The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood - Dirty tool of the US for a dirty role in the crisis

Uploaded by TruthSyria on 09.11.2011

As it was expected, the so-called "Syrian National Council" that was founded in Istanbul made up its mind
No dialogue with the government
Such a decision didn't actually surprise the Syrians, because they already know what kind of councils it is, and the purpose this council was founded for
From within the halls of this council the smell of conflicts among his figures began to rise
such figures who stood always against each other, and the only thing that gathered them is their common desire to destroy Syria and undermine its security
The leaked information state that there is an atmosphere of frustration among the figures of Istanbul council and their allies who call for a military NATO-intervention in Syria
So they started to fire at the agreement between Syria and the Arabic league in order to internationalize the crisis
This is not our story... It was a report published in many Arabic newspapers
The report reveals information about an agreement between the Muslim brotherhood and their Turkish, American and Israeli allies
This plan stresses the necessity of magnifying the terrorist attacks in Syria especially in the city of Homs
in addition to smuggling more terrorists into Syria, especially those who belong to the Muslim brotherhood in order to carry out more terrorist attacks in the coming few days
according to the leaked information these terrorist attacks will be accompanied with the usual Arabic and Western media campaigns against Syria
and as usual the Arabic and Western media reports will hold the Syrian authorities responsible for the crimes committed by the Arab-West-backed terrorists
which will sabotage the Arab league-sponsored dialogue and eventually internationalize the crisis
This journal report was revealed by sources inside the Istanbul council
The sources assure that the plan was really prepared and widely adopted. The Muslim brotherhood terrorists will be the spearhead of this plan
We spoke a lot about the American support for the Syrian opposition abroad
and how this opposition turned into a tool to satisfy the American greed in the region
Let us hear what "Saeed Jalili" - the secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council - says
Jalili in the occasion of occupying the American embassy in Tehran (took place during the Iranian revolution late seventies)
Jalili said: "Iran has irrefutable evidence that exposes the official involvement of the United States government in anti-Iran planning and the dispatching of elements to conduct acts of sabotage and terror in Iran and other regional countries."
Every honest man said his word
but the crow of the Devil still caws
and the Syrians stay - as they have always been - the guarantee to defeat any enemy