Toad Death Game #3

Uploaded by doomdesire56 on 20.04.2012

Mario: Toad!
Wake up!
Toad: *singing* Fluffy kitty, ice cream, Mario... Mario: TOAD!
Toad: Hi Mario.
Mario: Toad...
the fans have chosen
for us to play a game of baseball.
Toad: Baseball? I love baseball!
Mario: Ok, I don't really care. Toad: Hey, Mario,
you look like you lost weight.
Mario: Well, I have!
I'm glad you noticed. I've been playing Wii Fit recently.
Sweating alot... Toad: Okay, um... let's go.
Um, Mario?
Mario: Yes
Toad: Why are you talking like a God?
you're not the boss of me, you know that? Mario: I am the boss of you!
Now go away!
Okay? Toad: Okay...
but I thought we were gonna
play baseball? Mario: We are!
I told you to go to play batter!
Can you hear me?
Of course you can't, you don't got ears.
Toad: You don't have to be so mean.
Toad: I'm not really sure how to hold the bat again. I think it goes like this!
Mario: I'm about to throw the ball!
I'm about to throw the ball! Okay, get it Toad! Toad: Owwww...
Mario: Die!