Metal Gear Stupid 2, Sons of Bit**

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Metal Gear Stupid 2 is a film made by fans that parody the game of konami
Whose name is Metal Gear Solid 2
We suggest you to play and finish the game before seeing this movie, but if you want...
... You can see it anyway, because it's not strictly necessary
We have never earned any money with this movie, we have even put our money on it...
...From our own wallet, knowing far well that we will never receive nothing in exchange. it's true that...
... We've used songs from OST of other movies, but a lot of people use songs from other artists in...
... The videos that we can find in any humor page on the internet. and they're not denounced.
Our film is just like that. a humor video made by fans.
(But unlike the others, is nearly 2 hours long). as before explained...
This film is on free distribution, copy, and edition. from wich nobody, without exception...
...can earn profit, because if he did, he commit an offense, and offend the authors of this film, that will...
... Go to his cell to sing "I'ts Raining men" untill he dies. from the other side, disseminate this movie is not just legal...
... but besides, the authors will be eternaly gratefull. and one day will come to your house...
... to do a massage on your feet. without more delay, we hope you enjoy the movie.
Greetings the producers
In loving memory of the Impervious
Four years since snake left the peregil island, the metal gear blueprints were leaked on the internet...
...thanks to the emule. Reaching many governments, as well democratic as dictatorial
This ilegal leeking, justify that the american government let special powers to the supreme chancellor
i mean... the secretary of deffense, to the creation of a new Metal Gear Anti-Metal Gear.
The proyect Metal Gear R.A.Y. (Radioactive Automatic Yupi) contributed in a year
The remaining 3 years, were used to explain the president Bush, what was internet.
American Base: DFD-ER, Grade: Secret, Place: żwhat part of SECRET did you don't understand?
ĄĄFuck!! ĄĄWeed!!
-Otacon, Can you hear me? -Loud and clear
-Hey, didn't i must say that? -What?
-Forget about it. i'm already at the military base. tell me what i got to do
-Well, in that base are a Metal Gear
-What's the matter,snake?
-I's always the same, it can't be a nuclear tank or an atomic bomb
-Or a U.F.O, got to be another metal gear!!
-Snake, listen to me, you just got to take a picture
-Just a picture? -Yes, just one picture
-Nothing about destroy it? -Nope, just a picture
-And the camera?
-He he, snake, i don't know where i hide it. find it
-You son of a B%"@!! Muth(=&#!!
-Hey snake, if you find a locker, bring me the poster... you know
-Otacon... -Yes, snake?
-Shaking at home!!
Yes sir, it's already here
No, we haven't enter yet
If i knew... i've never come...
No, i'm saying: "I can wait!"
Snake, will never see the sun again
(In that moment, a terrorist group assault the military base)
They kill the guards and start to get inside the facillity
ĄĄYahooo guys!! ĄĄwait me up!! ĄĄWait!!
żgot fire?
hey, dude, fire, no?
SShh, fire men, fireeeee
Fire duuude
-Oh men ĄĄWhat a critter!! -ĄĄAAAhhh!! ĄĄaaahh!! ĄĄget away!!
Wait up, there still a body here aahhhh
-Snake, you got me in a bad moment
-I was just shaving my crotch... -Wait!! Wait!!
-But... -I said no!!
-I cutted my nuts -AAAAAAAGGGHH!!
-Listen Otacon!! i was just here so calmed and there arrived some terrorist. and they killed even the screenwriter
-I don't wanna say nothing, but at the beginning i just suppose to make some pictures...
-And if i got to destroy the metal gear... i'm gonna get pissed off!!
-Snake you know what happen with your blood pressure. so listen to me
-Continue with your mission, and may the force be with you
-Stupid freak...
Enemies rising up from the north. ĄĄRetreat!!
-ĄCome on! -ĄShut up!
-ĄĄĄLet's get out of here!! -ĄĄNo, Stay where you are!!
-ĄĄĄĄLet's go!!!!!
-ĄĄĄĄShut up!!!!
-Go, i'll take care of this
żdon't you know how to knock the door?
-It's him -Snake.
-żProceed? -Yes
Meryl smack faster
Come on soldiers. ĄYou! stop chewing gum
Soldiers, this is a unique mission
ĄĄI already told you to stop chewing gum!! ĄĄI warned you!!
Soldiers, we will fulfill a unique mission
Transporting the Metal Gear. Wich is the most destructive weapon since the birth of 50 Cent
This weapon, will ensure the supremacy of our nation for... a few weeks
But there's a drawback. We've destroyed the blueprints and the one that build it, so nobody could stole it
And we don't know how it works, neither build another. But the size is scary
...will buy this nice cap of metal gear? the official cap.
protect your head from the sun
And we have more kind of... stuff. we've got:
Handbags, boots, T-Shirts, Rockings, Armchairs...
Any kind of stuff about Metal Gear
Buy it on a cheap price
You can pay with your crecit card
-żWho's there?
-żWho are you?
