw.
Fresh salmon, a dream
for anyone cooking in this competition.
First of all, what fish for yourself?
You have to think smart.
The easiest fish would be the salmon.
I think I'm gonna go with the Halibut.
The Halibut? Wow.
That's quite difficult to filet.
You are up for elimination, Felix.
I understand.
Well, you wanna put yourself under pressure.
Now, the secret of winning Masterchef
is getting rid of your competition early.
So, the most difficult fish is the John Dory,
coupled with the rock fish.
Who is your biggest competition right now?
Um, I would say Becky is my biggest competition.
So I'm gonna give her a hard fish.
So I give her the rock fish.
(Gordon) That's a very smart move.
Who is next on your hit list?
I would say Frank.
I'll give Frankie the catfish.
(Gordon) Well played.
(Joe) He's probably never seen a catfish before.
(Gordon) Smart.
Can I just say, I mean, you've got
two very difficult fish to master there.
Who's leaving the competition tonight?
Is she competition for you?
Yeah, 'cause she memorizes recipes.
I don't think she's that creative.
(Joe) So what fish do you give her to trip her up?
The John Dory.
(Joe) So which fish do you give the weakest person?
The arctic char.
(Joe) It's probably the easiest fish.
(Felix) It could be his downfall.
I give David the yellowtail.
(Joe) So you're gonna give him the most expensive
fish on the table?
Yeah. Is that like handing him
a big present with bow on it?
I don't really take David as competition.
(Gordon) Last one.
I'm gonna give Christine the salmon.
You're making it easier for her.
I love her. (Joe) Wow.
(Gordon) That is a dream.
(Graham) All right, Felix, you baited the hook.
(Gordon) Ready? I'm ready.
(Gordon) Wow, look at that smile on her face.
That says it all right there, yes?
Beaming from ear to ear.
We revealed to Felix
nine very different fish.
We gave Felix the opportunity to choose
which fish each of you will cook.
(Graham) All right, guys, when you get into the pantry,
you'll see what your fish of the day is.
You'll have five minutes to shop for all the ingredients
to make an amazing dish out of the fish you've been given.
Are you ready? Yes.
(Graham) Let's go.
[Gasps] Holy crap. He's huge.
What the hell?
(Frank) Only thing up there that I would be nervous about,
and that's what she gave me.
[Whispering] Catfish.
(Josh) She would give me the smallest fish in here.
(Christine) How am I supposed to carry this?
Cindy, you put that in my face!
[Laughs] Ucch!
(Becky) The rock fish?
I don't entirely know what rock fish even is.
Look at these guys.
Oh, he's gonna hurt me.
(Monti) I see my name next to another name, John Dory.
But... it's not a dude. It's a fish
with big lips and huge tongue.
(Gordon) You've all got 60 minutes to cook
an amazing fish entree.
For one of you, this is gonna be
your last 60 minutes in the Masterchef kitchen.
The end of the road.
Trust me, right now, it's sink or swim.
Your 60 minutes starts now.
Let's see what's going on inside this thing.
(Felix) I'm feeling really happy with my choices.
Some are probably kinda pissed.
I think Felix wants all of us out of here, man.
Tough luck, man, you know?
I'm here to win.
I think Felix is pretty smart today.
I think she did a great job strategizing.
I'm definitely swimming with sharks right now.
(Announcer) For winning the mystery box challenge,
Felix had the advantage of selecting
which type of fish each person had to cook.
[Whispering] Crap.
(Announcer) At the end of the day,
one or more of the remaining home cooks
will be eliminated.
I'm nervous just because I don't wanna mess this up.
Nine fish left, man, and I think
we're all underwater a little bit.
I think Felix is pretty smart today.
I think she did a great job strategizing
and doing what she had to do.
(Felix) I picked the Halibut.
I was wanting to challenge myself, you know?
It's kinda heading off to a rough start for me.
Why did I pick this stupid flat fish?
(Gordon) Let's talk about Felix's strategy.
