Multiple Sclerosis, Vitamin D and Viruses...a MUST SEE (MS, D-vitamiini ja virukset, PAKKO NÄHDÄ)

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Hi everyone,
I'm doctor Patrick Krupka. I'm chiropractor nutritionist and I specialize in functional medicine.
Today I'm doing a video on Multiple Sclerosis. Some of the more common,
I want to call alternative treatments,
but the common approaches they're gonna be taken by alternative practitioners
but we really talking in detail about vitamin D
and how it impacts Multiple Sclerosis.
So first of all, what is MS, Multiple Sclerosis or MS
generally considered to be, follow me:
A chronic
neuro degenerative condition.
Meaning: cronic = goes on for a long time.
Autoimmune = your own immune system is attacking certain cells in your body.
In this case the cells that line the nerves that create was called the myelin sheet.
Okay, that's the insulation around your nerves.
Inflammatory = the immune reaction creates inflammation.
Neuro degenerative = meaning it's degenerating the nerves.
So it is cronic autoimmune inflammatory neurodegenerative condition.
Now, why do people get it?
Well, that's complicated question, but let me talk in some generalities.
You can have a genetic predisposition known in functional medicine we call those
things antecedents. Things that exist
that puts you at a greater risk or conditions that exist.
But genetics are not your destiny, right that?
That doesn't mean you have to have it. It means you're more likely to under the
right circumstances.
So genetic predisposition along with environmental factors, we call those triggers.
Right, we have antecedents and triggers in functional medicine.
So genetic predisposition is your antecedent
along with environmental factors as your triggers.
There are over... we're gonna talk about some of those, obviously.
There over 300.000 cases of MS in the US right now, and about
10.000 new cases annually.
So while it's not an epidemic, most of us know somebody
who is affected by MS in one way or another. They either have themselves, have a
family member or a co-worker with it.
It's propably enough that it exists in our lives to fairly great extent.
Now vitamin D.
This vitamin is very important when it comes to MS, managing and controlling it
and keeping it from happening in the first place.
Vitamin D is a vitamin, it acts a lot like a hormone, it's kind of call it pseudo hormone.
But right now it's considered a vitamin - by the powers to be.
We make a three basic steps now.
For your warning, I'm not an artist. Bear with me.
We make a three different steps. So we start out with sunshine.
That's the sun, okay?
So sunshine comes down in it's UVB rays, the letters UVB.
Those rays interact with our skin. This is a sort of skin, right, you can tell that.
So that's a chunk of skin it interacts with something called
7 dehydrocholesterol
7 dehydrocholesterol - I can't talk and write at the same time, I misspell something.
So UVB rays interact with 7 dehydrocholesterol in your skin.
And that forms the first conversion of vitamin D.
Then that goes to your liver.
Believe it or not that's not a boomerang, that does kind of look like the
shape of your liver. Liver on the right side just talked up under
the rib cage where it is protected.
Okay liver.
So you have another conversion of vitamin D
from the first conversion to the second that takes place in the liver.
Now after the liver it goes to - anyone know those are?
Those are the kidneys, I know you know that, because it is obvious.
So it goes to the kidneys and gets converted the third time.
That conversion producers when to call active vitamin D.
There are a lot of steps here: if you have a liver problem,
if you have the kidney issues, if your cholesterol is too low,
if you don't get out of UVB rays from the sun,
none of this is going to happen appropriately
and your vitamin D level are gonna be considerably low.
Vitamin D or low vitamin D is epidemic right now.
I test patients for vitamin D levels all the time
and and I'd bet you may be one out of every 60 or 70 that I tested
might be close to what I would consider it a good value for vitamin D when they walk in the door.
work on some
habits of getting in the sun regularly and we talk about how to do that
but when they come in the door and we initially test'em,
rarely do I see what I consider a normal vitamin D.
So these are the steps involved in creating vitamin D.
It's not simple, but it's critical that it happens.
So what is vitamin D do?
I'm talking about it, I'm making the whole video about it, it got to be important.
