QUT Master of Business Process Management

Uploaded by TheQUTube on 05.10.2011

The Masters of Business Process Management is an ideal program for IT management professionals
to pick up some business management capabilities and also for business management professionals
to pick up some IT capabilities.
If you like it’s almost like a mini-MBA combining the best from both
the business and the technology.
The Masters of BPM is ideal for those people wanting to make the progression to a management
role within their organisation, or indeed transition from IT or Business,
or another field, into a business management role.
The program is one of the few globally at the moment in business process management
and is recognised as leading the way for research in this field.
It’s been accredited by the Australian Computer Society,
and also recognised by the Seoul Accord.
The academics we deal with are thought leaders in their field, and the research is emerging
and really cutting edge.
The benefits of this program is that it gives you flexibility
in the subjects that you choose.
You can really select subjects of interest and develop capabilities
and over the course of the program you’re able to delve into IT subjects,
business subjects, new emerging research subjects,
and really develop a program that suits your desires and positions you within industry.
The delivery of topics at night time really fits in well with my full time work schedule,
and also the ability to access course notes and
other material online 24/7 was beneficial as well.
Not only that, but access to academics and fellow students through different forums and
networking events was a real positive side to the program, and you really developed relationships
with those students during the course of the degree.
Relationships that will continue after graduation.
Fellow graduates of the masters program have gone on to find positions here in Australia
in some of the largest mining companies, and also in the States and Europe.
The qualification is globally sought after
and you’ll find that you’ll have employers knocking on your door.