Pencil Sketch Illustrations : Pencil Sketching Sweat

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.09.2008

Hi, I'm Seth Maxwell Malice, I'm an artist and illustrator. A little bit more emotion
in a cartoony sense is like; he's going to sweat, he's going to be sweating it. So a
drip of sweat, a drip of sweat, more of a furrowed, is that the word furrowed, like
forehead. Maybe some hairs out of place here like, like you know when you're screaming
in stark fear, your hair is going to get out of place whether you like it or not. I don't
know why, it always does in the movies. Cause that's what we're drawing, we're drawing for
the movies here, but not really. Some more sweat, now off in the background, you can
have sweat coming off him, like that. What I'm drawing, is, from here I'm drawing essentially
a drip, like that. And you have them at all kinds of angles. This just, cartoonizes, to
make up that word, a real freaky scene. Like, "Oh My God", like, makes it look like they
don't want to be there. Give her some too. It'll be on her forehead. You've got to remember,
this is the penciling of it all, when you ink it in, things change. Before you can color
it in, like a coloring book, you've got to have the lines first. Yeah, so that's tightening
it in, a little bit more emotion.