Mahabharat - Episode 12

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Kansa's fate will not allow him to believe
the truth of his life
He did not believe the Sage...
that Devaki's eighth son would kill him
He did not even believe...
the prophecy
However, when he heard that...
Devaki had given birth to a girl...
his Fate whispered that he believed it
he thought that he had become immortal...
but when the Sage said that
Devaki's horoscope did not show a daughter
he began to think
Sword drawn he went towards the dungeon...
Devaki had Yashoda's daughter on her lap and
was praying...
that Kansa would take pity on the girl
But she did not know that the word 'pity'
did not exist in Kansa's dictionary
Crying does not solve any problems Devaki
lt merely weakens your resolve
What is the fault of this girl my lord...
that she will fall prey to that monster?
lt is the blameless who get killed
Just think that Yashoda, too, shared your sacrifice
-Even then... -No, my love
The prophecy had spoken about the eighth son
Who knows Kansa may see the girl and return
without killing her
He wants our son
But this is a girl
Where's your eighth son Devaki?
lt is a daughter this time
-That is impossible -No brother
Where's your son?
Fear the wrath of God Kansa
l do not fear God
l only fear Devaki's eighth son
You have changed babies
How's that possible?
These chains, these walls, this prison...
lt's all yours
These guards do not even allow air to pass through
Don't be silly!
Who will help them and how?
You must have bribed the guards
What can we bribe them with?
l don't know but l will kill your eighth son
No Kansa it is he who will kill you
l do not like counting up to eight
l am not the one you seek Kansa!
Your Destroyer is already born
Whenever Religion and Piety decreases
And Sin and Arrogance increases
At such times the world is blessed
With the arrival of the Lord
Kansa was shaken by the prophecy
He began to think
But Gokul had nothing to do with Kansa's fear
A unique happiness had spread all over Gokul
lf was as if Nature...
had blossomed in all its rare beauty...
as if Spring had come all over again
Everyone wondered;
Whom was nature welcoming?
Was it God Himself?
Or was it Devaki's eighth son?
The Lord has come to Gokul
The drum beats in Nand's house
Announcing the happy occasion
With Gokul on this side and Mathura on that
Separated by the deep waters of the Yamuna
There's happiness in Gokul and sorrow in Mathura
Kansa's face has become a mask of sorrow
There's happiness in Nand's house Long Live the Lord!
He has given presents to celebrate the occasion
l want...
Devaki's eighth son not your obedience
This much is definite; the girl is not Devaki's
Where's Devaki's eighth son?
They must have performed some magic
How else is it possible...
for the child to vanish
Even if it is some kind of magic
the child should be within our borders
Send out the army
to kill all children born yesterday
As you wish my lord but
this will cause a revolt
Do you know what will happen if you don't?
l do my lord
However, the child will not grow up in a day
We still have time
Let us send our spies and find out
how many children were born yesterday
A spy wants to report to you
This is a good omen
You spoke of sending spies and here is one
What's the news?
Gokul has changed overnight
Flowers have bloomed and
a celebration seems to be on
We can heat it across the river
This can only mean...
that the boy is in Gokul
You may go now
Send the army to Gokul
Why send an army for a mere child?
There is another solution; Puttana
Okay, send for Puttana
You were my wet nurse Puttana
You need not bow to me
May the king live for long
l am in trouble Puttana
You have to merely command
Can you kill an army of mine?
l, my king?
The enemy is a child Puttana
Who's that?
l don't know
But l know he is in Gokul...
and that he was born yesterday
But it could be that...
more than one child was born yesterday
Yes, lt's possible
What should l do?
Kill all of them
Can you do it?
Do not worry my lord
l will apply a sweet poison on my breast...
and give suckle to them
With your permission...
You may leave
What are you doing uncle l must greet you first
ls everything okay Rohini?
Come Balram my child
l have been waiting for you
Yoshoda, too
She is upset that you didn't come earlier
There was a celebration here yesterday
So, you have come at last!
l have been waiting for you
What took you so long
l was back in Mathura, l just got back
l have brought a gift for Kanha
Had you come yesterday you could have seen
the celebration
Yes. lt could be heard in Mathura
You all should have been quieter
Yashoda has become a mother after a long time
How could l ask the villagers
not to celebrate the event?
-What's this? -Some butter
-Congratulations -Thank you
l had a dream earlier this morning
l saw your son...
asking me to get him butter
So l brought him some butter
Aren't you taking the butter to Mathura?
No. The butter is for your son
We all dreamt that...
he was asking for butter
Look how he is lapping it up
What happened?
Where had you gone?
-Sukhanand's son is dead? -How?
Someone poisoned the milk
Who's poisoning the milk?
Please do something Mandrai?
Even the doctor from Mathura
is unable to understand this illness
which kills only infants
l do not understand
All those dead were born
on the same night as my son
We did not think of this
But you are right!
They were all born on the same night
What's it Nandrai?
l don't know
As our leader you have to show us the way
How many of those infants left?
My own son and...
Victory to the king!
Come Prince Minister
All but two of those infants are dead
Ramnetra Yadav and Nandrai's sons
By tomorrow Puttana will finish her job
O Kanha's mother!
Speak softly. My baby will wake up
He wakes up at the slightest sound
lsn't he the sweetest child?
Of course. He is unique
We are really blessed to have him
Let him get bigger. l will nurture him on butter
And what about the palace?
Don't you know that we have to send the butter there?
Let the king buy his own cows
Silly, But how can you understand such things
-What happened? -Yadav's son is dead
What happened?
Ramnetra's son died
-How come -Poisoned milk
O my God, okay you carry on l'll follow you
-What happened? -Ramnetra's son died
-Why's the cow mooing? -Ask her
A mother's heart is always worried
My son! Kanha! He's not there!
That demons has got Kanha
That's Puttana!
Who's that?
Kansa's nurse
How did Puttana die?
Who could have killed her?
That's the news we got
We have also found
that all the infants are dead
The spy reports that he last heard...
Yashoda weeping
Now l can ask the Maker;
What about my Fate?
Burn down Gokul
for harbouring my emeny
Let's celebrate the Maker's defeat
my Fate!
l am afraid
You are right Yashoda
Gokul is no longer safe for us
Yes. Let's leave tomorrow
Devaki worries about her son
Saddened at the thought of parting
Tears flow from her eyes
A sorrowful mother weeps
for a son separated at birth
A son, whose face she did not even see
Life is darkness without him
O Woman you are a mother...
but dependent on others
Made helpless by my own brother...
who will help me?