Generally speaking it does the following:
it facilitates the absorption and utilization of minerals
so it aids the bone formation and maintenance, now minerals do other things too.
but it's known for bone formation and maintenance,
It calms inflammatory responses,
it modulates immune reactions that allows us to react appropriately the one thing
and not overreact to another. It is dramatically - I cannot overemphasize this -
it is dramatically what we call chemo protective.
And that means it's anticancer it is a cancer prevention tool;
it is a cancer prevention powerhouse if you ask me.
And if you go Google or go to a Pubmed or Medline
and you put in "vitamin D cancer",
you're gonna get pages after page after page listing articles
that's how the importance of vitamin D in suppressing and sloving and eradicating
and stopping the risk of of certain cancers.
When I was counting I saw good solid information on
at least 16 different cancers.
that we know or dramatically impacted by our your vitamin D status. So dramatically
chemo protective, right? Can't overemphasize that
and it is decidedly auto, entire autoimmune.
I can say it shuts down autoimmune
problems but it was really close.
it really helps to get them in remission
they may seem less likely to have??
in a lot of cases it makes you less likely to even develop in the first place.
Low vitamin D is one of those environmental triggers that we talked
about that leads to MS.
So, how does vitamin D interact with MS?
This is going to get complicated.
So I'm gonna write down some of the key things we're talking about
so that you can go look those up and become more familiar with them, okay?
So we erase this.
How does vitamin D interact with MS?
Active vitamin D increases something called interleukin 10
producing cells. We have cells in our body
that produce something
called IL-10
or interleukin 10.
Now interleukin 10
tends to down regulate several inflammatory messengers
in your immune system.
So I'm just gonna say generally
Okay, that's what IL-10 does
and vitamin D increases the number of cells you have that produce interleukin 10.
Active vitamin D - I'm going to put increases, okay? - because the next one
it decreases interleukin 6 and interleukin 17
IL-6 and IL-17, there, okay.
All right, so, interleukin 6 is
pro-inflammatory, it is a pseudo ?? chemical messenger
it's associated with the demylinating plaques in the brains of MS patients.
Now to talk about this for a second.
Multiple Sclerosis,
okay, let's take the name of it, Multiple Sclerosis
it is an autoimmune disorder that degrades the myelin sheet
and ends up producing plaques or squoroses??, right? Squorotic?? plaques
in the brain or around those nerves.
So when you find something like interleukin 6
that we know is associated take
pro-inflammatory cytokine
and it is associated with the exact de-myelinating plaques
in the brains of MS patients that are doing the damage.
That something important to decrease, right?
So not only does it increase an anti-inflammatory sciatic right it
decreases IL-6 which we know impacts the plaques in the brain
for that's pretty powerful stuff.
Now, interleukin 17 right now is kind of a target for some drug therapies
and its associated with relapses in MS patients. The higher your interleukin 17 level is
the more likely you are to have relapses
of your MS flare-ups or progression in your MS cases
so while the drug companies are going after how can we get rid of this IL 17,
vitamin D drops it! Vitamin D, cheap!
and it decreases interleukin 6 and interleukin 17. Now, obviously
you get more information on these as one write them down
you go and look them up, okay?
Active vitamin D also increases, now this is like alphabet soup here, so bear with me.
CD4 + CD25 + T
regulator cells, so it
CD 4
plus CD
T reg,
for T regulating cells,
T regulatory cells.
Think of your immune system like a seesaw.
So this seesaw can tilt too much one way or the other.
Interleukin 10 and several other factors that vitamin D manipulates,
hits the center of this seesaw. It starts to hold it state,
keeps it from from going out of balance either way okay? That's where the T
regulatory cells command they're regulating that immune system activity.
So there are actually tests you can do they're hard to find because the use of
mostly in research.
But you can look at this in you
but vitamin D helps increase
these regulatory cells that helps stabilize the immune system
and slow down that autoimmune response, okay?
T-cells have the ability also heal?? the whole cycle with me.
T-cells have the ability to activate vitamin D
just like the kidneys do.