She seized her advantage to send Frank or Becky home,
her number one or two competitors,
maybe followed closely by Monti.
Those three people I would really keep an eye on today,
because one of 'em could go home.
Clearly, Becky is her number one competition.
She announced that to everyone
by giving her the rock fish.
That's gotta be the worst to cook with.
It's so meaty, it's hard to get right.
One piece down.
And then close behind is Frank with the catfish.
I mean, she knows that he comes from long island.
You don't see a lot of catfish. Right.
(Gordon) Monti, John Dory, I mean, he's so difficult.
It's already been ten minutes dancing around that John Dory.
E hasn't even put a knife into it yet.
If she can't get her head around the filet,
the John Dory could send Monti home.
I'll figure it out.
Tali. Hey, chef.
Arctic char. You lucky, lucky man.
Lucky man. Come on.
Look at it. It's a dream. It is a dream.
What's the dish? What are you doing?
Well, I'm gonna sous vide this fish.
Sous vide it? Yeah.
And I'm going to finish it on the skillet.
It's an oily fish. Yeah.
Why would you sous vide that?
It cooks it in its own juices
and it keeps that flavor locked in.
I'm going to make also some green lentils,
you know, with a little bit of bacon fat.
It's gonna be a nice, mellow dish with some kick...
Sauce? I'm gonna use, like, a mustard sauce.
A mustard sauce? Yeah.
It's a very powerful taste with something as sweet
and as delicate. He's so sweet and delicate.
The fish is going to speak for itself.
Good luck. Thank you, chef.
(Joe) So, Felix, which one is gonna go home?
Monti's going home.
She doesn't have that cooking passion
that the rest of us do here.
I'm hearing a lot of people talking [Bleep],
which is my favorite part of the day.
Felix, Tali, everyone can go home as far as I'm concerned.
I'm gonna win this thing just to prove a point.
Keep underestimating.
Top nine. I'm still here.
(Christine) Am I going against the bone?
You see it, right? You're good.
(Gordon) Exactly 20 minutes to go.
Come on. [Clap]
Okay, David, yellowfin California tuna.
What do you do with it?
I'm gonna make it in a deviled sauce.
Like a hot, spicy sauce? Mm-hmm.
Have you tasted that? Yeah.
Why would you douse it
in such an incredibly hot sauce?
I mean, that's gonna blow your [Bleep] off.
Woof. I feel like I need
a [Bleep] fire extinguisher in my mouth.
(Joe) Hi, Christine. It's Joe and Graham.
Hi, Joe and Graham. What are you making?
I'm making, like, a panko crusted salmon
and I'm serving it with some rice
on top of some stir-fried vegetables.
Seems like a pretty pedestrian dish for you, Christine.
Not up to your high level of palate.
You've never been on the bottom three
in an elimination test. No, I haven't.
Could today be that day?
Um, I sure hope not.
(Monti) Ten minutes, okay. I can do this.
(Bec) Originally, I was thinking
that might make stock with the rock fish,
but I ended up not having enough time for that.
So, my strategy is just to make some really
contrasting sauce that's creamy and acidic...
To really not leave it hanging there by itself.
Coated, right? I need to melt butter, [Bleep].
(Joe) Christine, I think she's panicking a little bit.
Her dish is very, very simple. Yeah.
Not a lot of technique.
Not a lot of flavor profile.
(Graham) Becky's trying to just saute the rock fish,
and she didn't use the head or the carcass,
didn't make a broth.
Could be really tough for her.
(Joe) Tali again with the sous vide... completely unnecessary.
Arctic char is certainly the easiest fish here today.
You could steam it, grill it, saute it,
it's always gonna be buttery and perfect.
(Gordon) He's doing everything he can to take the flavor out of it.
I mean, he's serving green lentils with it,
bacon, mustard.
(Graham) All those flavors are gonna obliterate it.
I mean, that's stuff you would serve with, like,
a nice roasted piece of meat.
Big surprise to me is how well Monti
his filleted her John Dory.
Yep. Beautifully done.
