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Bombay the destination of ships!
The place where goods are loaded and unloaded on ships
This place is known as docks
Several years ago
At the docks in Bombay
by promising a decent income to thousands of workers
a businessman made them his slaves
by taking advantage of their poverty,
The businessman's name was Bakhtawar,
Terrorized by Bakhtawar, within the confines of the docks
the workers slogged for him round-the-clock,
In return, they didn't even receive a handful of grains,
Even if some of them managed to get some grains
thousands of other deprived and hungry men would pounce
upon the fortunate one to snatch it away from him ,
They would turn inhuman and demoniac in the process,
Snatch the bread from him !
My kids are starving from 2 days, Give me this bread ,
Time passed N Bakhtawar's cruelty N power multiplied ,
Nobody could dare to raise a voice of protest against him,
Even if some worker tried to raise his voice in protest
his voice would be countered with just one sound,
The sound of the ship's siren,
The siren used to be the declaration
of the death of the protester,
Bakhtawar's hoodlums, donning the red handkerchiefs
terrorized the entire area ,
It's true that rogues have several associates,
Pratap is one such loyal associate of Bakhtawar,
It's also true
that the demon rises from within the human itself,
The rebel rises from within the loyal ,
One such deadly, fearless and dangerous person is
Tiger, the son of Pratap,
My right palm is itching, What does it indicate?
It indicates that we unfortunate ones'll be receiving money,
- Give us money! - Get lost!
But sir my intelligence says that whatever money
is left with us will go into their hands,
Which idiot gave you your intelligence?
- My father, - Your father must be an idiot too!
Whatever might be the case, but he looked very much like you ,
I know the politics of this game,
To earn money, one doesn't need a good face but intelligence,
I'II give you a taste of my intelligence today,
That would be impossible,
How many times have I cautioned you not to shoot your darts?
Today, I'II sow the seeds of rebellion at these docks,
Till today, nobody has succeeded in revolting against Bakhtawar,
I would advise you to slip out of her quietly,
Or both of us might end up losing our jobs N our skin too!
You're no better than coward ,
How many times have I told you not to shoot your mouth off?
- You're the brother of Jumma? - Yes,
- Your name is Gonsalves? - Yes ,
You're the one who is trying to revolt against Bakhtawar?
- Yes, - You'll rebel all alone?
There are others too,
Shame to Bakhtawar!
Silence! Calm down for a couple of minutes,
Thereafter you may revolt,
When I knew that Bakhtawar deprives workers of their
dues that he snatches away their earnings even before
they earn it I began to weep,
Because I'm a worker too,
I'm the worker of law, of the people and the government,
That's why I give you the freedom
to protest aga I nst Bakhtawar's atrocities,
And if you still don't get what is rightfully yours come to
me and lodge your complaints at the police station ,
I'II support you ,
All of you may go and teach Bakhtawar a lesson,
Shame to Bakhtawar!
- You burnt my daughter's hand? - It was a mistake,
Sir greet the gentleman ,
He's inspector Girdhar, He's new in the locality,
I've come here at the orders of the Government,
But I'II live here with your blessings,
- What's the matter? - You're the king of this area ,
But you don't know that your people're rebelling against you,
The worthless workers are revolting against you ,
They came to me complaining about you,
- Who are they? - I'II tell you,
Shame to Bakhtawar!
Do you see their unity?
No doubt they're rats! But they shouldn't be allowed to unite,
Or they'll dig away your entire domain,
Shame to Bakhtawar!
The hunger of the stomach is far greater than unity,
I can break such unity in a couple of minutes,
- Just have a look! - Yes, sir,
One day, we'll own this entire wealth,
What are you doing? Leave it, I say,
Did you see their unity?
I've seen the rats running after money,
Looks like we’ll vibe well ,
Surely, We’ll surely vibe well , Our ties never be severed ,
Just continue to bring me news, And continue getting your share,
All glories to the Boss,
Didn't I tell you that my right palm is itching
and that we’ll receive money? We indeed received money,
- You're a genius, Sir, - You need not mention it,
But I wonder what would happen if Gonsalves dies,
What about your plans of rebellion?
How many times have I said not to shoot your mouth off?
- I'II ask you a question, - Ask me,
- Who's the sister of Gonsalves? - Jumma,
With whom is she going steady with?
When Bakhtawar's henchmen torture Gonsalves
who'll come to his rescue?
- Who’ll come to his rescue? - Tiger, of course,
How can you manage to escape from Bakhtawar's docks?
Catch him !
Dump him inside the acid,
Who’ll rescue you today?
You'd better remember the Almighty,
Where's Tiger, your friend?
If anyone tries to hit him, I'II hang him on the ship,
The police has arrived ,
I'II tell you the reality about who attacked Gonsalves,
It's Bakhtawar who is the mastermind behind it,
He sent his crooks to beat Gonsalves,
You can teach Bakhtawar a lesson ,
And don't you worry, The police will support you all the way,
You may go and teach Bakhtawar a lesson,
Lower your voice, Why did you come here?
You've been shielding him since quite some time now,
Move aside for a while, Then look how I kill him,
Shut up! How can you raise your voice against Bakhtawar?
I'm only raising my voice today,
The day he stops protecting you, I'II break you into pieces,
Your hirelings tried to beat my friend Gonsalves
and I broke their arms,
If you try to attempt it again, I won't spare any of you alive,
You'd better remember that I won't spare you alive,
Leave me, Father, I won't spare him alive,
How dare you raise your voice against Bakhtawar?
- Leave me, Father, - I said go!
He's my son, Please forgive him,
I beg you for pardon on his behalf,
Please forgive him , He's foolish, crazy, He's a fool ,
You've been serving me well , So I'II forgive your son today,
But if attempts it again, then I won't spare him
and your two other sons, Do you understand?
- Bravo, Kumar! - Gosh! Brother has arrived!
That's not good ,
Remember Kumar! You should save yourself from bad habits,
Because bad habits formed during childhood makes a person
a bad man just like I am',
No, Brother! You're not a bad man, You're a good man,
You bring chocolates for us everyday,
- Where's the chocolate? - Hey! What are you doing?
Hold on till you reach home,
I've brought lots of chocolates for you and your brother,
I'II give you chocolates,
Tiger is a godsend, He takes so much care
of his step-mother and step-brothers,
Give me food quickly, I'm feeling very hungry,
You've come at the right time, The food is just being cooked ,
Before the meals, tell me if you remember the song I taught you?
What was the song?
We love each other,
We yearn for each other,
What's the matter? Why are you screaming?
Do you know what he did today? He threatened Bakhtawar,
If I hadn't pleaded to him, he would've killed him,
Bakhtawar is my employer,
We manage a livelihood because of him ,
And you ! How could you forget
that he doesn't spare his enemies alive?
- He can do anything, - What will he do?
Will he kill me? I'm also not a weakling,
I'm not anybody's slave,
Did you see? He calls me a slave,
You'd better shut up or I'II skin you alive,
Why should he shut up?
Just because he challenged the cruel and sinner Bakhtawar
of whom you're a slave? - What did you say?
You grabbed my hand?
Till now, I did whatever you asked me to do,
You forced me to leave the school , I did it,
You asked me to indulge in fighting, I did it,
I demanded extortion money from others on your say-so,
I even tolerated your beatings,
But I cannot tolerate one thing,
I won't allow any woman to be beaten up in our house,
What will you do? What will you do?
You threaten me? Will you hit me?
Go! Go and collect extortion money,
How dare you threaten me!
Give me money,
Come on ! Give me money!
Give me money!
Can't you see?