Remember we went through that whole big thing at the end where the kidneys
they did the final activation of vitamin D, for your T-cells can do that.
So, for increasing certain T-cells
and they help activate vitamin D
that activated vitamin D goes back to help increase the T-cells
you've now started and upward spiral
to get you about that whole ?? when you're suffering with symptoms like this.
So you can see I know that that technical
but you can see
I'm kind of a mechanistic level
how important vitamin D is
when dealing with Multiple Sclerosis
and and all other autoimmune problems. This is not
specific only to Multiple Sclerosis. It has a similar set of benefits
for many other auto immune responses.
So, does this work, right, or is this all great in theory?
What happens in practice? A recent study in Toronto led by a doctor named Jodie
Burton, J-o-d-i-e, if you want to look it up, she is a MD.
It was published in the Journal Neurology,
so if you google or Pubmed put in,
you know, "Jodie Burton, neurology, vitamin D" you'll probably come up with this
without much trouble.
She divided her MS patients into two groups.
One got high dose vitamin D and the other got no vitamin D,
Okay, they did that for a year.
The vitamin D group has 41 percent fewer new MS episodes
than the non vitamin D group.
41 percent, that's HUGE!
Prescription medications at best report 28-30 percent decrease.
Vitamin D 41 percent decrease.
That's dramatic
I don't know whether you should be mad if you haven't heard about it were
really excited me for looking it up, that's big stuff,
okay? And the vitamin D group also had an increase in overall physical function
which is not what was generally seen with the medication group.
Medication groups had all kinds of side effects and stuff
so while they have fewer

flare-up or recurrents episodes
they didn't necessarily have an
overall increase in their physical functional ability
whereas the vitamin D group did
and they've benefited from all the other benefits of vitamin D, anticancer benefits
and everything else the vitamin D has
and the medications don't have those kinds of
added benefits.
So they talk, I talk about higher, high dose vitamin D that was used in this study.
Let's talk about vitamin D safety you'll hear a lot about this vitamin D is a fat
soluble vitamins, so technically
you can build up too much of it in your body, right?
Water-soluble vitamins we all know where they go, right, you just keep
flushed down the toilet.
Vitamin D can build up.
So all fat soluable vitamins have the the potential to develop toxicity.
The study I just mentioned in Toronto
included doses of up to 40.000 IU per day
for the length of the study, with no noted side effects,
okay? No it's important to watch the levels of vitamin D. Don't just run out to start
taking huge amounts.
Get it tested we're gonna go through this at the end. But don't going to stop
the video and run your to your health food store buy vitamin D, watch the rest of this.
But vitamin D is a lot safer than you are likely led to believe, okay?
Doses currently used tend to be woefully inadequate.
Okay, people of the... I think the RDA RDI are now, they're calling it
for vitamin D is between 400 and 800 IU for most people.
I routinely put people on anywhere from 5-15.000 units a day,
this study used 40.000 units a day.
The doses can be much higher than was generally done, okay?
So read the research out there, see what's out there but a lot of the
dosages they get results
are up in the higher ranges, okay?
Now, the backup per second and talk about a second implications, implicated trigger
with Multiple Sclerosis.
So we get off the vitamin D for just a second
ran around out this discussion??
We are talk about viral implications cause it goes along with some more we
just talked about.
There've been there's been considerable proof lately that herpetic viral infections
can also be a very strong trigger for Multiple Sclerosis, okay?
Now, herpetic, any of the herpes family
okay, and an
in this
sean road ?? of viral issues
were also include Epstein Barr virus or the mono related virus, okay?
But the mechanism appears to be this:
These viral infections
where these viruses when they're in our body
produce something called the
viral interleukin 10. Now, you just heard about interleukin10, right?
This is written with a small v, lower case v
and capital IL-10, so it is a viral interleukin 10.
Now, it seems like to be good to have more interleukin 10, right, but the viral
interleukin 10 is different
It fits into our interleukin 10 receptors and replaces interleukin 10

but it doesn't do what your interleukin 10 does.
So it's like me going to your new car
and I stick a key in the door lock and break it off.