(Joe) Could you imagine if Monti comes out on top
and Felix comes out on the bottom?
Goes home? Yeah.
Stranger things have happened on Masterchef.
(Gordon) Five minutes left.
Taste everything.
Make this count.
All right, Tali, how'd it taste?
This is just a trial run. Trial run?
[Bleep] Hell.
You rubbed the arctic char in dijon mustard?
I put a little too much,
so the plan "B" is to have
the beautiful sous vide filet,
to finish it on the skillet.
I might just serve it like this.
You're gonna serve it li that now? Yeah, I might do that.
It looks good.
It's stone-cold.
Tali, it's ice-cold.
I'm gonna warm it up right now.
It's gonna be so fast. It doesn't even need that much.
'Cause it's a delicate fish right now.
Okay. Three minutes to go.
Got it, chef. (Gordon) May be your last.
(Tali) It's time for me to make a move in this competition.
It's frustrating when chef Ramsay interrupts me
in the middle my creative genius explosion.
Come on, come on, get hot.
It's kind of like interrupting
a master artist like Picasso.
Tali's all over the place.
He doused one side of the arctic char in mustard.
It tasted dreadful.
Just mustard, mustard, mustard. Right.
Now he's taken it out of the sous vide bag.
It's stone-cold.
90 seconds to go, come on.
Here we go.
20 seconds to go.
It's all coming together. Trust me.
(Announcer) Each of the nine remaining home cooks
is rushing to complete the latest elimination challenge.
I need more salt.
(Gordon) 60 seconds to go, come on.
Start plating, guys.
Oh, my God.
(Gordon) Tidy those plates.
Get them looking stunning.
Here we go.
Ten, nine, eight, seven,
six, five, four, three,
two, one, and stop.
All of you, hands in the air.
(Gordon) Wow.
Nine stunning fish dishes, I hope.
(Christine) Felix's strategy, I honestly think
she's trying to make it easy for me
by giving me the salmon.
But... I don't know.
I just really screwed it up.
(Monti) Felix really wants me to go down in flames.
But my fish is perfect.
(Gordon) As you know, for one of you,
it's your last 60 minutes
in the Masterchef kitchen.
(Announcer) The judges will now taste each fish entree,
then the three worst dishes will be singled out,
and at least one of those home cooks
will leave the competition.
Let's start off the girl that dictated
the strength of this challenge...
Felix with the Californian Halibut.
(Felix) I poached the Halibut.
It's served on a bamboo rice and some asparagus.
The sauce is lemon, green apple.
I mean, you're playing to win, right?
So you gotta give the hard fish
to Becky and to Frank, knock one of 'em out.
Give an easy fish to David Martinez.
Something much more forgiving, like even the char
that you gave to Tali.
So even if they nail it, doesn't really matter
'cause you know you can beat 'em.
You had the advantage for yourself,
and you pick a fish that's medium to difficult.
Are you here to win?
I'm here to win.
Totally overcooked the fish.
More importantly, I don't understand
how you can let an opportunity like that slide by you.
Um, slightly dry.
So it's not your best.
I think you could've rose to the top.
Unfortunately, you're sort of halfway.
At this level now, there's less than ten of you.
When does it start getting really serious?
I don't know.
I wanted to challenge myself with the Halibut.
But I mean, how badly do you wanna win?
Do you feel good that, "well, at least
"I challenged myself... No.
And I made a pretty crappy Halibut dish."
Thank you.
Monti, bring it up, please.
(Monti) I made a filet of John Dory
over a bed of baby asparagus and a roasted almond sauce.
So Felix gave you the John Dory.
Um, I don't think Felix thinks I can cook.
She thinks I memorize recipes.
The Dory is perfectly cooked,
with great technique, finesse, not overcooked, still moist.
Thank you.
She tried to trip you up. Didn't work.
Sorry, Felix, but your plan backfired,
because she did nail it.
And I don't give a [Bleep] how many books you read.
I just wanna see you at your best
in this competition on a daily basis.
Good job. Thank you.
(Felix) I think that she got lucky cooking it.
