Barco at the centre of Barcelona's Airport Management Center

Uploaded by barcoTV on 26.05.2011

With over thirty million passengers and over three hundred thousand takeoffs and landings
in 2008, Barcelona’s Airport is the second largest
in Spain and the ninth busiest in Europe.
To cater for future growth, airport operator AENA recently opened a brand-new
T1 terminal, which it proudly claims to be one of the largest
civil engineering projects ever undertaken in Europe.
Equally new and state-of-the-art is the Airport Management Center situated nearby T1,
which was set up to centralize the airport’s complex operational and security services.
No fewer than seven Barco rear-projection video walls,
a total of 110 cubes, provide operators,
safety guards and the airport management with a clear overview of all that’s happening
in, and around, the airport.
The Barco video walls play a starring role in all parts of the new control center,
including the network monitoring, engineering and maintenance,
airport operations and aircraft services divisions. The Barco video walls allow everyone involved
to easily share information live, in real time.
As a result, it enables all stakeholders to optimize response
times, actions and decisions and identify problems
at the earliest possible stage.