CGRundertow CAR TOONS! for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 27.07.2012

Car Toons! is the new iOS version of a popular Flash game called Vehicles. That’s probably
the first thing most people will think of when they see this thing in action.
I don’t know. I thought of Benny the Cab. I mean, it’s called Car Toons!
Sadly, Benny is not in this game, nor are there high-speed highway pursuits from villainous
weasels. If this were a game based on Roger Rabbit, my head would’ve exploded. But as
it is, Car Toons! is an interesting game that fans of iOS puzzlers should really enjoy.
So Car Toons! is a physics-based puzzle game with—you guessed it—cartoon cars. There
are good cars, and there are bad cars. It’s your job to knock those bad cars into the
void. Kind of a bleak premise for a game that’s colorful and upbeat, but...whatever, let’s
just go with it.
Each level is its own short little puzzle. And short really is the key word here. These
puzzles are usually solved with just a few moves, a process that typically lasts a few
seconds at most. Your main objective is to send the cars plummeting...but you have secondary
objectives, too. If you can solve the puzzle with your cars parked in the proper spots,
you earn an extra medal and all that good stuff.
What I like about Car Toons! is the way the puzzles utilize physics. A lot of them are
based on weight, and just about every one requires a smart approach to velocity. It’s
definitely a smart game that feels kind of unique among other puzzlers in the App Store...if
not quite as polished.
Of course, given its roots as a Flash game, the question becomes...what makes this version
worth paying for? It only costs a dollar, but that’s about a dollar more than the
game costs as Vehicles. And I guess it starts with the controls. Personally, I found the
game a little easier to play with touch than with a mouse. It’s just quicker and more, there’s the portability factor of having it on your phone.
Car Toons! is a slick little game filled with lots of clever puzzles and chain reactions
and insane physics-based nonsense. Of course, it’s also available all over the place online,
so just keep that in mind. If you’re really into portable puzzle games on your phone,
Car Toons! is a great one to have.
If not, you can probably pass on it., passing lanes. Cars.