-Stranger, this hall is not large enough for us
-Fat, your father. żhow did you get in?
-you called all the soldiers
-There's no one at the door. even the tourists have come inside
-They're taking pictures of the missiles
-I want... that Metal Gear
-And you want it like it is, or gift wrapped?
-Look clown, here i have a detonator. that will explode everthing that stay here
-So get out of here
That's so fancy shooting i have. two shoots and i've killed everybody
-Hold it right there, ocelot
-Snake, you're here...
-Yeah, żand where were you in the other movie?
-Yellow flu, i couldn't come that day
-Doesn't matter. you wouldn't last long
-Don't laugh. it was one hell of a flu. they had to cut my arm
-ĄĄNoo!!, ĄĄnot again!!
(Liquid) HaHaHa, i'm Back snake, and i'm gonna kill you this time
ĄĄLiquid!! that tough existence of you! living as a right hand
You probably had to do a lot of nasty things
-ĄĄShut up!! i'll escape in the metal gear. but you will die today and here
jejaja... jaaajajajaa.
The blast of the base, become the biggest ecological disaster of the history
Because of the radiation from the blast, dozens of miles were marked as...
...dangerouse zone. and a ecological base was planted in the middle of the disaster zone to absorb the radioactivity
The press and the investigations from the government blamed snake of the disaster. the find his body on the ruins
Two years later, the president Bush visited the ecologic base to close it
This fact was approved by an insurgent group of terrorist called death cell
Whose kidnapped the president and the whole facillity
The despair government, called the snake substitute... someone as fool as he was... Raiden
Time: 16 and a while. Ecologic base Anti-Ratiation. Place: ruins from the disaster
Hello, i'm the colonel, i can't talk to you right now.
My mom is doing some sugar donuts
So, stay there, and call me later
Shit, fuck. without the colonel i don't know what i have to do
You are so nasty... and DIRTY!!
-Raiden, what are you doing?
-Nothing, killing the enemies. i have blood all over
-Well, but are you inside?
-Inside what?
-My ass!! where else?
-It's a suggestion?
-What?! -Nothing, nothing... yes, i'm inside
-Well, i'll tell you what we know
-ok, so...?
-Hehehe... see... i don't remember anything, dude. i forgot all about it
-Well, its the typical. they kiddnaped the president bush
-Some bad guys, they have taken the base and try to destroy it. again!
-But something has changed, we sent a marines to help you.
-and that?
-Becouse with you we have no long future here
-But don't you get seen becouse they will confuse you with the enemy
-So, right now i have the double of people that could kill me
-What kind of help is this!?!?
-Well, doesn't matter. i'll keep you informed, when i remember something
-Over, and cover, take cover, over, over.
Hey! you left your camera here!
ĄFuck! ĄĄIt's so high!!
ĄĄEEEEhh!! ĄĄAAAhh!! ĄĄSon of a bitch!!
żWho is?...
-ĄI'ts me, you idiot! -Uffff...
żWho do you think it was? other one, żdon't you? żsome hooker of yours, right?
yeah, well... żdid you finished the mission?
ĄI've just started!
żĄWhat!? Ąand how do you want to be here for the lunch?
i'll be here at least for two days more
And so for that i'm cooking huh? Ąfor you to have fun over there!
But is a national security work, honey
żand they sent you? Ąwe're doomed!
yesterday you were on the telepizza...
well, doesn't matter... continue with your "mission"
Ąoh!, they sent a message for you
You have 5 minutes remaining of life. bye honey, i love you
ĄĄBut in the movie was one week!!
Yes, i told her that, but she say that she have so much work, and it's doing some extra hours
ĄĄYou gonna die!!
ĄĄI'm not Your fucking mommy!!
Come, president, get up
i can't, i'm unconscious
ĄĄMr Bush get up!!
I can't, i told you i'm unconscious
ĄDon't make me get down, i have a terribly lumbago!
ĄThere's the president! ĄCome on!
ĄWait!, ĄWe have to wait to the signal!
ĄĄCome On!!
-Freeze!! (Bitch) -FREEZE!!
Ąstop everybody!, ĄĄyou could hit the pressident!!
ĄĄWow!! Ąthere's a lot of people!
żyou know something? if you can't hit me with one of your bullets...
i'll show you... My crotch
My Name is Fortune, and everybody call me that becouse i have a lot of luck. what a pity
I Always win on bonolotto... i get my driver license at the first try
And... if i kick a stone and find money
but well, you didn't hit me with any bullet
i'll have to kill you, becouse you've drepressed me
-Hi queen!! -Hi Chester
-He's just bad for the health
-Go, grab this one and take it to the base
-Why don't you take it yourself? -You know why?
-Becouse those maggot have tried to kill me and they didn't succeeded
-There are days that's better to stay at bed
-Come on, Take it
-Hey, will you kill me a bit when we arrive the base?
-Nope, i have to take a nap
-Sir, the soldiers have entered in the base
-If my data is correct, i'll finish them quickly
-Take care of him first. so it'll be easier to kill the others.