What are you moving and trying to rob others?
Try removing it from here, if you can dare!
Come on! Remove it, Go ahead,
Come on ! Give me money!
I find it so difficult to manage my sustenance,
Where from can I give you money?
Here's some money for you to buy bread ,
And here's the money that you should give me,
I can let go anything but not my weekly collections,
Come on ! Give me money!
Why do you call him Tiger? He's no better than a rat!
What are you staring at?
If you're a Tiger, then try removing it from here!
Hey! What are you doing?
Give me a kiss!
Will you revolt only in your dreams?
Won't you do anything in reality?
- Today's a rest day and a good day, - How's that?
Today is a holiday
and all the dock workers must be at the place where
Jumma will be kissing Tiger today,
- Jumma, my darling! '
- Come out, it's Friday today'
- You had promised
- Look, I am here'
- Even you come soon'
- Don't make me suffer more'
- Last Friday you promised me '
a kiss on next Friday'
- It's Friday today'
- - So come - Come'
- Jumma, give me a kiss'
- You promised me a kiss on Friday'
- You broke the promise on Friday'
- Jumma, it's again Friday today'
- Jumma won't give a kiss'
- I promised a kiss on Friday'
- I broke the promise on Friday'
- Go on pleading'
- What will you give in exchange '
of a kiss'
- - What to give - What to give'
- What to take - What to take'
- What to give, what to take'
- Give a kiss, take a kiss'
- I won't give anything more that this'
- - Give a kiss - Give me a kiss'
- - Give - Please give'
- Give a kiss - Give me a kiss'
- - Give a kiss - No'
- I give you what you want'
- I thought of saying yes'
- - Then why - Then why'
- - Did you refuse - Did you refuse'
- Then why did you refuse'
- I would die for you'
- I changed my mind'
- Jumma, give a kiss'
- No, I won't'
- Today is a best day for me, - How is it a best day for you?
- So what? - Moreover, today is Friday the 13th ,
The moment I came out of my house
a black cat crossed my path,
Nevertheless, it's our good day, and a bad day for Bakhtawar,
Now just look at the consequences of the rebellion,
What consequences are you talking about?
I've just been listening about rebellion, and that
we’ll receive lots of wealth , But there's nothing to be seen ,
How many times have I told you not to shoot your mouth off?
- Be patient, - All right,
It's Iinspector Girdhar,
How did you dare to telephone me at this hour?
- My kids are sleeping, - But sir
Your kids are sleeping , But I've lost my sleep,
- Gonsalves had come, - He'll come tomorrow too,
And he had brought along signatures of 500 people
in the file to vouch against you,
No, he won't come to you, He won't reach you,
And if anything goes wrong for you in the courts
I think I should get myself shift to some remote place,
- Even mine, - Both of us,
Didn't I told you not to worry? Disconnect the telephone now,
All right, But please do something about it,
Gonsalves is your son's friend ,
Tell Tiger to make him see some sense,
Is Gonsalves at home?
You? How dare you come right up to my home?
Why're you getting furious? Did I say anything to you?
Did I say anything to you? I have had just one drink,
You insulted me in everyone's presence,
You ridiculed me in the presence of alcoholics,
You're no better than an insect from the filthy gutters,
I'II suck off your blood ,
You’ll suck away my blood?
You speak of sucking blood as if you'll drink coconut water?
What say?
You're a filthy alcoholic, I'II teach you a lesson ,
Scoundrel ! You want a kiss!
What did you say? You want a kiss?
H e re ! Take the kiss !
Why're you running away? Come over here!
He came to make me kiss him! He's a filthy alcoholic,
- Leave me! - I've got you,
Call some vehicle which catches crazy dogs,
- Mad dog! - Hey! What're you doing?
- You've returned again? - No sticks, please!
- You want me to kiss you? - Why are you hitting me?
You call me an insect from the filthy gutters
and now you hit me with a stick?
- Hey! Jumma! What're you doing? - Leave me,
Why're hitting him? Leave it, I say!
- Have you turned mad? - I won't spare him alive,
Why do you want to kill me?
Moreover you call me an insect from the filthy gutters!
Yes, of course!
You're antagonized with him since a long time,
Your get angry the moment you see him , Leave the stick,
That's what I've been telling her,
In 15 minutes, she made me run nearly 10 kms, Unnecessarily,
Leave it, I say, Have you gone mad?
Why do you've to get furious on small issues? Come on, inside!
Did she go away?
Oh, Lord !
What brings you here?
I've to discuss something important with you ,
But your sister calls me an insect from the filthy gutters,
Let's go over there and speak peacefully,
Let's go,
Yes this is fine,
This sister of yours
Be careful ,
Be seated ,
Your sister called me an insect from the filthy gutters,
I'm sorry for what she said,
What's there to feel sorry about?
She said the correct thing ,
Actually, all of us are insects from the filthy gutters!
There are two kinds of insects in this world ,
One rises from the filth and dirt
while the other rises from the filth of sin ,
The insect from the dirt makes a person sick,
But the insect from the filth of sin
makes the entire society sick,
The insecticide to kill
the insect from the filth is available in the market,
But the insecticide to kill the insect from the filth of sin
is yet to be manufactured ,
You're neither filthy nor are you an insect,
Tell me, what brings you here?
- What did you say? - What brings you here?
Yes, my friend ,
I forgot to tell you the important thing,
You see
I've come to warn you,
You'd better keep away from these crooks,
Because all of them are insects from the filthy gutters,
There are two kinds of insects in the world ,
One rises from the filth and dirt
while the other rises from the filth of sin ,
The insect from the dirt makes a person sick,
But the insect from the filth of sin
makes the entire society sick,
The insecticide to kill
the insect from the filth is available in the market,
But the insecticide to kill the insect from the filth of sin
is yet to be manufactured ,
Won't you proceed any further?
What did you want to tell me?
Tell me what you came here to tell me,
Tell me that thing, I've understood the rest of it,
While discussing about other things
I just forgot to tell you about the main thing ,
I'm experiencing a headache,
- Shall I press your head for you? - Not at all,
First tell me
- What did you want to tell me? - That's what I was saying
Yes! That's what I was telling you
You'd better keep away from the crooks,
All of them are insects from the filthy gutters,
There are two kinds of insects in the world ,
There are two kinds of insects in the world ,
One rises from the filth and dirt
while the other rises from the filth of sin ,
The insect from the dirt makes a person sick,
But the insect from the filth of sin
makes the entire society sick,
The insecticide to kill
the insect from the filth is available in the market,
But the insecticide to kill the insect from the filth of sin
is yet to be manufactured ,
So you'd come to tell me something?
But I've understood what you wanted to tell me, my friend ,
I've understood that if I go to the police station tomorrow
my life is in danger,
But if I don't go to the police station tomorrow
then every kid which is born here
will become an insect from the filthy gutters,
Run ! Or Bakhtawar's hirelings will kill you ,
Sir Murder!
Blood is a strange thing,
l When one's own kin loses blood it causes a lot of pain,
l But if someone else loses blood it gives immense pleasure,
It cannot be!
It's a matter of regret that her brother's been murdered
and all of you're doing nothing except shedding tears,
Instead of weeping, if any of you comes forward and tells
me about the identity of the killer, just see what I will do,
What can you do? Tell me, what can you do?
Don't you know who has killed my brother?
- Actually, it so - I don't want any consolation
from you or from anybody else,
One day, your dead body too will be lying here
and on that day too
all of you'd be watching the fun like puppets,
Isn't there any male in this colony?
You killed my friend with this knife, right?
I'II slice you with the same knife,
You'd better run away, you scoundrel !