So, good for her.
(Monti) Felix, better luck next time.
(Joe) Okay, next is Frank.
(Frank) This is an Indian fried catfish
with eggplant, garam masala, and a coconut leek sauce.
(Graham) Catfish, freshwater, you know, it's...
It's almost muddy tasting. Yeah.
I love the flavors.
I never woulda thought you could
get that out of catfish.
This is really good. Good job.
Great. Thank you.
(Felix) I gave Frank the catfish.
Because I thought that it's probably something
that he hadn't really worked with before.
But, it definitely backfired.
(Gordon) Becky, let's go, please.
(Becky) I did a pan fried filet
with celery root puree.
And then I did a sauce with shallot and chardonnay
and emulsified egg yolks.
I think you and Monti
were dealt the most dysfunctional cards,
in terms of being given those fish.
And it's delicious.
I mean, you've nailed a very difficult fish.
Great finesse, and it shows.
Yeah, I'm very happy with that. Great job.
Thank you, thank you.
(Joe) Next dish we'll taste is David Martinez.
(Becky) David talks a big game
and he never, ever backs it up.
Yellowtail is kind of a gimme.
It should be a gimme.
(David) I made deviled tuna steak
with garlic aioli potatoes and red cabbage coleslaw
with red onion.
(Joe) It's completely raw.
Yes, sir.
Is that what you wanted? No, sir.
I thought that it would have more of a ring around the top.
That's, like, cold from the ice still in the middle.
You could have simply drizzled olive oil and
a squirt of lemon on it, and would have probably
had the most winning dish here. Yes, sir.
You chose to complicate this dish.
I hope that fish doesn't take you down today.
You didn't fully understand the ingredient obviously.
I mean, you know someone's leaving today, right?
Is this what you go home on?
Yeah, I don't know what else to say.
(Joe) Okay, Tali.
Hey, chef.
It's a sous vide arctic char over green lentils.
I wanted to sous vide my fish today,
so I can kind of produce a... [shushing]
The name of the show is Masterchef.
What do chefs do?
Chefs cook. Right.
So it's not master orator
or master tell me about what my intention is about cooking.
It's Masterchef.
You think you're gonna impress us with
things like sous vide, emulsify?
So at the end of the day, what you have here
is basically destroyed lentils,
'cause I can see they're all exploded
and overcooked.
You have a bunch of herb scraps
with no dressing on them.
You got a piece of fatty nasty looking bacon
on top of some poorly conceived cooked arctic char.
You've consistently disappointed us.
(Gordon) The point of sous vide is to lock in those flavors.
(Tali) Yes, chef.
And I watched you cook,
and I just get so pissed off with you [Bleep] around.
You're misinterpreting the competition.
It's Masterchef, not masturbate.
There's no flavor, Tali.
It's badly seasoned.
It's just a mess.
[Plate clatters]
I think the judges struggled
with understanding my flavors.
Maybe they're just a little too old-school
and they can't see beauty and the genius that is my food.
[Sighs] Oh, man. That sucks.
It's Masterchef, not masturbate.
(Announcer) Just one more tasting remains.
After which, at least one home cook
will be leaving the Masterchef kitchen.
(Gordon) Okay, Christine, let's go, please.
I cooked salmon with a panko breadcrumb layer.
It's served with rice and some stir-fried vegetables.
Mm, wow.
The breadcrumbs are raw.
They're not even crispy,
and everything's dry.
How ironic is this?
We first met you with a catfish,
and the dish was mind-blowing,
amazing broth.
We still talk about it today.
And then this. It's like
there's two different Christines.
This dish in front of you
is your worst performance in this competition.
(Graham) The salmon is well done.
And it's almost as if the panko and the salmon
are nearly the same color all the way through.
And then, of course, that's served
with this little mound of white rice next to it.
Sadly, I can easily say
this is the least visually appealing dish
that you have put up.
And it's too bad.
(Joe) This is really just kind of sloppy.
It is, like, cooked through
like it would come if you bought
salmon in a can, literally.
