Durham School Services

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Durham School Services is nationally recognized as a leader in full service student transportation.
Providing quality transportation, outstanding customer service and the highest level of safety.
From its humble beginning in 1917 as a three bus company,
Durham School Services now operates more than 13,000 buses and
serves more than 350 school districts across the country.
Our company continues to grow as the demand for safe, quality student transportation grows.
To meet these demands we now have openings for drivers and bus monitors in your area.
As a bus monitor, what I like best about my job is the hours are quite flexible
but you're still making some very decent money which is really nice.
Of course I always mention how much I like working with the kids.
The management is very supportive, I love that.
The atmosphere is really comfortable, you feel safe and supported as a bus monitor here.
Bus drivers make a difference in the lives of children each day.
Working as a bus driver is a great job for retirees, stay at home parents,
anyone looking to supplement their income or perhaps start a rewarding career.
No previous school bus driving experience is required and Durham provides you with
extensive training focused on safety and customer service.
We teach you step by step how to drive a bus, handle student management issues and
work with special needs riders.
Training is very thorough but yet they make you feel at ease,
they make you feel comfortable and if you don't understand something
they will keep going over it and over it and over it until you actually understand what you need to do.
Durham School Services offers a friendly work environment and is a family oriented company.
In many locations drivers can even bring their children to work with them eliminating the cost of child care.
Being a bus driver has its advantages.
Durham School Services offers a competitive wage and other perks such as:
Flexible scheduling with part time morning and afternoon hours.
Holidays and summers off.
No nights or weekends required and opportunities for advancement.
I think it's a great company to work for.
The management team is great, the company is great.
We get together, we have picnics, we have parties for the bus drivers,
we have social events that we come together just to make us feel like a unit and its a family.
Because Durham School Services is strongly committed to providing quality transportation,
outstanding customer service and the highest level of safety, applicants must meet the following criteria.
Must be 21 years of age or older.
Have a good driving record.
Provide excellent customer service and enjoy working with children.
When I started with this company it was for a temporary part time job basically for relaxation
and it turned into a great career opportunity and a full time permanent job
where I've been able to move up with the help of my supervisors and with the resources that are available.
And I think anyone who would possibly be interested in driving buses or management
or a good career this is the company they want to come to.
I've worked for other companies and none have been anywhere as helpful and
as interested in me as this company has.
If you are looking for rewarding work, job security and desire to make a positive difference in the lives of children,
apply today at www.durhamschoolservices.com.