I've laid out dynamite at every nook and corner of the docks,
Reverse the car,
Tiger has started a revolt against Bakhtawar,
Our first move has been successful ,
I'm not a coward,
If men have donned bangles, is it not the responsibility
of us women to take their place?
If we women embark on a death mission
what'll become of our kids?
You're a mother,
Before giving them birth, you should've given it a thought
that you haven't given them birth, but you've cursed them ,
Come on ! Let's move !
Even the women and children are marching out,
Our second move too has proved to be successful ,
Drive faster,
I'II tell you something wise now,
There are three kinds of people in a revolution ,
First, who commits atrocities on the strength of power,
Second, the revolutionary who protests against the atrocities,
Third, a trader like me, taking advantage of such a situation ,
Why did you come here?
Take the children home,
This scoundrel has killed Gonsalves,
Don't spare him alive! Don't spare him alive!
- Kill him! - No! Don't kill him,
No! He's my son, He's my life,
Don't kill him,
Your son is a traitor,
And the punishment of disloyalty is death ,
No! No!
No! Tiger! Move away!
Killer! Murderer! I won't spare you alive!
Scoundrel ! Swine! Dog !
Let's go,
Please forgive me, my Son !
- I'm also dying, - No, Mother!
I haven't given you birth, I'm your step mother,
No, Mother, Don't speak like this,
Will you do me a favour? I'II fulfil every wish of yours,
Take away your brothers far away from this land of sin ,
Educate them and make them good human beings,
- This will your obligation to me, - Yes, Mother,
- Will you do this much for me? - Yes, Mother,
Don't consider yourself alone henceforth ,
- Always address yourself as -We' ! - Yes, Mother,
- We'!
Kill him!
He has committed a lot of atrocities on us,
Stop the car!
Do you remember I'd told you, there's a hurdle between us?
Today you removed that hurdle, and have invited your own death ,
- Stop! - Leave me, Iinspector
many others like Gonsalves will be killed , Move away,
No! I won't let you do that! I won't let you be arrested
Listen ! ! If the Commissioner arrives, you’ll be arrested ,
You'd better run away from here,
Move away, Iinspector,
If you don't, how'll you
fulfil your promise to your mother?
What happen, to your brothers? Who’ll look after them?
Tell me, who’ll look after them?
The police commissioner's here, Once he reaches here
I'II be helpless, There's still time, Go away
from this dirty place forever,
Go away! Begin life afresh !
Ensure that nobody can know your identity,
Not even the police, I'm advising you as a friend,
Or else I might've to arrest you as part of my duty,
Run away from here! Run away, I say!
Stop the siren, and come upstairs,
- Sir, he has run away, - Let him run away,
If the Commissioner arrives, who’ll face him?
How many times have I told you not to shoot your mouth off?
I'II face the Commissioner, Tiger has run away after
killing Bakhtawar,
- And he's left behind his, - Ruins Destruction ,
l Not destruction but a fortune!
All glories to you !
We’ll wear a hat too, We’ll wear a suit too!
We will also live in a Palace,
Madam dear Madam,
Now the madam and the kids will play with fire,
And I've made arrangements for the fire too!
- What is this? - Go and pick the wealth,
Meanwhile, I'II serve the Madam ,
Madam, just see how I serve you !
You're under arrest!
H u rry u p ! Be careful !
Come on ! Come on, Jumma !
- No! - Come on!
- No! I'm not coming, - What're you doing?
You'd better take care of the children ,
You've promised your dying mother,
I want your company,
No! If I come with you, your love will get divided,
No! I cannot do this, I won't let this happen,
No ! Their future shouldn't be
at stake because of us,
I'II wait for your return ,
- What're you doing? - For our bright future
it's important that Tiger dies,
We love each other,
We yearn for each other,
Run !
Combine Ha and Ma, It becomes -We',
The days of the past were so fearful,
Whenever I remember those days, it becomes hard to believe
that this family could've been possible,
Lord ! Keep this family as blessed as it is now,
Let it's peace not be disturbed ,
- Where's my uniform? - It's with me,
I'II iron it and bring it for you,
Where's my breakfast? I'm getting delayed ,
I'm preparing it, my child!
Sister-in-law! Where's my milk and sweetmeat?
I'II fetch it right away,
Here are the flowers, and the holy water,
- I'm getting delayed ! - Here's your breakfast,
- Where's my chocolate milk? - I'II bring it in a jiffy,
- Where's my uniform? - Here's your uniform ,
This is a home, Not your Ooty Police Station,
- What? - Uniform, You're getting delayed,
Greetings !
- Where's my chocolate milk? - O Lord !
I forgot, I'd kept the milk on the gas for boiling,
- Where are my shoes? - Shoes?
O Lord! I'd kept the shoes on the terrace!
I'II fetch it!
It's all my fault, I cannot keep all of you happy,
I don't deserve your love and affection ,
''Bum chikki chikki bum''
''We love each other''
''We yearn for each other, ''
''We love each other, ''
''We yearn for each other, ''
''If we ever have to die for each other ''
''We are ready, ''
''We are the locks and you are the key for all , ''
''Please don't be angry with us, come around ''
''Oh my sister-in-law, ''
''We are ashamed of ourselves, ''
''We yearn for each other, ''
''On the entrance door of the house ''
'' is written , ''
''If one sleeps then the other one is awake, ''
''We are the guards of each other''
''We yearn for each other, ''
''We love each other, ''
''We yearn for each other, ''
''If we ever have to die for each other ''
'' We are ready, ''
Hey! It's Bakhtawar!
He must've been released from the jail today,
My kids! My kids!
Save my children ! Save my!
Have you prepared the soup for the children?
- Yes, - All right,
Serve the soup to the child, And the remaining to the dogs,
My little darling ! Be seated here!
I'm your old loyal servant, My greetings to you ,
Greetings, Sir!
- Where's Tiger? - Tiger is dead ,
He cannot die, He is destined to die at my hands,
Did you see his dead body?
But Girdhar Seth wrote this in his report, ,
Who's Girdhar Seth?
Girdhar Seth is the bald same Iinspector,
He's become a big businessman now,
Military tanks made by him can be seen at the docks,
How dare you call me Girdhari? Don't you forget your limits!
How do you flying so high? Call me Girdhari again?
Call me Government henceforth , What’ll you call me?
- Why? - Because if the
Military General approves the models of our tanks
Our fortunes'll change overnight,
By the way, the wealth we flicked from Bakhtawar
did change our fortunes overnight,
Why do you have to mention Bakhtawar?
That's because as it is, we're dealing in millions
we're living a luxuriously, We have bungalows, servants
and we travel in three cars at the same time,
Then why take risk by dealing with Military at Ooty?
You always tend to think small !
You see, I've ordered for the junk tanks from overseas
and when they arrive, I'II paint them afresh ,
Then I'II anchor the tanks at the docks and sell them,
If the Military does purchase our tanks, we’ll become richer,
- We’ll be paid in Dollars! - You're a genius, Sir!
- I understand, But you don't, - Please hurry up,
Experts of arms are already present here beforehand ,
Why wouldn't they be? Money has plenty of power,
It can attract corpses from the morgue, They're living ,
Beware !
- I'm not Captain Zatack, - I'm Captain Attack,
Let's go inside and discuss,
What've you decided about our tanks?
What've you decided about our tanks?
What've you written in your report?
That your tanks are among the best in the world ,
That if we receive those tanks, our military
power'll multiply manifold ,
What's your next step?
