Lagaan (2001) w/ Eng Sub - Watch Online - 11/20

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l'm falling in love with you, Bhuvan.
-Where's Gauri?\N-She's gone.
What are you glaring at me for?
What the hell have l done now?
Hey, Gauri!
l've been looking all over\Nfor you and you're here.
-Why did you go off in a huff?\N-Because.
What do you mean?\NYou could've at least told me.
How could l?
l could, if you could have\Nspared some time.
You flutter around her\Nlike a pigeon.
You don't see anything else.
And today, you acted\Nas if l didn't exist.
Try to understand. She had\Nsomething important to tell me.
So why couldn't she say it\Nright there?
Why the need to be\Nalone with you?
You think l don't know which way\Nthe Ganges is flowing!
Oh, poor me\NI feel the pain
Of the scorpion's sting
You are jealous.
Jealous? Why should l be jealous?\Nlt's beneath me.
You are jealous and l know\Nwho you are jealous of.
l never want to see you again.
And don't you even try\Nto talk to me.
Hey, Gauri!
There's only one house\Nin the village...
...with a neem tree\Nin the yard.
There's also a big field beside it.
And a pair of oxen, two cows\Nand three goats too.
And l know whose house that is,\Nsilly girl. lt's mine!
One more thing before you go:
Mother likes you too!
Oh, my pretty one
Listen to what I have to say
It's only you that I love
What is my life without you?
The kajal that darkens your eyes
Is a cloud of dreams
My heart is crazy\NBecause of you
Oh, pretty one
Oh, my love
These words\NCome from my heart
It's only you that I love
It's only you\NThat I call my beloved
Your steady hand\NStills my fluttering veil
And there's turmoil in my heart\NA moment I shall never forget
Oh, my beloved
My heart, it speaks a thousand words\NI feel eternal bliss
The roses pout their scarlet mouths\NLike offering a kiss
No drop of rain, no glowing flame\NHas ever been so pure
If being in love can feel like this\NThen I'm in love for sure
What lay in my heart
What lay hidden in my heart\NLeapt to my lips today
An arrow resting\NSomewhere in my heart
Has found its bow today
My love\NFor all our lives to come
May we remain\NIn this abode of love
Our hands entwined\NMay we never be parted
I shall walk beside you\NIn your chosen path
True to your love
Oh, I'm in love
I am in love
Yes, I'm in love
Should someone ask
I shall tell them\NWhat's happened to me
My every limb is fragrant\NBecause you touched me
Your fragrant body\NYour flaming beauty
You are the rose I see
How can this allure\NNot wake my desire?
Your beauty shines bright
In youth's searing light
Despite my warnings,\Nyou continue to meet them!
-How dare you!\N-l will not tolerate your nonsense!
Do what you like in London!\NPack your bags...
...and leave for England\Nby the next ship.
Let me make things clear to you.
Stop telling me what to do.\Nl'm not leaving Champaner.
Get this straight. l'll go to\Nthe village as and when l wish.
Tell me, Eliza.
What's so special about them that\Nmakes you go against your brother?
There's nothing special about them.
You're the one who's unfair.\NThat's why l decided to help them.
Do mark my words.\NThey'll give you a tough fight.
Yardley. Line and length.\NLine and length.
How's that?
Good shot, Burton. Well played.
How was that?
That is out, sir.\NThat's the end of the day's play.
l'm going to announce\Nthe batting order.
Smith and Burton will open,\Nwith Smith to face.
Followed by myself at number three.
Followed by Brooks...
-Who should be in the team?\N-lt should be Madhav.
What's going on?
Everyone wants to see you play.
-We haven't got our 1 1 th player.\N-l'll fix it right away. Take Bhima.
-Bhima!\N-No, Chief.
He may be his namesake,\Nbut he has a backache all the time.
-How about Kashi Nath?\N-Kashi Nath!
lf he runs, he'll split!\NKashi this side and Nath on the other!
What shall we do?