AnyRole Apps in Creo: NC and Tooling - PTC

Uploaded by ptcstudio on 19.11.2010

So the next Creo AnyRole app I would like to highlight is a dedicated environment for the
manufacturing engineer
The manufacturing engineer wants capabilities that will allow him to create, optimize
and validate machining tools paths. So in this particular example I am going to create a roughing
tool path on this bracket. You can see that I have access to all of the commands
that I need, either in the ribbon UI or quickly and easily accessible in the
context sensitive pop up
In addition to being able to define the tool path and validate it I can also go ahead
and verify how the entire machine
will work when I am actually machining this part. This is just one of the
Creo apps dedicated to the manufacturing discipline. There are other capabilities for
defining molds and for progressive dye and so forth all purpose built for the
manufacturing engineer to give him just the tools he needs to get his job done.