We' re awaiting the General's nod ,
- And what about the General? - He's very strict,
He cannot be harder than the currency notes,
He's not a General, He's an actor from the carnival,
- I've seen him several times, - Shut up! Smile!
Greetings ,
Touch your feet,
I've brought a miniature of the tanks that
we intend to supply to the IIndian army,
It'II be kind of you if you have a look at it,
Please come forth, Arjun , Remove the hat, will you?
The real tank is as powerful as it is beautiful as a miniature,
- But why? - Just like one can't
know the truth, about someone by looking at his picture,
Similarly, a tank's cannot be estimated by its model ,
Why do you want to see the real tank? Experts have seen it,
In fact, you should buy the tank,
The country will benefit, and you’ll benefit too,
- What do you mean? - I agree, you're a General,
But a General too has his needs
his family, his expenses,
After retirement, no designation holds any value,
Only this is what remains, I suppose you understand,
I'II understand if you are more elaborate,
If you permit me to sell the tanks, I'II
flood you with money,
How did you compensate the experts
to make them issue a favourable report?
I paid them with money, But in your case
I'II pay fifteen times the amount in US Dollars?
If you pay me in dollars, what I'II give you in return?
Permission to sell the tanks!
No! I'II give you a beautiful IIndian gift,
- Shall I give you right now? - Yes, sir,
Come forward , It's a wonderful gift,
Traitor! Cheater!
How dare you try to buy our integrity
on the strength of money?
Do you think that we too are politicians?
We don't accept bribes, If need be, we face bullets
And you You'd were sent to examine the tanks,
But you were blinded by money, Compromised on your duties?
Arrest the traitors!
Hey! What're you doing?
- Remove this revolver, - No! I'm playing thief
and police, You're a thief and I'm a cop,
- I'II shoot you now, - No!
I'm your Uncle! Uncles are not thieves,
- Give the revolver to me, - Don't move further,
I'II fire now, and you fall dead in the front,
I've brought you a gift, A big, nice gift,
Is it? Where is the gift?
Over there! Behind the carriage,
Give me the revolver, Then both of us will go
together and bring the gift,
- Come on! Give it to me, - No,
You want to fool me, and snatch the revolver from me,
No! I'm telling you the truth, Give me the revolver
and then we’ll go and fetch the gift from there,
Brother is truly fearful person ,
No bullet in the revolver, Yet he is feeling scared ,
Hey ! You were scared of a needle?
- Where are all of you? - What's the matter, Brother?
Why're you screaming?
First tell me who gave you your job of a police?
- The government did , A forgetful person like you
shouldn't be given even a constable job,
How could you be given police inspector's job?
- What've I done, Brother? Jyoti was treating
your revolver as a toy and she was playing with it,
God forbid, if trigger went off it'd have been disastrous,
- Brother - What is it?
- Shall I tell you something? - What?
I haven't seen a more fearful person than you are,
- What? What do you mean? I mean to say that
this revolver is completely empty,
He ran away, He’ll get a beating
- Sorry uncle, - Come on
You shouldn't play with such revolvers,
- Come on, let's go eat meals, - I won't eat the meals,
- Why? - Mother didn't even drink water since last night,
Why didn't she drink water?
That's because my Uncle is missing since last night,
And till he returns, she won't eat anything
because it's the festival of sacred threads today,
You cannot defeat me today,
Because today is the festival of sacred threads,
My sister-in-law must be anxiously waiting
for me gazing at the door,
And with this money that I win
And I'II buy a pressure cooker for her,
You'd better compete with us,
He hasn't even lost his milk teeth yet,
Ever since I've been dismissed from the army
my friends call me Captain Attack!
I'm not in the mood today, We’ll compete some other day,
Haven't you consumed your mother's milk?
If I defeat all three of you, will it be established
that the three of you haven't had your mother's milk?
Three versus one? That's wonderful ,
Looks like there's a problem here,
But I've a solution for every problem,
And this problem has the strength of the brothers,
You're on the right track, All glories to Lord Hanuman !
These insects had raised the question of my mother's milk,
I'II buy two pressure cookers for sister-in-law today,
You're attacking our money?
Don't touch our money, Because you've cheated ,
- There were three of you , - You too were three,
You, him and the third was Lord Hanuman,
Looks like there's a fresh problem now,
Instead of strength, we’ll have to be cunning now,
There's a big problem now,
Let's go home, Today is Rakhi ,
Your sister-in-law is waiting And you're standing here?
Please try to understand ,
A person can never understand you ,
Didn't you say that there was no bullet in the revolver?
Let's go , What's the matter?
Brother I've won this money,
And I won't go without taking it away with me,
And We won't let him take it away,
Dear friend, if the matter is of money, you may keep it,
We don't have any shortage of funds, Let's go,
- You'd better go, - Come on !
Looks like these three brothers are fit
only for Bharat Natyam and disco dancing ,
You've said it right Let's go,
Hurry up let's go,
Go and tell your dear sister-in-law that
l instead of the sacred thread she makes you wear bangles,
Come on, Brother! Let's go, They're scoundrels!
Yes, Brother, After all why should one quarrel'?
Hey! Open the door,
Open the door, I say!
Two is better than three, One is better than two,
One of us brothers is enough for you spineless cowards,
Brother! Show them the prowess
of your Bharat Natyam and Disco Dance,
What's this nonsense? Will you listen to what I say?
How many times have I explained?
The music started playing suddenly, the lights were on ,
and the door closed automatically,
- Yes, - And they started getting fits,
- Fits? - Yes,
Do you know how to fire a bullet? Shoot!
Scoundrel ! Shoot!
Come on, shoot!
There's no need to shed tears for these fools,
They leave the house like decent people
as if they're leaving on a pilgrimage tour to 15 temples,
And you you’ll participate in contests at the clubs?
Do you consider yourself a descendent of Chengez Khan?
And this one Mr, Tarzan,
He stood there like Hercules to face the bullets!
If any harm comes to you, This brother of yours
Would have breathed his last,
I've made this home by putting together every little piece,
I've slogged in scorching sun to raise you ,
And this blood that you've spilled
belongs to me, Do you understand?
Who're you to waste it?
I should give you a slap!
Why do you have to confront the world?
Can't you lead a decent life?
And you why do you hit people?
What should I do? The ruffians understand it that way,
Why do you've to be rough and tough?
There are other officers Or is it because you cannot
boss over your own wife that you go out bossing others,
- Hey! Why're you smiling? - Just a minute,
Tell me something , In your entire life time
Have you ever beaten, kicked or punched anybody?
You didn't, did you?
I've a friend Mahesh , His father too is fearful ,
If there is any gunfire in some programme on television
he opens an umbrella, thinking a bullet would hit him,
I've a solution to make you lose your fear,
- What is that? - You should get married,
It's a great idea, Brother, you get married
Perhaps you will stop being afraid ,
And it would also make it a way for you too!
- You'd better get married , - Daddy is right,
Get married and get me a nice aunty,
Will you remain silent? The discussion is drifting
away from the main topic,
All of us are saying the right thing, You should get married,
Why're you insisting on marriage?
I'm a simple and decent man, I don't want marriage,
Do you mean to say that decent men don't marry?
Do you mean that brother is a ruffian?
- Get married, Brother! - No !
Brother I'm telling you , Get married ,
You will have to get married! ! !
Film Actress Jumma Is Shooting In Bangalore!
''Give me a kiss Jumma , ''
Give me a kiss Jumma''
What? I'II have to wait still further?
I've wasted 15 years of my youth waiting for you,
You've spent all your happiness for your brothers,
You should've spared some of it for my sake,
I cannot bear it any longer, Tiger!
