Pumpkini - Conch Republic Bikinis Cocktail Hour

Uploaded by conchbikinis on 25.11.2010

Carl: Hi, I'm Carl, I'm the founder of Conch Republic Bikinis, welcome to another edition
of Conch Republic Bikinis Cocktail Hour. Today we are with Amber.
Amber: Hi.
Carl: How you doing?
Amber: Very good.
Carl: One of our latest feature models, looking really great on the site.
Amber: Thank you.
Carl: Looking really great in that suit.
Amber: Thank you.
Carl: So this is our Thanksgiving edition here in the U.S., our Thanksgiving holidays,
and so we thought we would put Amber in this nice orange suit to match the drink we're
about to make. Right?
Amber: It's beautiful, yes. Very festive.
Carl: Great. I'm enjoying a little bit of Sailor Jerry on ice before we make the drink
because I can't watch a drink being made without at least having something in my hand, so cheers.
Happy holidays everybody. So Amber, tell us what you're going to make for us today, what
is this called?
Amber: We are making a Pumpkini, which of course sounds delicious. We're using Sailor
Jerry. Shall I start mixing?
Carl: Please.
Amber: All right. So it's going to be one part Sailor Jerry.
Carl: You don't even have to mix that stuff.
Amber: Go ahead and pour a little on there.
Carl: All right. One part.
Amber: One part.
Carl: You're being very particular, aren't you?
Amber: And then we're going to do one part of Liquor 43, adds like a little nice vanilla
Carl: Cool.
Amber: All righty. And then we're going to do two parts of Fresh Pressed Coconut. Not
the fake stuff.
Carl: Not the sugary stuff.
Amber: The real stuff.
Carl: There you go. That looks good.
Amber: All righty.
Carl: You want me to put the tops back on for you while you're doing that? I could like,
clean up.
Amber: All right, you do that. My barmaid. And then we're going to do a tablespoon of
fresh pumpkin.
Carl: Or you can do canned pumpkin if you're in a rush.
Amber: Oh, or canned. And a tablespoon of cinnamon.
Carl: Brown sugar, actually.
Amber: Oh, just kidding. Brown sugar.
Carl: Same color.
Amber: All righty.
Carl: There's your cinnamon.
Amber: And just a dash of that.
Carl: A big dash.
Amber: A big dash? Okay. A big dash of cinnamon.
Carl: Okay, cool.
Amber: And then we're blending.
Carl: We're going to blend here. I'll hold the top, you can hit the button. Very nice,
I'll hand this to you.
Amber: All righty. All right, let's check it out. My little creation here.
Carl: Go ahead and fill that one to the top, I already have a drink in my hand.
Amber: All righty. More for me.
Carl: Yum. Garnish. There you go. Here's the garnish. Very nice, very festive.
Amber: All right. Cheers.
Carl: So give us a little twirl, let us see the suit.
Amber: All right.
Carl: All right.
Amber: Look how well that matches, it's perfect.
Carl: Great. And the zipper, is it comfortable?
Amber: Very comfortable.
Carl: And it works, right?
Amber: It is fully functional.
Carl: Very nice.
Amber: Yes.
Carl: Again, I have the best seat in the house. Cheers.
Amber: Cheers.
Carl: Happy holidays, everyone, Happy Thanksgiving.
Amber: Happy Thanksgiving.
Carl: Thanks for making us this great drink.
Amber: Thank you.
Carl: It's yummy, it tastes just like a pumpkin pie. Cheers. Now...
Amber: Very good.
Carl: Just remember you can buy this awesome bikini at conchrepublicbikinis.com and if
you have a cocktail that you'd like to see us make on this show, email us at cocktails@conchrepublicbikinis.com.
Or if you don't have a drink, that you'd just like to send us some comments, we'd be happy
to read some of your comments as well. So, enjoy. Thanks a lot.
Amber: Bye.
Carl: Looking great in that suit.
Amber: Thank you.