-At least we can reveal versus the patriots. At least we can have our revenge!!
-You have been well trained, my young apprentice. They will be no match for you
ĄĄYour neck is dirty, PIG!!
(Sniff Sniff) i know you! that smell... Smell like...
And what's the smell of the things that doesn't smell?
(Sniff) smells like... Crappy...
Nope, That's from the other one
Hey,do you mind? i'm dying, dudes
Hey!... ĄĄHo!!... ĄĄLet's go!! ĄĄI'm a pro!!
ĄĄAAAAAAGHH!! ĄĄĄMutherfucker!!!
ĄĄGet down!! ĄĄĄGO AWAY!!!
ĄĄYou will pay for this, Snake!!
I'ts not...
I'ts not over yet, Snake
-żAre you allright, snake?
-I'm not snake, my name is pliskin
-Whatever you say... Snake
-ĄĄLess joking!!
-And who are you?... Are you another marine?... Or maybe you're a freelance?
-I can't tell you that
-Oh! i see... so you're another member of Fox Hound
-How did you know that?
-I't happens all the time. I call it...
-No!, Luck!
-And why are you here? to stop the terrorist?
-Again? What are you? a Spy?
-I always got to talk to the idiot...
-Well, the marines have brougt along with them a bomb specialist
-For what?
-To make a rave party...
-I'm warning you, the terrorist have brought a bomber too...
-And he put explosives all over the base
-You'll got to find the one that dismantle the bombs
-And... Where is he?
-He's in the bushes, over there...
-What's his name?
-He told me his name was Petey, but i don't believe him.
-How do you know that? -You'll see
-You got a handgun on your pocket? -No
-żA knife? -No
-żA radio? -No
-żA meat bar? -I said no.
-Then stay away from me!! man!!
-ĄĄFreeze!! -ĄĄFreezee!! -ĄĄDon't move!!
-He went thru there!! -Over here!!
-Go for he!! -Come on
-ĄĄAhá!! -ĄĄOver there!!
-Stop! -Where did he go? -There's no exit!! ĄĄAAHH!!
-Take it from here!!
-ĄĄOver here!! -ĄĄOh men!! ĄĄWait up!!
-ĄĄHe's here!!
-żwird? (żwhere?)
-Where is he?... I don't know...
-We lose him, and it's your fault!!
-Over there!! -Where? Ahá! Ha!
-Where is he?
Where's mommy?... Where?...
Wassup men?, look all this weed, dude. Smoke it, Smoke it, Smoke it!!! Come on!!
Who stole my clothes!! Who stolen me!! aaah!!
Where am i? What's this? There's nothing!! Where am i? Where?
-Are you a terrorist? I'll shoot you in an eye!
-Look kid, you're too late.
-Are you petey?
-Yeah well, that's my old name. now i'm Josephy
-How? Josephy? -No!!, Moleman!!
-And you, how did you found me?
-Snake told me
-It can be. snake is dead the titles said it
-(Whiming) -Look Kid
-My Snake... no....
-Don't cry. That "gay look" of yours get bigger
-You are so stupid, you don't know anything of what's happening here, right?
-Yeah, the same happen to Snake, they improvise the orders
-Yeah, well, that's not the only thing that they improvise
-Look, there's a terrorist group. The Death Cell
-That has... make a revolt
-Like in the first movie?
-Yes, well, that's the point of the scriptwriters
-Look, the president come, Bush. George Bush
-As a Tourist Visit. To quit the ecological duty
-He said that the radioactivity was no big deal. the radioactivity, ok? It wasn't bad after all
-And he where kidnapped by a terrorist group called death cell
-wich is formed with:
-Fortune, The daughter of the colonel, that died defending the Metal Gear
-Wich have an incredible luck, no bullet can hit she, i mean
-Next, there is Vamp. a mix between Blade and a Flamenco Dancer
-There's also Revolver Ocelot, or Shalashaska
-Ok? he like the action, he was bored and said "well, i'll go there"
-There's Fatman too, wich is an old student of mine. yes, my old student
-Wich have planted this whole base with bombs
-Becouse he said he don't give a fuck, and planted bomb to fuck us
-Ok? and there's also the one that lead this whole group. wich is solidus snake
-Yes! Snake it's alive! Where is he? tell me! tell me!!
-Yeah, and also Elvis is alive. I said no!
-He's another guy!!, he's called the same, and different at the same time
-Ok? Well, and my subordinate
-Or my apprentice... that fat guy, Fatman
-He planted the whole base
-And you will recognice, the bombs, where are, by a...
-An special compound
-Sulfuric acid!
-No, shit!!
-Look, Take this deodorant to disable them.
-It will come in handy, besides it'll remove the smell if you sweat a lot. ok?
-Are you coming?
-No, i can't dude, i'm done in, becouse it's made with plastic
-I don't feel anything
-Let's see...
-See?, Nothing after all
-Son of a bitch...
-Well, How did you lose it?
