More Than a Map #morethanamap

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MALE SPEAKER: The Google Maps API is more than just a map.
To prove that, we set out to visit six developers on five
continents in just eight days.
We went to their offices, work spaces, favorite pubs, and
even their living rooms to show you who they are, what
drives them, and why they trust the Google Maps API to
build the next generation of the web.
ANDRE TANNUS: Welcome to Sao Paulo.
My name is Andre.
RODRIGO HANASHIRO: And my name is Rodrigo.
We founded Epungo.
I'm Ian Cumming.
I'm from Insight4 Labs.
And I'm the founder of
My name is Michael Pletziger from
UbiLabs in Hamburg, Germany.
VACHARA AEMAVAT: Sawatdee kraup.
My name is Vachara, and I'm from Computerlogy and
developed an application using Google Map API.
My name is Bernadette Ndege.
I developed Google Maps API for Upande.
MALE SPEAKER: What we found was a vibrant community of
developers, creating amazing applications.
RODRIGO HANASHIRO: We are a technology startup business in
Sao Paulo, Brazil and focuses on the real estate market.
IAN CUMMING: GetFlight lets people [? wind ?]
and search for cheap airfares in Australia and
view it on a map.
VACHARA AEMAVAT: Computerlogy has to use Google Maps API to
help people find ATMs and save people from fraud in Thailand.
MICHAEL PLETZIGER: You can see our developers working on
Google Maps-based applications.
We work for clients such as BMW, Dodge Telecom, Swiss Post
but also for nonprofit organizations.
ALLAN PANOSSIAN KAJIMOTO: Because it's a social, local
guide, we are a place where people can search for places
that they want, write about it, find accommodations.
MALE SPEAKER: You're invited to come along with us and meet
these innovative developers on their home turf, as they show
us how a map can be more than just a map.