Homemade strawberry jam

Uploaded by leparfaittv on 17.04.2012

Hello Mummy !
I'm struggling hard to find an idea for Mother's Day...
It's coming soon and I'm flat broke....
Sure, I can still make a wonderful noodle necklace... but the Tech teacher didn't look that motivated to have us making crafts.
And I'm no 6 no more !
So I had this awful good idea, just too easy to make !
I'm sure you gonna find it awesome... Er... love it.
The other day, I heard you talking with you girlfriends,
you were saying « Homemade jams are just so good, you know, but I'm always so short of time...»
Time ? I have plenty !
It's Wednesday afternoon, and I've got all I need !
Let's do it ! See you !
Well, here I am, ready to cook my first jam !
Let me introduce you my friends for the afternoon :
1 kilo of strawberries, 1 kilo of caster sugar, and 1 limon.
First thing to do : wash the strawberries,
get rid of the damaged,
throw out the green stuff and cut them into pieces
I do that and I'll be back.
Now, it's nearly over, it was just so easy !
The strawberries and the sugar are in the saucepan...
Squeeze the limon, stir all the stuff...
and let it soak a few hours
Enough time to watch a couple of DIVX and I'll be back.
A couple of hours after, I'm back !
Let me light on the gaz... Stir the stuff and wait until it boils.
OK now, the stuff gets complicated... No, I'm kidding !
Just wait 15-20 minutes and stir from time to time. See you in 15 minutes !
Now, the only thing to do is to fill in the jars...
Here it is... Close it down... and turn it over
Granny told me to do that. She said it removes air bubbles,and preserves the jams longer.....
Happy, Mum ?! You ended having your Mother's Day present, didn't you ?!
Am I not an awesome son ?
See how you raised me well....
Now look ! The icing on the cake, dear Mum, the Jacques Touch !
These lovely labels I printed myself... I know, I know, I'm the perfect son...
Happy Mother's day, Mummy !