The technique's not there, like, poorly thought out.
You know, I always thought of you
as kind of being a smart cook.
And... I'm not seeing that.
If Felix was trying to help you,
it's not working.
You may be going home.
(Monti) I've never seen Christine
do anything that isn't perfect.
And I'm freaking out for her,
because I really have mad respect for that lady.
As you know, this is an elimination challenge.
At least one of you
will be leaving Masterchef shortly.
I'm so pissed that I second-guessed myself.
(Gordon) Interesting. Christine's was dreadful.
I'm such an idiot. I'm such an idiot.
(Gordon) And David Martinez was shocking.
Block of spicy, raw tuna.
Everyone that Felix picked, like,
the easy ones to [Bleep] up.
(David) She's a big ballbuster.
Yeah, whatever, man.
It was good cooking with you guys.
(Gordon) Okay.
Before we deliver the bad news,
here's the good news.
There were two outstanding highlights.
The second best dish...
And this is a close one.
Congratulations to...
(Gordon) Well done.
Oh, my God. Thank you.
(Gordon) The dish of the day belongs to...
Great job.
(Frank) I definitely put myself in the top of the competition.
Stepped out of the comfort zone and made
the best dish in the room.
(Gordon) Frank, Monti, both of you
become team captains in the next challenge.
(Becky) I'm so disappointed.
And I can't believe that Monti's dish was better than mine.
(Gordon) Now for the bad news
it is an elimination test.
And you know at least one of you
will be leaving this competition.
The first dish in the bottom three
showed disrespect, and in many ways ignorance.
David Martinez, let's go.
(Graham) The next person used the wrong technique,
the wrong ingredients, and the wrong flavors.
That person is Tali.
Damn it.
(Joe) And the final person we need to see down here
has really disappointed me.
(Gordon) Okay.
All three of you know why you're here.
I wanna stay in this competition so bad.
But the yellowtail just threw me for a loop.
I'm so pissed off right now.
Why don't they see the genius
that is right in front of them?
If I go home today, I'm still...
I should still be really proud of myself,
and I totally am.
But I'm not here to just be an inspiration, you know?
I wanna be taken seriously.
Christine, please step forward.
You shocked us all.
I mean, that was a big blow for all of us.
Several weeks ago, you walked into Masterchef,
you blew us away.
You showed that there was no awkwardness
with the disability.
You sort of nailed every dish, every challenge,
and you took it in your strides,
but in a very inspirational way.
You should be incredibly proud.
Yes, chef?
Your time in Masterchef...
Is not over.
Please step back to your station.
Thank you, chef.
I'm really relieved, but I know
I really need to step up my game.
Because it's getting down to the nitty-gritty
and everyone's really good.
I'm nervous about how I compare to everyone else.
(Gordon) David Martinez.
I've never seen such a big disappointment
in the history of yellowtail.
It's just a lack of understanding of the ingredient.
Not excusable at this level.
All three of us have had a bellyful.
We get a little bit fed up
with excuse after excuse after excuse.
We cling on to the hope of something just blowing us away.
You've done it.
But more wrong than right.
Based on their performance
with one of the most amazing, stunning jewels of the sea,
the person leaving Masterchef is...
Your time is done in Masterchef.
Put your apron on your station
and leave the Masterchef kitchen.
Thank you.
(Tali) There is a silver lining.
During this competition, I learned so much.
Taking all the information from chef Ramsay
and chef Elliot and Joe,
it's priceless.
I can't wait to take all this knowledge
and experience back to the real world.
(Announcer) Next week on Masterchef...
It's home cooks on the range,
as the contestants rustle up grub
for a posse of cowboys...
Oh, my God.
That's a lot of freakin' cowboys.
(Announcer) Egos clash...
We need more sweet potatoes immediately.
If this fails, it's on her.
They are big-time bitches.
(Announcer) And Christine's station...
Goes up in flames.
Can you help me? [Bleep]
Oh, my God.
And when it all comes down to the pressure test,
it's a heartbreaking elimination.
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