How to Use Photoshop Express : Customizing Slide Shows With Photoshop Express

Uploaded by expertvillage on 15.08.2008

Photoshop Express is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated, and I am in
no way affiliated with Adobe Systems Incorporated. In this lesson, I'm going to teach you how
to customize your slideshows in Photoshop Express. I'm going to come over and click
on "My Album" right here, and if you'll notice down at the bottom it says "Album Slideshow".
I'm going to click there. And by default, each album is going to be set to be viewed
as a slideshow, but you can come in and adjust some of the settings here. I'm going to click
on "Play" and that's going to start my slideshow here. Up at the top you've got some options.
If you click on the "Captions" check box, that's going to show the captions for a slide
that you've added in your thumbnail view, and you can see that down here at the bottom.
You've got your duration; you can change the duration that each slide is shown on the screen.
From if you click over on the left, they're going to go by very quickly, and over on the
right, they're going to stay there for a while. But underneath layout, it defaults to single;
you can also change to strip, grid, or ring. This is just how the slides transition between
each another and you can play around with those. And you've also got your 2-D and 3-D.
If you click on 3-D, it is going to just add a kind of a zooming effect. And up here at
the top, if you have it on 3-D, and some of the different layouts--you can change the
zoom here as well. If you come down and click on "Viewing Settings", you've got a couple
of options here; you can select "click to enlarge" all photos, or just a single photo,
and you can change the transition mode from sliding into place to snapping into place
as well, and you can play around with these. And after you're happy with the way your slideshow
looks, you can click on "Save", and that's going to save your settings if you click "OK"
here. And, people who are viewing your slideshow can come in and change these settings manually,
but this is just how your slideshow is going to default to. So that is how you change the
settings for your slideshows in Photoshop Express.