How to Make Mexican Chilaquiles : How to Serve Mexican Chilaquiles

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

Hi. My name is Jenny Villagomez and on behalf of Expert Village I'll be showing you how
to finalize your chilaquiles plate. Now that we've completed each step, cutting our tortillas
into strips, frying our chips, assembling our chilaquiles sauce, chopping onions, tomatos
adding a cup of water a teaspoon of chicken boullion, salt and our chiles California.
Using a strainer to catch all the unwanted seeds and simmering for about five minutes.
Now our final presentation. This type of dish is usually served in the morning and is a
common cure for a hangover. It can be served with refried beans or scrambled eggs on the
side. Also, sour cream is often poured over the dish. Cheese is optional. Finish with
your diced up topping and viola! Chilaquiles, the breakfast of champions.