HetaHazard 13 [ENG subs] - Muted Version

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Wow! What a mess!
That's because we got into a big fight with three giant spiders.
You actually fought giant spiders? That sounds like something right out of a movie.
You have too many movies with giant things.
There are a lot of beds. Should we take all of them?
Just one or two will do for now. I'm also getting some data and medicine.
Roger that.
Hold on! I'm not done getting all the stuff we need!
Měiguó! Don't wander off on your own!
What is this?
A rope with one end cut off... What's this doing here?
They're national flags.
I think they were originally Italy's white flags. Maybe I should bring them with me.
Is this Japan's notepad?
This is Japan's luggage. I'll take it back to him. Oh, there's food inside!
Since I'm hungry, I'll just eat these scones. *munch, munch*
All right! I'll pick up his things that are scattered around.
He even brought shampoo! That's so like Japan...
Japan told me he wraps this around his head to boost up his morale.
It's Japan's favorite tea.
This is Japan's house dress.
Those spiders must be really strong if they caused the floor to end up like this!
This is one of Japan's samurai comic books! But it's all torn up and unreadable now...
It's Japanese candy!
I found a burger!
Why is there a burger on the bed?
I don't know, but I'm sure it's one of my burgers!
Yay! *munch, munch*
Don't come crying to me later if that thing makes you sick.
There's so much blood.
That's Jiānádà's blood.
He lost so much blood... Is Canada okay?
He might be a little anemic, but if he eats and gets plenty of rest, he'll get better in no time.
Okay... That's good...
I'll take all the meds in this room, including those.
Wow, really? That's a lot.
Yep, that's why you're carrying them.
Me?! I have to carry the beds, too! I'm hungry; I don't have that much strength!
What are you talking about?! You just ate Japan's scones! I was watching you, you know!
Everyone just works me too hard!
We just asked you a little favor. A hero is supposed to help people, you know.
I guess...
This is medicine.
More medicine.
I think that's it.
I'll take these papers, and these...
I'm done gathering the meds.
What are those papers about?
Oh, thanks.
They have detailed information about the virus and the infection.
I've got all the data I wanted, so let's go back to the cafeteria.
Yeah! I want to eat Japan and France's food now!
Wait, I can't just leave without telling anyone. I'll go back and let England and the others know where I'm going.
Oh! Prussia!
I'm so glad you're all right! We were all so worried!
Y-yeah... um...
Jeez, you too, Prussia? I'm Canada! Please remember that...
O-oh, yeah, Canada... Sorry, it just slipped my mind.
Anyway, I'm glad you're all right.
Sorry for making you worry... Hahah...
Um, what were you doing with Romano?
Oh, um, well...
Wait, have you found a place where we can treat him or something?
Th-that's right! I mean, I was wandering around and then I found it. So, I thought maybe I should take him there.
I see. But it'll be a lot of trouble for you to take him all by yourself. I'll help you.
No, you don't have to...
I have nothing else to do, anyway. Please, let me help.
Oh, uh, okay...
I'll just let the others know, then.
W-wait! I've already told them.
Oh, okay. Sorry, I just assumed...
Let's go, then.
Is it this room? Come to think of it, I never checked out this area.
Oh, yeah. I can take it from here, so you can just go back now.
I've come all the way here, so I might as well help you until the end.
O-okay. Thanks.
This kind of looks like a laboratory.
Yeah, kinda.
Is the treating room after that door?
Yeah, that's right, so you can go now.
No, I'll help you get him there.
Oh... Okay.
Where are we...?
We have to take this cart, but you don't have to come along, really.
Y-yeah, it's not like I can help treat him, anyway.
Th-then I'll just go back and tell the others how it went.
Tell them? About this? We can't have that happen, now can we?
What do you mean? Prussia, you're acting a little odd.
Odd? What's odd about me?
Well, I can't really put my finger on it, but... you're just different from usual... Besides...
The little bird on your shoulder seems a little different, too.
Will you tell them about that, too, when you go back? That I'm acting odd?
Y-yes. I'm a little worried, so just to be sure...
I see. Then I can't let you go back.
What? What do you--
Sorry, I'll have to keep you here. It's your fault for insisting on following me.
Ugh... Kuma... jiro...
Měiguó? What's the matter?
Hmm, I thought someone had called my name...
It wasn't me.
I'm sure it was just my imagination. Come on, let's go.
Are you okay?
Sure, no problem. C'mon.
Let's go, then.
Italy! I'm hungry!
The pasta is almost done, so just be a little patient.
I can't wait to eat your pasta, Italy! I never thought we'd find pasta here.
Yeah, I was surprised to find it here.
Good thing we took refuge in this room.
And it's thanks to Kuma's sense of smell that we found this safe room.
Yeah, you're right. Thanks, Kumajirou.
Wh-what's wrong, Kumajirou?!
I feel a little uneasy...
Uneasy? Do you have a bad feeling?
I'm not sure. Maybe.
I-I'm sure you're just hungry!
When I'm hungry, I get sad, you see. Really depressed.
But when I eat my beloved pasta and pizza, it all goes away.
You'll feel much better when you eat the pasta, too, Kumajirou.
Yeah... maybe.
Thanks, Italy.
Heheh, you're welcome.
Then make that pasta already!
(Still, if Kuma has a bad feeling... I hope I'm just thinking too much, but...)
(I hope the others are okay...)