-Ah!, It was on a mission! so long ago
-Hey wait, wait. didn't i told you that i invented the fire?
-When i was white, i scratched my ass, and it started to burn
-Wait! Almost fall!!
Here smells like crap! Where is it?
ĄAh! Gotchá!
ĄStink out!
Fuck! I've walked over a crap!
Oh no!, It's a bomb
Here smells like bomb...
Fuck, no. it's not a bomb... Puagh!
-Mister captain
-Tell me
-There are problems. marines will come and screw up our asses. screw up till we die
-They're gonna rip our guts out
-Ok, i'll take care -Yes sir
-Mister Captain...
-Those are the new guys? -Yes, directly from the academy
-The Jellyfish soldier, is here, sir
-At your service, myyyyyyyyyyy general
-This one it's mad...
-Where that soldier come from?
-The jellyfish soldier comes from the Flipper Barracks
-Next to the Milky coast
-Myyyyyyyyyyyyy (arg) General
-It's ok, you and you come with me
-Soldiers, go there and clean up in delta formation
-ĄĄĄNOW!!! -Can I be a Kamikaze?
-ĄĄĄĄNOW!!!!! -ok, ok...
-Ah!! they fucked me up, help fuck it! -ĄĄAAAHHH!!
-Fuck, Delta, we have our asses red all over
-Soldier Jellyfish is pulling out
-I can tr... -Go away
-Let's go! Go!
-I've dismantled the last bomb
-Good, now find fatman and kick his ass
-How will i recognise him?
-Fuck, look for a cirrhosis with feet
-Ah, ok.
-Hey... did i ever told you that god came one day to ask me for advice?
-Yeah, yeah, he told me that the secret of life that was...
My nails are great, isn't it? i think i'll soak up the sun
-You're here!! I'm gonna kill you!! For what you did two years ago to my father!
-My father was a good man!
-He carried me to nightclubs
-He paid my sex change!
-You're there!!
-Die already!
-I't was hilarious, boy, it was so funny, my friend
-Fuck!, that was incredible
-What happened to you? -Awesome, i look like a chocolate donut
-Hehehe -No, there's no hole in the middle
-Hole in the middle? true! And where's the middle hole? don't you see men?
-Dude, i'm gonna call a buddy, he's medic -Wait! don't leave me here!
-Don't leave me like this, with this stomach ache -then come with me...
-How could i move? can you believe this...
-Wait here, dude, i'll be back -A spill of stomach!
-Men, Wait here -Fuck, this isn't look good
-Give me my father back!
-You're always fighting, huh?
-I thought it was him -Don't tell me your life, Winston
-It's fortune -Whatever you say, marlboro
-Nooo!! that shoot was for me, why do you have all the fun?
-I'm gonna kill you, bastard!! (weep)
-Well, if you sorry isn't that bad after all. but he is still dead
-I sorry that you're so idiot! -Son of a bitch!!
-Don't worry, camel, some day i'll remember your name
-You're alive!! Alive!!
Some days it's better to stay at home. you can get shoot or something
Oh! that was painfull!
-Freeze! Who do you are?!
-Fuck, twins!! cool!!
-Well i'm Fatman, dude
-And i'm here trying to get the best drunk on the world
-I'm trying to best... boris Yeltsin
-Heyyy don't you have any liquor on ya?
-So you are the fat man, don't you?
-No no no, no fat
-I just stall liquids since a child. so i'm fat
-But what are you saying?
-You look like Britney spears with that hair!
-Oh, did you see that? i was at the hairdresser yesterday...
Well! who cares! did you see any terrorist around here?
-Well, a lot, scumbag, a lot. more than that. you are talking to a...
-Wait a second...
-Ahá! they are!! but i didn't knew it was two..
-You failed!... hahaha
-Oh shit!! i'm on fire!!! on fire!!! auch auch auch
-Those where my favourite shoes!!
-You will pay for this!!!
-Where the hell is he going?
Men!!!... who leave this here?
i'll have it
dude, i'm gonna have this...
There he is, i'm gonna get drunk!!!
What was that?
This is for me!!
Fuck!!! at least something to drink...
This was starting to be like a fucking desert! hahaha
Good! good!
Fuck!! A monkey!
-Who are you?
-I'm Deepthroat
-Like in the first movie
-Then call me Mr. X
-What's going on? all the names you take are from porn movies or what?
-Shut up, there's a lot of terrorist next to us
-i know
-I'm gonna tell you something...
-The president have been captured
-I know it too.
-And did you know that snake was dead?
-And this place is planted with bombs?
-That Ocelot carried two guns?
-That there are not mass destruction weapons on irak?
-Shut up! i'm the spy!
-I'm gonna tell you something that i'm the only one that knows
-Surprise me
-I know how to find the president bush!
-How? Tell me!
-żżĄĄHow did you find me!!??
-But... What are you saying?
-How did you find me?
-But it was you the one who find me
-I got some loss of memory...