The hero's name is Avinash, not Tiger,
What's the matter?
If you're unwell, should we pack up for the day?
Not at all, Sir, The make-up from the face has been removed,
The real face surfaced ,
I've covered my loneliness in real life with make-up,
Let's take the shot now,
Take the crane upwards,
My left eye is fluttering , It's a good news,
I think that you're going to meet an old enemy,
Whenever you shoot your mouth off
you always say something unpleasant,
It's possible that it might be my friend ,
Who's crushing my neck in my own home?
Your boss!
Did you recognise me?
You remembered me the moment you saw me?
You thought that I've died?
I always prayed for your long life,
It's possible to escape from death ,
But it's impossible to escape from Bakhtawar, Understand?
- I know that since my birth, - Then how could you forget it?
You used to lick the soles of my shoes!
I used to give you money,
All this luxury has been bought with money that belonged to me,
How did you get to know that?
Please forgive me,
Stop this pretension ,
Don't try to prove yourself as a loyal dog
by dangling your tongue,
I was rotting in prison for 15 years,
But you didn't come to meet me even once,
In the jail?
It seems that he doesn't know the truth,
I'm fearing him needlessly,
I'm safe,
I'II tell you why I didn't come to meet you in the jail,
When the court condemned you to death
I couldn't bear the shock,
I suffered a massive heart attack,
I was waiting for my death on the bed,
But I was destined to live longer,
So I remained alive to see you today,
That's why I resigned from my job in the police,
I decided that without you, I would be powerless,
Stop your crocodile tears,
I know what you're up to these days,
and what is your profession
I'm not doing anything spectacular,
Tell me, who is the owner of the tanks in the docks?
Yes, Tanks!
They're in my possession ,
If you want the tanks back
tell me the whereabouts of Tiger,
Yes, Tiger!
- It ages since Tiger died, - You're lying,
Tiger cannot die,
He burnt my wife and my kids alive,
He cannot die, He is destined to die at my hands,
I want Tiger,
- I'm in a fix here, - I've bought the tickets,
Why did you bring me here to watch this carnival show?
You're surely going to do something idiotic,
- I'm taking you there, - Gosh!
Didn't I tell you that
there's a General's Look alike at the carnival?
Excuse me, Sir!
Do you work in a circus?
Come on ! Give me 50 rupees,
- Why do you need 50 rupees? - For the tomatoes,
Why should I buy tomatoes?
Nobody can enter this show without tomatoes,
- I don't understand what she says, - Sir
a lot of betting is done inside,
Satrangi, the actor, cannot speak
any dialogue without scratching ,
If one hits a tomato exactly at the spot where he's
scratching a person gets ten times the bet, Take tomatoes,
- What is she saying? - Let's try it out,
How can you say that? I'm in a fix,
- Here take it, - Okay,
- Do you need anything else? - No, nothing,
Ladies and gentlemen, Calm down ,
- Laila Majnu', the spectacular drama, is about to commence,
I've come to such a place for the first time,
What's so special about this place?
Be seated, My hero is about to make his entry,
I spare you today just by hitting you with lashes,
If you dare to glance at the window again
Is he speaking a dialogue or is he plucking grass?
My hero has come!
What happened?
Where from did you find this diamond?
I'm a goldsmith, after all !
He looks exactly like the General ,
O Clouds! Clear the skies and make way
because Laila is on her way to romance with Majnu,
Stop your dialogues and start scratching ,
Hey! Watch the show if you like
or simply return the ticket and go back home,
Scoundrel ! Don't talk with the public,
But he's reminding me of itching ,
I've been holding it back all along ,
- Start the drama , - I ' m a n actor,
I ca n eat tomatoes, not curse words,
I'II beat you, I say,
Will he be able to do the role?
I'II coach him within two months,
But who’ll teach him how to act like the General?
What did you say?
The pavements and by lanes will be smeared with my blood?
Is the blood of love comparable to the spit of a money lender?
Is your life worthy, while my life is disease?
Is your blood, while my blood is water?
Is your name, while my name is Jani?
If you commit an atrocity, it's official,
And if I make a plea, it becomes deceitful,
Bravo! Carry on ! But don't you scratch !
Why do you've to remind me?
Come to your senses, O devil ! The poor man is about to awaken ,
Get ready, friends, He's soon going to begin scratching ,
I'm not going to die with swords or arrows,
If you want to murder me, a simple glance is enough,
Love cannot be vanquished with mere tomatoes,
- What is he blabbering? - Why're you abusing me?
Love cannot be vanquished by the atrocities of the society,
The sun cannot be extinguished merely by sinking it in water,
Bravo! Carry on ! But don't you scratch !
Nobody can fail my plan now, Give me the tomatoes now!
Bravo! Wonderful !
You're amazing ,
Wonderful !
An IIndian girl looks beautiful only in an IIndian attire,
Always remember that a girl's beauty
lies in covering her body and not in flaunting it,
- How's your college doing? - It's doing well ,
- And your dancing classes? - It's doing well too,
And what about Bharat Natyam?
I'm doing fabulously on that front too,
That's our IIndian dancing ,
You should be the best in Bharat Natyam,
You'd better start preparations ,
Next month I'II be hosting a grand party in Bangalore,
You should display your dance prowess at the party and
prove to the world that the General's daughter is unique,
I can understand , But why the party?
That's because young military officers
will attend the party, and you’ll select a good son-in-law,
- Son-in-law? - Yes, A son-in-law,
It has been a tradition in our family that
our daughters-in-law hailed from a military family
and our sons-in-law hailed from a military family too,
Your daughter has already chosen your son-in-law,
When'll this kid mend his ways?
Whether it's morning, evening, day or night
he continues to finger around
his motor-cycle and keep it roaring ,
- Gentleman ! - Yes?
- How's the college? - What?
Is the college present, or has it been broken down?
I cannot hear you, Brother, What are you saying?
Is the college present, or has it been broken down?
- I cannot hear anything, - Yes, How can you hear it?
Till the motorbike continues to roar, how can you hear anything?
I cannot hear anything , I don't understand anything ,
I wanted to know about your studies,
I've stopped fighting since long ,
I'm talking of your education,
Have the college authorities stopped conducting exams?
You should think about your future too!
How long'll you hang on to this vehicle of yours?
Brother! Why're you screaming so loudly?
Oh ! It's stopped now!
Yes so I was saying that
just like the vehicle zooms when you press the accelerator
similarly, why do you run away from your studies?
A big motorcycle race is to be held in the College,
- So let it be held, - Yes,
All the champions of the college are participating,
So what? Why're you troubling your brother like this?
I'm not troubling him, I just need his permission,
- Yes, - Go! I've given you the permission,
- Now just see what I do, - I haven't permitted you,
And who're you to allot him the required permission?
All of them are hands-in-glove,
Thank you, Brother,
The motor-cycle race!
- Oh my beloved'
- I swear by you'
- I'm sleepless these days'
- Oh my beloved'
- I swear by you'
- I'm born for you'
- You are as fragrant as a rose'
- You're intoxicating like liquor'
that my feet stumbled'
- Your beauty and your delicate body'
- Touch me not, Look at me from far'
- I feel shy'
- Drench me with your love'
- Let me sink into your love'
- Love is in the air'
So this is your competition?
Would you take the trouble of bringing this competition home?
I would like to discuss something with her,
- I like the girl very much, - Who asked you your opinion?
- I too like her a lot, - Shut up, will you?
- I too like the girl very much, - You?
You'd better not open your mouth at all , You're a liar,
The younger brother has been bunking college for a week
and romancing , Yet you never told me anything?