It doesn't do anything
but it keeps your key from going in. Now you can't use your car.
Right it's a key you use a key sounds good but that's what it does
so this viral interleukin 10 screws up the whole interleukin 10 cascade
right? Because it
fits in the receptor but doesn't do what it what your interleukin 10 does and it
keeps vitamin D from modulating the IL-6 and IL-17 that we
discussed earlier.
So viral interleukin 10 is really detrimental in in a kind of upset the
apple cart so to speak when you're talking about modulating Multiple
Sclerosis or other autoimmune problems.
Now, what can be done about viruses, right?
We don't have antibiotics for viruses, so to speak, it doesn't work that way.
So what we do? Many natural practitioners,
myself included,
have found the something called Raindrops terapy, using therapeutic
grade essential oils can have a dramatic effect on viral activity.
I'm not saying that I treat viral infections, right? For whatever reason
when you do a Raindrops therapy and you can google and see what it is
you'll see pros and cons of it. I can tell you I use in my practice all the
time with patients with
phenomenal results,
if it's done well, if it's done with the therapeutic grade essential oils.
Okay I'll talk about that just a second
you pair that
right if we can give you can
do something to calm the viral activity
pair that with resolving your vitamin D deficiency
anuar navy very powerful
two-pronged approach
to getting your
autoimmune issue specifically your MS under control.
Okay doesn't necessarily to eradicate it your antecedents are still
there it's already been trigger the mechanisms active
but you can keep it under control for long periods of time,
if you go this route now real quickly therapeutic grade essential oils.
Everybody has their preference right
I'll tell you in my experience of the present along time I've been using
essential oils a long time
young living essential oils are the only ones i use
okay i trust them
that they therapeutic grade greater clean their unadulterated
their distilled the right way
and some of the oils in the rain drop their peace some
schools of aromatherapy also my gosh you can't put those on people's skin
death because they tend to be adulterated
you get therapeutic grade essential oils, I'm telling you it works like a charm
there is nothing wrong with Raindrops therapy
it is phenomenally affected if you're watching this video your patient mine
you've had Raindrop therapy leave comments down here
right back me up on this and tell me tell people about what good it does.
But that's what I use for Raindrops therapy I'm going to do a video of Raindrops
soon so you'll see that, okay? Watch for it
All right, so what's next for you know that you have this information what do you do?
One more time to the board
we'll give you kind of an action list here:
Number one
get tested.
Get your vitamin D level tested, know what your numbers are.
Understand your results.
Understand your test results to a little research,
Keep watching my videos you'll see places reading at research about it
but get your test results understand what they mean.
your level,
get your vitamin D level upward needs to be.
Consider your viral history
well no
Here we go, consider your viral history;
Do you have a significant viral history that needs to be dealt with?
Deal with it however you like, I use Raindrop therapy with certain nutrients
that are,
you know, immune stimulatory and stuff in my practice. Other people handle it
whatever works for you but for me
Raindrops probably the most powerful thing to on an viral issue.
Find a good quality Raindrop therapy you need it don't
don't skimp.
You can actually go to on the field of my website
there's a link on the upper right hand side "the young living"
and you can order products you can see buy a Raindrop kit
that has a dvd
and fallen structure she tells you that we had to do it
if you follow the instructions you're doing it right it comes with all the
oils and ready to go.
So buy yourself a Raindrop kit a massage therapist for dr
who is schooled in how to do a Raindrop
okay? It is not easy
but it works well when it's done properly defoliant instructions will do
and then find
and functional medicine doc
to help you out,
to help you understand all this and get it under control it
understand the viral implications
find urself a functional medicine doctor and get this under control. There are
likely things that you
could be doing
to lessen your suffering dramatically
if you just knew about it. Now you know about some of them
so go out there get your information, get your test done,
deal with your viral issues and get this stuff under control this is powerful is
a wonderful management tool for yourself.
That's my video on Multiple Sclerosis and vitamin D.
Hope you liked it, leave in comments, let me know what you think
now see on the next video thanks for watching