-You're drunk
-Tell me how to find the president? -How do you know i know how to find him?
-You just told me
-Oh! I'ts true
-Well, i'm gonna tell you
-There's a guy called Eims
-You got to find him, he knows where is the president
-HOW DID YOU FIND ME!!! i'm a master of disguise...
-You're nuts! it was you the one who find me! you crazy bastard!
-Really? -Yes
-I'm not alright, is just... well...
-That guy, Eims. You'll find him
-He's been captured, with a lot of prisioners... over there
-Wait! -What u want?
-That guy, Eims, you'll recognise him, is a special guy
-Very easy, even for you
-OK, very well
-You're a pain in the ass! żwhat do you want?
-That guy, Eims, its a bit stupid...
-Like you...
-Fuck, you're some serious PAIN in my ass!!
-How did you see me!! How did you know i was here!!
-Doesn't matter!!
­-We'll meet again, and the next time, only i will see you
-Are you Eims? -Eims?
-I said if you where Eims -żEims?
-Stop joking, Are you Eims or not? -Hell yeah, i'm Eims
-Ok, Where's the president? -ver ther!
-And where's "ver ther"? -Don't worry, i'll mark it on your map
-ok, Thanks
-What are you doing with the hostages?
-i was injured so i told him to remove the gag
-How did you tell to remove the gag with it on your mouth?
-I know you...
-You're the one that show his ass on the...
-ĄĄĄAAARRGG!!! ĄĄaaahh!! ĄĄaah!! (Heart attack)
-Is one of our soldiers? -No, sir
-Go get him!!
-I'll take care -Smack him!
-Don't go mutherfucker!!
Low Battery!!, Laser Recharge
ĄĄAAAAAHH!! ĄĄĄNo!!! (Censored becouse is so unkind)
The pain!! not there!! not theree!! NOT THEEEEREEE!!
-Where do you think you're going, rookie?
-You are... The boss of the terrorist!!
-Yes, but I prefere you to call me solidus
-And who do you are?
-I'm Raiden, and i'm here tooooo stop you!!
-Ha!! go on
-Look rookie, to face someone like me
You should try first to train with someone like him
-Target locked, sir
-Look, there's no need to fight
-Just give me the president and i'll go
-Give you the president? for what?
-I don't know, as an ornament?
-And you? for what the fuck do you want it?
-Nothing, just to activate the 21 metal gear that there are in this secret factory!
-21 metal gear? for what?
-For what? you know how many people i've killed?
-You know how long it takes if i've explained my plans to all of them?
-Vamp, kill this asshole -It'll be a pleasure, sir
-Don't do it!!... Solidus
-Snake!! What are you doing here!!
-I knew it! you're snake! yes! i knew!
-I'm not snake!! fuUUuuck!!
-Quick raiden! we got to avoid them to get the activation code from the president
-If not, the're gonna activate the...
-ĄĄNoooo!! ĄĄĄnoooo!!! ĄĄĄNot again!!!
-ĄĄĄĄNooo!!!! ĄĄĄNot another metal gear!!!
-ĄĄĄNo more metal gear!!!
-ĄAuch! ĄFuck!... ĄĄNOooo!!
-If the metal gear is activated, then why the fuck do they need the president code?
-Well, maybe to activate the nuclear weapons, i think...
-ok, i'll go for the president
-it's ok, i'll go for the metal gear designer
-Emma, wich is the sister of a friend
-Come on! -Go!
-Raiden, you hear me? -Loud and clear
-Dude, Fatman wasn't just fat, that mutherfucker had a bomb in his stomach!
-Oh my god! and now i'll have to disable it?
-No, don't worry, i'm on it
-And will you reach there with your plastic leg?
weeeell, i really don't have a plastic leg...
i'm just one-handed
Take it easy, i just need...
set it up...
-Are you emma? -yes, who are you?
-I'm pliskin, a friend of your brother
-My brother? it's been a long time since i didn't see him
-i don't give a shit!, tell him when you see he
-Will i see him?
-come on, let's go
-This is the only way free of soldiers. you go thru there
-I'll cover you
-If it's free of soldiers, why do you have to cover me?
-EEEm.... Ąah! ĄDoesn't matter!
-You're first... i'm practising
Do you know how to make the hole in the donuts?
ĄĄEmma!! ĄĄEmma answer me!!
-Mr. president...
-Come here, cute!! -Mr. President i'm a man!!
-Mmm I don't care!! -I'm here to rescue you!!
-Rescue? i just want another fellow
-Clinton had one and he didn't had to bomb irak
-I want a fellow, woman or man, doesn't matter!
-I don't like you!!
-Mr. President, there are more important things at this moment
-Did you give them the codes of the Metal Gear?
-No, of course not -ufff
-They didn't need it -What!?!
-They have downloaded it from Emule -Shit...
-Then, why do they need you? -like all, as ornament
-And now kiss me -Don't be gay Mr. president
-Gay!? i blame of having mass destruction weapons the last man that said that!