And listen I too like the girl,
You're on the right track, But there's one problem ,
- What is it? - Tell him,
I've loved vijay,
I love him more than my life,
I'II marry vijay, and none other,
My father is not stone-hearted , He loves me,
But there's one thing, He has lived his life in the military,
That's why he views everything in a military viewpoint,
He wants me to be married to a son
of a General or someone superior,
If there's any such person in your family
our problem will be solved ,
No! There's no such person in our family,
There's only this idiot police inspector in our family,
If he can be of some use
No How can it be?
- There is one, - Who is it?
This is my sister-in-law, And she's my niece,
As a token of my joy at your visit
I've ordered this 120 year old champagne from France,
Break it like one break's the enemies neck,
Whenever I'm somebody's guest, I make the host open bottles,
And whenever I'm the host, I make some admirer
I make some admirer open the bottle,
- Admirer - Ah! Yes! An admirer!
Because an admirer can be identified even by fools!
Do you understand what I say?
- Do you know what it is? - Brother, it's liquor,
It means that it's not good,
- It's painful , - I know, I know,
But to finalise your marriage, I'II have to drink this pain ,
Or this Major General will take me to task for sure,
But drinking liquor is prohibited for you ,
- Mother is right, - Is it anything special?
There's nothing special , It's only that
they're very concerned about my health ,
Doctor Atkins from London had called me day before yesterday
and told me not to drink liquor,
- It's prohibited , - It's prohibited?
Not at all, In the military, prohibition is prohibited,
Drinking liquor is not prohibited ,
Liquor is prohibited !
No! Nothing ! It's a wonderful drink!
The whole of France passed by,
Have you been to France?
I was in France during the Third World War,
The Third World War is yet to happen?
I mean the Second World War!
The Third World War is being eagerly awaited,
Where was your posting in France?
I was posted at a place where there was a lot of greenery,
In France, there's greenery everywhere,
Would you fill me another glass?
I too had been posted in France during those days,
How come we never met?
Would you make me another glass?
I was asking how we never happened to meet?
We didn't meet, Why didn't we meet?
- Is anything wrong? - Yes, something is wrong,
It's believed that if one wants to judge someone
one should look towards his feet instead of his face,
One shouldn't look at his clothes, but at his shoes,
And Mr, Fake General incidentally
your shoes are torn ,
Before I make you stand in a row and shoot all of you
On behalf of all of us, I ask you to pardon us for lying,
The truth is that vijay loves your daughter very much ,
She too loves him a lot,
You're a big man, you're a generous man,
So if you forgive this mistake of us young ones
and respect their love, we will be obliged ,
If your brother-in-law truly loves my daughter and you
love your brother-in-law, then I've a condition ,
After marriage, your brother-in-law
will have to live with me in my house,
No! No! Calm down!
Are you willing?
You're mistaking us,
We've come to take a daughter, Not to sell a son,
Agreed that you're wealthy,
But we too aren't beggars from the street,
We've the wealth of love,
We've the wealth of affection for each other,
Let me speak, Don't stop,
He's my husband's elder brother,
My father didn't love me as much as he loved me,
Do you possess this wealth?
He's my brother-in-law, He loves me like a son would ,
Do you have this wealth in your safe locker?
Our family comprises of five family members,
And we're united like the five fingers of a hand ,
A finger can't be cut off to join it to a wealthy man's hand,
Let me tell you one more thing,
The wife's true happiness is in her husband's house
though is no better than a worn out hut,
A woman who shuns heaven merely to live
in a gold palace is indeed an unfortunate woman,
If your daughter really loves vijay,
she'll break the wall comprising your conditions
and walk over to vijay's dilapidated heaven,
You'd better remember what I've just said ,
Good day!
- Be prepared, General'
- We’ll take your daughter'
- We’ll come on a horse'
- We yearn for one another'
- If we have to die for one another
we are prepared to do so'
- We love one another'
- We yearn for one another'
How long should we wait?
I don't think this actor can act like the General,
And I promise you that he'll act exactly like him today,
How can you?
Here I am General Pratap Sinha!
Will it not suffice?
Is he a General or a grass-cutter?
Actually, some countries do have such Generals,
Which country boasts of such Generals?
I'm in a tight spot,
This donkey will never be able to act like the General ,
When did you fight your first battle?
In which city?
What was the date?
What is your daughter's name?
And what is the aim of your life?
My uniform, my duty, and my love for the country,
And who's your enemy?
The enemy of the country is my own enemy,
It's a miracle,
Nobody can guess that he's not the General ,
You've said it right, you blind fools!
I don't look like a General, I'm truly the real General,
But we don't debate that you aren't the General ,
You scoundrel traitors!
The day when you'd come to me to sell the tanks
I'd realized at that moment
that you're the poisonous snake
which can bite the country with your poisonous teeth ,
You brought a hired actor to eliminate me,
But I removed him the first day, and started living in his place,
You mean we thought a General to be an actor
and continued to tell him the secrets and train him too?
How could we do this?
Why're you laughing now?
I'm proud of my acting skills,
Can any other actor in the world act like me?
- What're you doing? - I'm scratching ,
Hey! This is the actor, the fake General,
Don't beat me Or Curse me ,
I can hear claps, not curses,
I can eat tomatoes, not beatings,
I've understood
If I could help it
I'd have given you a big award for acting,
Now the thing is What is it?
Keep on scratching, and continue speaking ,
Over the upper region
The real General has come to Bangalore
to throw a party for his daughter's engagement,
If you come there, and not scratch like this,
- If you do what I need you to do? - I'II give it a thought,
What’ll you think about?
I'm speaking from Bangalore,
The function that I had told you about is scheduled for today,
If you don't come today, I'II give up my life,
We’ll go to Goa in the holidays,
What's the matter? Whose phone was it?
- Anita had called, - Is everything fine?
Nothing is fine,
The General has taken her away to Bangalore forcefully,
He's organized a marriage programme for her this evening ,
Anita says if I don't reach there by evening
she'll kill herself,
She'll kill herself?
A girl is being forcibly married
and you’ll sit here doing nothing?
Why don't you do something?
It's not a police case, He's her father, I'm helpless,
Has every one of you spoken out?
If you've the courage to express your love then you should
also have the courage to reach the destination ,
Brother if you were in my place, what would you've done?
I would've rode the motorcycle drove over to Bangalore
and gate-crashed into the General's function ,
- What? - You fool why're you staring?
Act like a man, Go and grab the girl's hand,
Yes go over!
- Bring a paper, pen and ink'
- I'II write my heart in your name'
- Not just heart'
- If you ask my life, I'II give it'
- This is the first thing I'II do'
- You are my crazy lover'
- Accept me'
- Walk holding my hand'
- Love me'
- Even I will love you'
- We accept this is a blame'
- Love is defamed'
- This is an intoxication'
- I wish to devour it'
- I want empty this glass'
You didn't mind my dancing with vijay?
Not at all,
You mean you're not opposed to our love?
Who can oppose love?
Love is God ,
Forefathers have said that
to understand love, one must love himself first,
One cannot estimate the force of the storm from a distance,
But sir stand erect
You were opposed to our Love till yesterday?
I'm not opposed to love,
I'm against the boys of today,
They treat love as if it is mere business,
And when their business flops, they make their escape,
But I realized today that your love is for real ,
So I bless you to be married,
I cannot express how happy I am ,
Don 't express it, Get married ,
No! I've promised my brothers that
till I educate myself and start earning, I won't marry,
If you allow me, can I give my family members the good news?
