Tipos de Borrachos

Uploaded by WOKlTOKl on 22.10.2012

What if we have a drink, guys?
Right now? No
All right, But let`s take it easy
Yeah, sure. Let`s take it easy,we have to work tomorrow
The hoarder
The cheap one
Hold on,hold on. If i drink alcohol, then I´m an alcoholic.
So, if I drink Fanta, am I fantastic?
The philosopher
The waterfall
The bulk
The homebody
The imprecise
Dude, I`ll always be with you. Forever, buddy.
You`re my man
The emotional
The meme
The Mike Tyson
Okay, okay, picture! Picture!
No, you always post them on Facebook
No, i won`t post them on Facebook, c´mon, picture!
The paparazzi
The Zombie
The unstable
The fat cat
Do you remember I once told you, I have 3 siblings?
Well, my brother is super cool
What movies do you like? Because Batman is amazing
The chatty one
I went to see it with my friends the other day
Hey, how`s going? Huh?
What`s a pretty girl doing on her own?
The ladies´man
The toy
The abductee
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