-Well... i've got to rescue... someone...
-Will you be able to scape alone?
-i think not... Don't go away!!!
-I couldn't do anything to save her
-I know snake, it's not your fault
-It's been the will of the force
-ĄOtacón! -żyes, snake?
-may i smack you?
-E.E. Are you alright?
-Otacón... -żyes, E.E.?
-I have a stab on my stomach, how could i be alright?
-Relax, i found a doctor in this base
-Otacon, there's no doctor in this base
-Then, who the fuck did i found?
-God take me soon!!
-E.E. are you suffering?
-No! i'm enjoying it!!
-Look otacon, You're my brother but i always saw you as something more
-More? you mean i have superpowers?
-Yeah, to drive me crazy!!
-You always see me as a sister... but... what i'm trying to say...
-Is that i love you
-Me? -Yes
-E.E. i'm not so clever
-But it doesn't need to know something
-You have no taste for the men...
-i'ts obvious
-Otacon, i'm gonna die, and we'll never be together
-I just want to ask you something, don't call me E.E.
-i hate when you call me E.E!!
-Call me Emma
-what's wrong, E.E?
-I just don't get it
-Just one time, call me Emma
-But why?
-E.E. why that?
-No... It can't be...
-Now, huh? NOW!!!
-Grr!! you screw it so bad
-Grr! she have died and you didn't call her Emma
-Groa! got to be a fool
-His last will, and you didn't do it. GROAH!
-Cry, you googles, you screwed it up!
-Groah! Stupid freak...
-I've read your sister's diary!
-And it says that there's no way to deactivate the metal gear
-I'll have to destroy it... again...
-Come on, you got to save the hostages!
-No -żWhy?
-I can't, i let my sister die, i'm a looser
-That's obvious!! and what? you got to do it!
-I can't...
-Otacon, you got to do it!
-Otacón, we need you
-Come on, let's go
-Do it!! -Ok...
-Come on, move
-Dude, things are screwed up with the terrorist...
-Dude, my friend, do you have a cigar?
-Eh? You give me that?... fuck, thanks men, great...
-Freeze!! Freeze!! -Don't move
-Snake, Help me!!
-Snake NO!, It's Pliskin!
-What's wrong?
-They're coming!
-Where are you?
-Don't Know
-Ok, well... then...
-Look at left.
-Are you going to help me? -Right now
-He's here!! Get him!! here!!
-There he is! -Look who i found there dude
-Take him!! -We're gonna take him inside
-Quick! quick! -Quick!!!! it's heavy!
-Where am i? What is this place?
-You are in the torture chamber
-It's cold in here
-Not so cold, it's that you are almost naked
-Naked? but, why?
-Ask ocelot about it. he like to torture people while they're naked
-I think he's a bit gay
-I can't see you, who do you are?
-I'll show you
-And well?
-Wait a second, fuck, i dont find the switch... ah! it's here.
-I'ts you!!
-Yes, it's me. but i think that you're not sure of WHO am i
-You don't recognise me yet, Raiden...
-Yes, i think i saw you... on a bill
-It's what it takes to be a president
-Well, raiden. when a villain see that it's going to achieve his evil plan
-And the only person that can stop him,
-It's tied and almost naked in his torture chamber
-He feels the sensation of tell him what he planed
-No please! i prefer the torture! help! help me!
-Have it your way... i was about to talk you about your parents...
-My parents died, when my mother gave birth
-I was servant and abandoned by someone
-i was that someone
i abandoned you to be president
and when i made it, i realise that it was all a set up
there was always someone with more power than me
they where twelve men, wich where the true owners of the world
-They cheat on the polls, censored news, started wars,
they even cheat on bingo...
they where known as the Patriots
but i started a rebellion
i made a plan in wich i steal a weapon so powerful, that can destroy them
but, there got to be the family there to screw it up
first, my brother Liquid
wich i cheated to make him steal the metal gear. when at last
i made it, that idiot knew it
and tried to steal it by himself
then, my brother Solid, wich you know as snake
the one that stoped liquid and even destroy the metal gear
the patriots discovered me. They stole my position, my power, all.
-and now i'll revenge and free the world from the patriots
-Sir, they are attacking from the north, it's just one man, but we can't stop him
-I'll be back
-All clear...
- ĄĄNinja!!
-Great! for me!
-The doors where open! -How? huh?
-You idiot!
-Well, that make it a little bit more exciting, doesn't it?
-You nearly showed your ass
-Yeah, and a bit from here, a bit from there...
-i owe you one
-You owe me two! start learning to numerate
-Listen to me, a friend is waiting for you there, he'll help you
-And where are you going?
-Me? i'm not going, i desappear boy!!
-jajaja jajaja what a stupid one...
-What do you want?! i'm naked!!
-Raiden, are you there? -No, i'm not
-Raiden, tell me, why did snake abandoned me, i treated him well...
-i don't know
-I love him, you know? and he went with that dumb with glasses
-Well, and what?
