Show of grimy Charley

Uploaded by bloodyformer on 19.01.2011

Good times, Ladies and Gentlemen!
With you Charlie!
I imagine the show BloodyFormer!
Their simulacra have left anyone indifferent spectator!
Do not miss out and you
This festival is obsessed with farce
And the sophisticated tricks
In the style of scatty people
And now
I suggest you make a choice
By pressing the blue button
You will return to the world of everyday reality and everyday life
Pressing the same red button
You will come to the entrance into the world of hype and frenzy
In the world of carnival ecstatically emotional feelings
time, unfortunately, is limited
So, let's do have a choice
Come on, hit on what some of the buttons
You still have a chance
Yes, there is some chance
Come on, make a choice
hence do not want to, huh?
Well, time out!