Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks (Episode 9: Smart Stay, Samsung Anycall Service A/S Center)

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hello everyone welcome to Galaxy Note 2 tips and tricks episode nine and today i
wanna talk about the feature smart stay and i talked about this feature when i
first started making these videos when i first got my device
but just in case people have missed it i think they could benefit a lot from it
and i want to talk about it
and that tips and tricks series
so um...
in a traditionally on a smartphone say you're using that device and you're
looking at a web page and you don't touch the screen for a while the screen will
first go dim and and then it'll go dark
so you don't need me to tell you how annoying that is and you have to
probably turn on your phone
right and then uh... you might even put in a password there and continue reading
on the web page that you were at
well samsung introduced a
awesome feature first and uh... galaxy S 3 and i'm very happy that it
made it on that galaxy note 2
and it is called smart stay smart stay yeah i'm going to enable smart stay and
then have the screen timeout for fifty seconds just for this demonstration but
that is not the optimal setting
but uhm
smart stay
righ you can't see an eye icon with some eyelashes pop up in this
when it sees you it didn't see me that time because I'm behind the camera when it sees you it keeps a
screen on and it keeps it from dimming
but if it doesn't see you right it didn't see me that time and then i'm going to
stay away from the camera
and then it's going to pop up that icon the second time and then it's going to
shut off the screen
say that it does see you when you're just normally using the phone as you could see
i just saw me there
it doesn't even been screen and i think that is excellent you know having to
touch the
phone unnecessarily just because you know you don't want it shut off
very an intuitive event
you know i'm very happy that samsung did it first
so um...
now remember i told you that fifteen seconds wasn't the optimal time it is
this camera right as uh... little battery that it that it is using its fires off
every set at every fifteen seconds and
that is something you probably don't want it's going to put a little bit more
drain on their batteries than necessary
so i believe the best uh... screen time out
you know when you use
smart stay
is going to be rather around one or two minutes so uh...
you know just for this time on the i'm going to keep it at two minutes but
maybe uh...
you know play around with one or two minutes and uh... if you find that one
is better than the other please let me know
and uh... one thing that they're about this uh... camera there's a
the sensors in general there's uh...
separate controller or brain on this phone
uh... you know that's a rumor going around
uh... somebody talked to use uh... representative at samsung
and they're able to
you know collect informations from the sensors uh... from separated
like a
on this phone
so that they don't have to turn on the cpu and that means a lot of sense to me
the smart stay feature
has pretty much been on that
ever since i've owned this device
and i would say i'm very impressed if it has to actually
take a picture with this camera and analyse my face somehow
and then
send that information also
and very happy with the battery life even though the
you know that analysis of my image is happening
it's being done very efficiently
ok that is it for smart stay i hope you are enable it just
you could be kind of peeking into the phone you not looking at the phone
directly but it's still sees you there
taking it just works
okay so that's it for tips and tricks for today but i have a small bonus for you
guys i went to the samsung anycall service center here in korea
i'm not sure if they exist outside of korea
but there are all six of them are here and that summer very to take care samsung
galaxy device
and say that you're having some uh... software or even hardware trouble or
say that
you dropped your screen and it's chattered
you could take it here and they could actually replace your corolla glass on
the spot i think that is uh... excellent level of service that they're offering
and uh...
you know I guess it's like a kinda the genius bar at the macstore you
go there and you take a number
and then when they call you you know they could help you and while you're
waiting there is
things to check out there's a small accessory store you could get
official samsung
accessories and there's like a free computer for you to use while you'r waiting
and unlimited amount of coffee you could drink i think it's uh...
very excellent a level of service that they provide and i hope
as uh... more and more of these galaxy phones
uh... get bought by customers outside of you know korea
I hope we could see these amazing service centers
outside of korea
so um... here's just a quick video
okay so that's what it looks like inside of samsung anycall service center
and if you're in Korea by any chance and you want to help getting to the
store just drop me a quick message on you tube and i'll show you how to get to
because it's not terribly easy to find on the maps but
that there are all convenient locations if you're around seoul
one thing to notice that uh... they're really strict on couple of
things one is
they see that your device is rooted that voice your warranty and you're going to
have to help pay for them to uh... uh...
look at your you know
repair your phone
and I once took my phone and just to get the ear phones replaced cuz
one of them i guess one of the wires got cut
and uh... they took my phone in the back for twenty minutes and they really
you know gave it a all they can just try to see if i had rooted it luckily
uh... i didn't have my route you know i did i have my phone rooted because
my korean language skills are not perfect
and i i didn't
you know want to have to
you know argue with them in any way
and luckly they are able to replace my ear phones for free
so that is the reason I don't route this device unlike all the koreans here
that have a phone setting in korean i have a setting english so their first
impression is
that i have the device routed one i show them my phone
and they try very hard to prove that it is routed that when it is not
say also want to mention that uh... if you're getting any ideas of
traveling to korea with your international galaxy device
and going to samsung as
service center
for some service uh... i
definitely would not recommend that because uh... they only honored
warranties you know for the current contract you're in and the current
contract you're in and he met you may not be under current contract or he might be
under a contract which are carrier
and they will
they will probably just
not accept the phone for any kind of service
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