-I've got to tell you something, i've killed your dog
-But, i don't have dog!
-Well, maybe it was your cat, it changed beyond recognition
-and what with that?
-You know? you know i love you, don't you raiden? you know, right?
-I just see you as a friend...
-but you'll never abandon me as snake did, right? -well, i'm not sure
-I'm strange, right? i don't know why it is, maybe the smoke...
-Yeah, smoke. the police pick up the neighbours for spreading weed
-And they're burning the plantation and all the smoke comes right here
­-Ah, ok, well... i got it
-Well Raiden, i leave you. we're organizing an orgy with all the mens from the office
-with you wife. have fun -What!?
-You're so sexy
-Snake, weren't you suposed to be dead?
-I really have been pliskin, all this time
-No shit!
-Sorry for using you, raiden
-But there's always need to use a dumbass... for this things...
-And i had to get into the base
-Nothing, nothing, you're welcome
-Good, soon we probabbly find a lot of guards
-You better get armed... here, i brought this for you. take it
-You got a gun and give me a stick?
-Men, don't expect me to give you a gun, they're so fucking expensive
-Come on, you just got to get dressed, you're...
-No! Gruesome!
-Come on... -Come on
-ĄFreeze! -Just 2, it could be worst
-Shut the fuck up!!
-This doesn't look good, huh?
-Anybody knows who the fuck is this?
-No, no. not me.
-Kill him! -Dude dude, my friend huh. no dude!! DUDE!!
-Come on! -no dude! come on!
-Take him! -dude noooo men nooo!!
-No man, no!! -Come on!!!! come on!!!
-come on!!!! come on!!! -I'm about to take some weed...
-go to hell!!
-Now i'll take you to Ocelot, so he can make you his famous anal torture
-not a chance!!!
<- Metal Gear
-The metal gear is over there!, come on!
-Not so fast!
-I got something with you snake, you killed my father and...
-And you're going to kill me, alright, but stop babbling about your father
-you got me really screwed up
-Raiden!... go for the metal gear!!
-i'll take care of she
-Yes, i said it so
-But... But...
-No raiden! don't say a thing!
-After all you wont be able to say something clearly. like in the remaining parts of the movie
-Come on -Sonovabitch....
-You gonna attack me with a gun? don't you know bullets can't hit me?
-Nearly hit me. fools!!
-Shit! my only weapon and it have fallen on the way!
-Well, its a stick of a broom, but it'll help
-Solidus, you abandoned me, and i'm gonna revenge!
-You don't get it Raiden. That's part of my destructive stage
-When i was just a killer machine
-Now i'm a killer machine but with good intentions
-What do you mean?
-Really, i was the one who killed your parents. that's why adopted you. what a pity
-But the fault could never stop forever a men. and my blood demanded power!!
-It was you!!
-Yes raiden!! but i'm evil!!
-Not Deaf!! stop yelling, mutherfucker!!
-Can't you see i'm the only one that can stop the patriots?
-Why do you stand upon me? why don't you stay by my side?
-By your side? and how do you think to stop them?
-I'm gonna destroy and kill them all!!
-All the patriots?
-No, the people. so they'll have no one to control
-I'll destroy the world, so they'll never can take it!
-Fuck... you surely have been the president of USA
-no, snake and i will stop you -ocelot, Bring him to me
-filthy woman!! bring that asshole
-stop abusing, huh? treat me like a lady, remember it forever
-Get down
-ĄĄSnake!! ĄĄNo!!
-Traitor! you've joined to snake!!
-Yes!! it's the only man that can say my name!
-Besides, he have good reasons to persuade...
-Don't tell a word to meryl, huh?
-Ocelot! kill them! -Yes sir!!
-ĄĄNo not again!! noooo!!! arrghh!!!
-Snake! now i got you on your knees! you're gonna die, filthy pussy!!
-I'm gonna blow you up with those missiles!!
-Take it easy, i'll take care
-Hey... you missed your lucky chain before
-Damn it! there's no more missiles!
-Now i don't have time to kill you, Snake. but i'll take this Metal Gear and copy it
-You bastard!!... doesn't matter
-I still having enough metal gear to face the patriots
-Solidus!, you're nothing. all your power is on the metal gear
-You'll pay for that idiot!!
-I don't have coins!
-You know it well, without the metal gear you're nothing
-I could kill you all without any metal gear
-You're lying! prove it
-Come on, you pussy
-At last snake. at last, solidus has died
-ah! rookie!! you're new in this, aren't you?
-No evil guy die at first... look!
-Raiden, go get him. I'll destroy liquid and the last metal gear
-No good bye kiss?
-Sorry, i'll never get close to a man again.
-And one thing -yes, snake?
-Let the nasty things for when the camera are not taping
-Ok, snake -go already
-ĄĄYou idiot!!
-Be more careful the next time!
-give me that...
-Solidus is near
-You got to face him -And how do i do that?
-Use... my laser stick!
-Your laser stick...
-I found this!. there!