Sure! Go ahead
Inform them verbally, through letters, telegram, radio or TV,
Stand erect,
Start preparations for marriage, You have my blessings!
- Greetings, - Go ahead ,
- What happened? - Nothing , Greetings,
Rise up Is it all right?
Did he realize the truth?
I cannot believe that you're the same person ,
You've changed totally,
You've guessed it right, I've truly changed ,
I mean my style has changed,
Excuse me
Have you seen this man anywhere?
Have you seen him?
Tiger is alive,
- Did you see him yourself? - Yes,
He lives in Ooty, He has a timber business,
- And? - His brother is an Iinspector,
Inspector? And ?
The Iinspector has a wife and a daughter,
- They've a daughter! And? - There's a younger brother too?
The mother of the Iinspector’s wife lives in Bangalore,
In Bangalore!
A telegram for you from Bangalore,
Mother is serious, Come to Bangalore immediately,
This is a small gift from me,
- You see, my Child - I remember everything,
I should write about my grandmother's health
as soon as I reach there, And to take care of our health,
Eat food and drink milk daily, And
That's enough , You're very intelligent,
The place would be lonely without you,
So go fast and return fast,
Write a letter as soon as you reach there,
Vijay will come to accompany you back,
Take care of yourself, All right,
- Shall I go? - Yes,
Why is the house locked?
Where is Aarti? Is she fine?
Aarti and Jyoti have gone to Bangalore this morning
to visit you ,
We received a telegram that you've taken ill ,
And I received a telegram that Aarti has met with an accident,
That she is wounded, and that her condition is serious,
That's why I came immediately to see her,
But we never sent any such telegram ,
I didn't send any telegram ,
- I'm vijay speaking , - Yes tell me,
I went to the bus-stop to pick up sister-in-law and Jyoti,
The bus has reached here but both of them didn't reach,
- They didn't reach? - Yes, they didn't reach ,
And when I went to her mother's home to find out about them
her mother too was unavailable,
Her mother is over here,
Just a minute, vijay,
- Who's phone is it? - It's vijay, from Bangalore,
- He says they didn't reach there, - Give me the phone,
I went to the bus-stop, The bus has reached
but the sister-in-law and Jyoti haven't reached there,
- You went to mother's place? - Yes, I went there,
But it was locked , Brother says that mother has reached Ooty?
- Then where are both of them? - They're not there too?
- They didn't reach there? - Be patient, Everything'll be fine,
You hold on there, We're coming over to Bangalore,
All right, Reach here quickly,
I'II make enquiries in the meanwhile,
Where could Aarti and Jyoti be?
Now he’ll search for us,
I'II enquire over there,
Did you see her at the bus-stand?
No, Sir,
- Have you seen her anywhere? - No,
Excuse me
Did you happen to see any of them at the bus-stand here?
She's my daughter, Have you seen her somewhere?
- No, - This little girl is her daughter,
She's my wife, She came to Bangalore from Ooty yesterday,
- Did you see her? - No, Sir,
Have you seen either of them?
Anybody would take away such a beautiful woman ,
- Why don't you talk decently? - I won't, What can you do?
What would you do?
Move over!
Let's go,
Why've you kept us imprisoned in this dark chamber?
Answer me,
Why don't you answer me?
Do you know my husband is a police inspector?
He has 2 brothers, If they come here, they won't spare you,
I know,
I know it quite well, I am waiting for all three of them,
Yes !
Go to Bangalore and meet Tiger,
Tell him that his family is in my captivity,
If he doesn't believe you, give him this chain ,
Who is it?
There's no Tiger here,
What's the matter?
No nothing , I'm not feeling well ,
I'm unwell ,
I know, Brother, You're worried ,
We're all worried ,
I'II be back from the police station,
Mr, General you slap people for the sake of your country,
I've come to bid you good bye,
You didn't clear my tanks but
through that fake General, I've passed all my tanks,
I'II sell all the rotten tanks to the government
and take away US Dollars,
Then we’ll leave this country for good ,
For the last time, our greetings to you ,
Greetings , Let's leave ,
Where are the tanks?
The phone is ringing even as we're leaving,
But Tiger has been dead since
I mean I closed your file
Tiger is alive,
Where are you speaking from?
Who gave you my telephone number?
It's not too difficult to find out numbers of affluent people,
- Did you telephone me now? - How could I telephone you?
I didn't even know that you're alive,
I don't even know about your whereabouts,
Bakhtawar telephoned him ,
How're you, Tiger?
I suppose you're not experiencing any problem ,
If you've any problem, tell me, I'II come to your rescue,
The wife of my brother, Kumar, and his daughter
are missing since yesterday,
They had left for Bangalore from Ooty,
But they haven't reached yet,
Bakhtawar took them away,
I've come here in Bangalore to find their whereabouts,
As soon as I reached home, somebody telephoned me
He inquired about Tiger,
He inquired about Tiger? Bakhtawar must've telephoned ,
Only two people know about Tiger,
- One is you - And the second is Bhaktawar,
Where's Bhaktawar?
He doesn't know about Bhaktawar,
Bakhtawar is dead ,
He's dead ,
I'm your friend, Tiger,
Why don't you go and meet Jumma?
She's shooting at Bangalore, Go and meet her,
And if you need any other help, I'm on your side,
- One man has to be killed, - Where will he be available?
Near Jumma ,
- My beloved'
- Look here'
- Today is a Friday'
- Look I have come'
- I rule everyone's mind'
- Even you come soon'
- Don't make me wait'
- Today is a Friday'
- Come! Come! '
- Take a kiss'
- I had promised you a kiss'
- Look, I have fulfilled that promise'
- Your Jumma is still unmarried'
Bhaktawar has sent a message for you ,
- Bhaktawar is alive? How can it be? - Yes, Tiger,
Run ! Run !
Tell me who has sent you? Come on! Tell me!
Tell me who sent you? Tell me, you Scoundrel!
I'II tell you
Friend !
Who is it?
Genera I ? I t' s you ,
What's all this?
With a view to fill his pockets by cheating the nation
Girdhar, the traitor, kidnapped me,
What're you doing here?
- I'm also searching for him, - You too?
Yes, My family is at risk at his hands,
Catch both of them ,
Mummy! My doll!
Look at this house carefully, He turned it into coal ,
Look over there! My wife used to cook over there,
And my children played here, Tiger turned everybody into ash !
Yes, the elder brother of your husband is Tiger,
He has caused everybody's destruction ,
You must be mistaken ,
There's nobody called Tiger in our family,
My husband does have a brother, But his name is Shekhar,
His name is Shekhar?
It means the scoundrel has changed his name,
Hey! Come forward !
What is the name of Tiger's father?
And what about his younger brother?
And what's the other brother's name?
He's your husband , Do you believe it now?
Did you get to know about Aarti and Jyoti?!
- Where's brother? - He just went out,
- Connect me to Tiger, - Have you gone mad?
How many times have I told you
that there's no one called Tiger here?
Fool ! Your elder brother is Tiger,
If you want your wife and the kid back alive
ask Tiger to come and meet me,
Ask him to meet Bhaktawar,
I've found Tiger's file,
I don't understand anything , We've no enmity with anybody
Sister-in-law and Jyoti are missing from home since 2 days,
I wonder what Kumar is doing? I wonder where Shekhar is?
- Where's Kumar? - I ' m not sure ,
I think he's gone to the police station, But what's the matter?
Your sister-in-law and Jyoti have been kidnapped ,
- Kidnapped? - Kidnapped?
How can it be? We've no enmity with anybody,
You don't have any enmity ,
But at one point of time, I had enmity with somebody,
I haven't told you anything about it,
I concealed it from you ,
I have my own past,
Today is the time when I should tell you about my past,
Your past, Shekhar?
