Neil deGrasse Tyson answering 'Why are those who invoke Intelligent Design useless in your lab?'

Uploaded by sorriso56 on 13.05.2011

Audience member: When people get to the limits of their knowledge, and they invoke Intelligent
Design, you say that those people are no longer useful for you in the lab?
If that's what they do, yes.
So, the question is he saw one of my talks when the research scientists carve the way
to the edge of what is known.
There's a boundary there. Between what is known and what is unknown.
Now you want to push that boundary by asking questions of the unknown. And that is how
discovery unfolds.
And in that lecture I commented that there are some people in society who will invoke
either a deity or what they call Intelligent Design
as an accounting for things that we don't yet understand on the premise that we will
never understand it.
And I asserted that those people are not useful in the laboratory. Whatever it is they do
in life
the lab is not a place I need them to be.
I need the people in the lab to say, "There's something I don't understand. I'm going to
solve it."
That's a different kind of mentality towards the unknown and those are the people that
make discoveries.