-Lie! it's mine! -Is mine! it's the broom stick
-It's mine!! and besides...
-Now that i remember...
-Who are you!!
-Fuck, here we go again... -Who do you are!?
-If i tell you... where is the president...
-I already know where it is... - who told you?
-You -Me?
-I don't remember it
-Well... i wanna know who you are before i leave... i'm so pissed off about it
-Who am i? -Yes
-I am...
-Yoshi Presioshiiii
-So, you're yoshi. and about your memory loss?
-My memory loss?
-Well, since a time ago...
-i smoke a lot of weed. and that kill my memory
-And other things that... i just don't remember right now
-But well... the most important, is that you got to kill solidus
-(Snif snif) Hey, can you smell the fire?
-ĄĄĄYOSHI!!! ĄNOOOOO! -Ąit's hot!
-ĄAagh! ĄĄAAAaaaAAAaaah!! ĄThey take me! they take me!
-The metal gear is mine. you're not goin to steal it from me
-Your anger, and your need of power had already did it
-You're just like what you tried to destroy
-Stop the lecture, raiden
-I'm not the crying boy wich is complaining becouse where abandoned
-No one soul will be back on the patriots control
-Are you going to kill them all? you think it's logical?
-Don't make me kill you
-How many more got to die, for you to achieve your power?
-If you're not with me... you're my enemy
-Only a Politician is that extremist, I'll fullfil my duty
-You will try it
-You got no metal gear, solidus
-I still can recover the one that liquid stealed
-NO! snake will destroy it
-Mr. Snake, It's been a long time... we missed you
-Do you like the place i've chosen?
-Soon it will all be over
-I know that... i read it from the script
-And in it said... that i'm gonna kick your ass, boy
-I don't want to kill you, solidus!!
-But i do
-in fact... i got to thank you... to stopping me before take the other metal gear
-This one is better...
-My last defeat, will make me enjoy this even more...
-When i kill you!!
-I don't want to kill you, solidus
-I must had thought you were gay
-I'm not gonna fight with you
-I told snake, that you liked him
-It's over, solidus! if you attack me
-You will fall!
-Don't dare to dispise my power!
-Don't try it!
-Fuck you, bitch... aagh!
-Why snake?, why. why do you get up? why do you try it?
-Don't you see that i'm smacking you real good?
-Why, snake?
-Don't you see that i'm kicking your ass so fucking good?
-Don't you see that fighting with my is not worth enough!!
-why do you get up?
-Becouse i'm masochist
-This is my world!!... my world!!
-Wait... that's what was on the script
-You were there, eating dust... and i here...
-Standing in front of you
-And now is, when i realize...
-That you had stealed me the remote of self-destruction of the metal gear
-ĄNo!... ĄWait!
-Why are you afraid?
-ĄNoo! ĄNot again!
-ĄYou were right!...
-Fighting with me...
-is not worth enough
-He made it! it's over!
-Snake made it!
-He made it! it's over!
-it's over! he made it!
-What happen? -He made it!
-What? made what? -Snake has destroyed the metal gear
-The metal gear?...
-Fuck!, he went and... destroyed metal gear... stupid raiden
-He made it! it's over! snake has destroyed it! he made it!
-World! he made it!... Snake has made it!
-ĄĄĄGreat!!!, ĄĄĄGREAT!!!
And who do you are!!
-I have destroyed the metal gear -Yes, i know
-How not to know it, some crazy is yelling that over there
-Yes, got to be my friend otacon...
-that one is really ugly -yeah, well...
-Hey Raiden, what's the matter?
-I don't know... i'm confused... i just killed solidus...
-If he was right about the patriots?...
-Was he the good guy?... Or the bad?...
-This is as the Matrix triology
-If there are shoots and a lot of violence
-Why the hell think about a crazy script?
-I guess you're right, let's go
-Snake... who could tell? you have destroyed the metal gear!
-And i got you to tell
-Becouse without you no one will believe this
-Snake look!!
-Ocelot is escaping
-You are really a rookie
-You always got to let one bad guy to scape, to let other movie come
-Ah Ok
(Big Boss)
-Snake. Otacon called me. he said we have another mission
-Can i go with you?
-Well, ok...
-But i'm gonna tell you something, raiden
-If there's another metal gear
-They gonna know who am i...
-Snake, you hear me? -Loud and clear
-I've discover something very important about the patriots
-Tell me
­-They are dead for more than 100 years!!
... Well, that's better isn't it?
-Now i don't have to kill them
-A thing less to do
-Well, you're right...
-Well, look, otacon
-I leave you now, my hand pains for holding the codec
-and... you owe me a thousand dolars, bitch!
-uiuiuiuiu I can't hear you snake!
-My batteries are low
-Im out of cover
-It's going out, going out!!
-Stupid freak...
Patriot? Patriot?... is there any patriot around here?
Patriot?! where are you?
What's that?... I'm afraid patriot...
Are you over there?...
Hey... what's that? patriot?...
Are you a patriot?