His name is not Shekhar,
His name is Tiger,
Yes ,
He was a famous ruffian of his times,
Collecting extortion money from helpless people
Killing or beating others in exchange for money
was an easy task for him,
During his times, there used to be a gang leader, Bhaktawar,
Tiger eliminated his entire family and fled away,
- It's a lie, - He cannot do it,
Yes, he did it, Shekhar alias Tiger did it,
He burnt alive Bhaktawar's family
and fled with 12 lakh rupees cash,
I cannot believe it, It's all a lie,
It's true, The file contains the police inspector's report,
What's the name of the inspector?
Thereafter what did he do?
He changed his name, posed as a decent man
and began living a peaceful life along with his brothers,
But brother, just like a person cannot walk
without touching his feet on the earth ,
Similarly a criminal can run away from law, but can't escape,
This is the debt of your old sins, which all of us
is being forced to pay now,
Because of your crimes
your enemies kidnapped Aarti and Jyoti ,
You've been disgraced in our eyes,
We treated you like a God,
But you're a criminal, cheater, ruffian and a killer,
That's enough ,
You've said enough , You've spilled enough venom ,
You? You call him a criminal cheater, ruffian and a killer?'
Has your speech become so powerful?
Is he a killer?
I know what he is,
I'II tell you the reality about this human being,
There's no need to explain anything ,
Let them believe that I'm a thief, robber
cheater, and a ruffian ,
There's no need to offer any explanations,
But Kumar I would like to reply to your allegations,
Just like a person cannot walk on earth without touching it
similarly your wife and kid cannot come back
without Shekhar alias Tiger's involvement,
Nobody can bring them back, Nor you neither your police force,
I'm leaving to bring them back,
Stop! You're a criminal , I won't let you go away,
I'II go this very moment,
No power in the world can prevent me today,
It's nice,
This is the only day that remained to be seen,
I've seen it too,
Do you know that
You've gathered experience about criminals
through text books and files,
I've gathered my experience by living in their midst,
l I can deal with them not you ,
Not you
- Stop, Brother, - No, Brother,
Let him go, He's on the right track,
- Move away, - No!
- Brother! - Move away !
Run away, Brother!
Move away!
Run away, Brother!
- Stop, Brother, - Run away, Brother,
Scoundrel !
What're you doing?
He has done two incorrect things today,
He insulted his elder brother, And beat his younger brother,
It's all right,
Who're you to interfere among us?
What right do you have to meddle in our family matters?
I'm the woman who rejected Tiger's love
and sacrificed her life for the sake of you brothers,
I know about Tiger's past life, not you ,
Tiger became Shekhar because of you brothers,
He didn't want his past to adversely affect your present,
To fill your stomachs, he even accepted labour work,
He drove rickshaws and lifted heavy luggage to educate you ,
Every moment of your present life
is indebted to his hard work,
You've given him a good certificate for his
sacrifices by labelling him as a criminal and a rogue,
No one will make such sacrifice for his own blood brothers
which he has made for his step brothers,
Welcome, Tiger,
You made me wait a lot,
Where's my family?
I was waiting for this day since the past 15 years,
Come on ,
Scoundrel ! My children
Don't move! Or the bomb will blast off!
This was only a sample, Only the dummies were blown,
If you move further, real people'll be blown away,
Look over there!
Those people have been tied to bombs on their bodies,
And the boxes all around them too contain bombs,
And look! I have the remote!
Look! Shall I press it?
Shall I?
No ! Don't do it?
I've raised them with a lot of love and affection,
They're innocent, What harm have they inflicted upon you?
Why're you making them as a hurdle?
I'd been wanting to ask you the same question since 15 years,
What harm did my wife cause to you?
What harm had my children inflicted upon you?
What was your enmity with them to have burnt them in fire?
Me? I burnt your family?!
No! I didn't do it, I cannot do such a despicable act,
You're lying ,
You even killed my man who had brought you a message for me,
No, I didn't kill him,
Why would I kill the man who brought news about my family?
He was killed by the person who didn't want us to meet,
If we were to meet, he would've been exposed,
It was me who wanted to kill you
the day you manipulated the murder of my parents,
the day my friend was killed,
I feel that I should've killed you on that day,
At least I wouldn't have had to see this day,
But that day, a double-faced person was instrumental in
preventing me from committing a murder,
That person's name is Girdhar,
Girdhar manipulated the murder of your henchmen ,
It was Girdhar who feigned sympathy for me
and told me to run away from here,
It was Girdhar who robbed your safe deposit locker,
It was Girdhar who burnt your family members and
noted in the police file that I've committed the crime,
You're lying ,
Girdhar couldn't have done such a thing ,
He was employed with me,
He was a dog who was dependent on me for his survival,
Look over there!
Look at the dog
who is believed to have been dependent on you all along,
He's flying high in the skies today
after cheating and committing frauds,
He's the chameleon who changes colours,
He befriended me and stabbed me from behind
and he feigned loyalty to you
and destroyed your entire family,
He's the one,
- He's the one! - It's true that
one who has brains and power is the one who rules,
Earlier, I had brains, Now I 've power too ,
By using brains, I'd burned you and your family members,
You were lucky to have survived ,
Your luck too was good, And you were saved,
I had fired at the train which you were travelling in,
The train compartments burst open, but you escaped unscathed !
Now both of you’ll be eliminated ,
Scoundrel !
No tricks today, Today is my lucky day,
I've shot down one already,
If you try to act smart, my men will shoot you down,
So don't move today,
You may remember God, and glimpse at your family
members for the final time,
You don't have much time, and I've the remote control,
As soon as I reach the helicopter
I'II press the button and you’ll be blown away to pieces,
We’ll be dead, But angels of death will be left behind,
My two brothers are still alive,
Look at it, Girdhar,
We're like the five fingers in a hand ,
Merely by cutting off a finger, a hand cannot not severed ,
When the fist is formed by clenching together the fingers
none in the world will be able to face it,
We’ll find you out of wherever you try to hide yourself in ,
Then we’ll kill you in such a manner that
for once, even death will start sweating with fear,
Let's see
- We will prove our love'
- We will lay our lives for each other'
- We will die for each other'
- We are restless for each other'
- If we have to die for each other '
- We are ready'
Gosh ! Run !
The fist!
It's urgent that I leave this place, You'd better get lost!
Let's go,
Good bye! Good bye!
Take it upwards,
Don't let this dog get away!
Do as I say
Take him towards that triangular structure
and smash him into pieces,
Take him closer,
Smash him!
Arrest all these traitors,
My doll!
I'm the fake he's the real one,
Did you enjoy posing as the General?
No, sir, I'm a poor actor,
I'd done it as a prank for some earnings,
Aren't you ashamed of playing pranks with the country?
Stop all this nonsense! Or I'II shoot her dead ,
- Uncle! - I won't accept defeat easily,
Bring over the helicopter,
You'd burned my children, you scoundrel !
Now you’ll die too!
- Hey Jumma! '
- My darling'
- Come out'
- Today is a Friday'
- You had promised'
- Look, I have come'
- Even you come soon'
- Don't make me wait anymore'
- You told me last Friday '
- You would give me a kiss next Friday'
- Today is Friday'
- So come! Come! '
- Jumma, give me a kiss'
- You promised me a kiss on Friday'
- You broke the promise on Friday'
- It again Friday today'
- Jumma, give me a kiss'
- I won't give you a kiss'
- I promised you a kiss on Friday'
- You broke the promise on Friday'