Keith Jones Interview

Uploaded by communityinclusion on 02.03.2010

Hello, my name is Keith Jones. I am a person with a disability.
I am also an entrepreneur. I own my own business, and I graduated from Ramapo College some years
back with a degree in sociology, and that degree has set me up for the work that I do
now. There was a couple of times prior to me getting
to college where some people were not necessarily thinking that I was ready to do it.
They would say, "Well, you sure?" "We don't think your spelling is strong enough," or
"we don't think you can be independent enough," because I would need some assistance.
In getting into college, you will find out that independence for yourself is key.
But there will be some barriers, there will be some challenges, and those barriers and
challenges you will have to learn how to face. One of the best ways to do it is learning
to be your own best self-advocate. Learning how to speak up and request those
supports and those services, such as myself. I needed assistance in getting ready to go
to class in the morning, and having someone take notes and write things
for me, so that I could do my work. But I did, and I asked, and I learned how
to get better as I got closer to graduation. So it is critically important that you learn
what your needs are, what your supports will be, in order for you to be most successful.
These four years of college will be some of the best four years of your life, but there
will be challenges, and there will be barriers, but ultimately, you will overcome them to
actually achieve the dream that you set for yourself.
So I wish you luck, congratulations, and best of luck to your future. Take care.