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Elva, I understand you.
But believe us
we didn't know it was a check.
Only fool would believe what you guys say.
What Evil Boy's Delivery Shop? It should be Lousy Delivery Shop!
A bunch of losers.
You guys are so mean. Who would know what's inside of the envelope?
Yeah! We run our business fairly!
A gift turned out to be a bomb. We are indeed at fault.
Isn't that right?
It's me.
Who told you to creep up behind me?
I... I'm really not well anymore
You're responsible for this
Don't worry. I've learned osteopathic treatment.
No more!
What is this?
A wish boat.
Yup, I invented it.
Whatever you want. I'll help you to make it true.
Peace and prosperity. Good luck and big money.
I can't fulfill such far-fetched wish.
How is it not reasonable?
Then what about you? What did you wish for?
Not for you to know.
I guess it has to do with that guy impossible to be with.
I'll store this wish away
There's no expiration date, is there?
I specially authorize.
This paper boat's expiration date is in ten thousand years.
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Hey, you're hurt.
That's unnecessary; it's just a minor wound.
No way, you have to put this on.
Is this okay?
How is it not?
This is a 100-sickness heal-all.
It can cure pimples, bug bites
Knife wounds, bruises
Anyway, it cures anything.

Evil Boy's Express Delivery, no matter how big or small
deliver to the whole world. Yo-yo-yo... 169 00:05:-1,220 --> 00:05:01,380 Quickly, everyone. Get ready to take off.
I'll pick up.
Evil Boy's Express Delivery.
Damned Cop. What?
What? Elva?
Okay... I'll be over in a bit.
Wei Jue Ye.
You'll go with Fei Long Shu to collect money from the MP. Long Yan, come with me to the police station.
Hurry up, Hurry up.
What about me?
You're responsible for watching over the shop.
Oh. Why is it always me who's responsible for keeping watch over the shop?
- You came. - If you have something to say, say it.
- If you need to fart, let it out. - Get a new line, will you?
Excuse me, I didn't study much.
Alright, then I'll put it simply.
Yesterday night I was inspecting the night club and found a bunch of underage girls.
Among them was a girl named Elva who is the MP's daughter.
Then why didn't you hurry and notify her dad?
Of course that's the first thing I did.
Then you told me to come to drink tea with you and chat?
Her dad told the station head to be silent and sent someone to bail his daughter
but he wouldn't show his own face.
Another way of saying this is that he doesn't want the media to blow this out of proportion.
What kind of dad is he?
No wonder Elva would rather die than go home.
And then? 196 00:06:56,580 --> 00:07:-1,260 And then I found you guys' card in her purse.
So, what relationship do you guys have?
No relation.
Ah Nan, I have something to discuss with you.
Consider this my personal request.
Send Elva home.
Since her dad does not want this to become a public news, I think sending her back with your express service
is the best solution.
This is true, and I guarantee that I won't let the media get even half a picture of her.
Or else it's free. How's that?
Sir Lee, by forcing Elva to go home,
isn't it the same as throwing her out on the streets again?
Well, we can't leave her here.
So, it turns out Li Ah Biao actually has a lot of sympathy.
Just when will you let me leave?
Miss, please calm down. You've already protested the whole night.
Calm down? I've been here for a night.
Just what do you guys want?
Hi, I am Hu Tie Nan from Evil Boy's Delivery Express.
Nickname is terrible person.
Now what? Can I leave?
You can. But you're leaving with me.
Why would I leave with you?
I've told Hu Tie Nan to take you home.
Are you guys crazy?
Whether I want to go home or not, is my concern, alright?
Wrong. Police has the right and the responsiblity to ensure the safety of the ciizens.
So I must be responsible to send you home safely.
I don't want to.
This is hilarious. Even my dad doesn't care about me,
why should you guys care?
Elva, don't be like this.
Everyone is concerned about you.
Your dad is at fault,
but you don't need to trample yourself.
Going home is still better than wandering outside.
Yeah, let's go.
Don't touch me.
So what if I trample myself? Is it of your concern?
If I died, what would that have to do with you?
So that gives you the right to be immoral? And cheat money? 237 00:08:56,860 --> 00:09:-1,580 I rely on myself and take care of my own life, okay?
Long Yan, let's go.
I don't have any interest in this self-forsaking person.
Nan Ge.
Li Ah Biao
You can save your 200-dollar fee.
The Evil Boy's Delivery Express doesn't send large trash.
Don't think you're all that!
I'm not self-forsaking.
I just like to play and live on drugs.
I'm living happily.
Say it again.
Drug abusers are people I hate the most.
If you have the guts, say it again!
Why are you hitting people? What right do you have to hit me?
I just like to play and live on drugs.
I'm living very happily.
You are not just self-forsaking but also foolish.
You really don't know what is good for you at all.
Nan Ge, don't hit anymore.
Ah Nan, 258 00:09:58,300 --> 00:10:-1,980 this is a police station.
Do you think that you're the only pitiful one?
There are so many pitiful people in the world but they're not going committing crimes.
Today I'm going to take you to your house no matter what,
and hand you over to your dad. So he can teach you right. Go!
I don't want to go back.
- Let go! - Just go with me.
Don't pull me.
- Let go! - No, go with me!
I don't want to go back!
- Just go back with me! - Why do you care so much?
Mai Mai
- Where are you taking her? Let go of her! - Fu De Keng. [Elva's home] Go back with me
- Get in the car - Let go of her. What do you trying to do?
- You get in the car, too. - I don't want to!
Sir Li!
Just now someone reported that the Evil Boy's Delivery Express is on fire.
What did you say?
The Evil Boy's Delivery Express.
Get out of the way. Let me in
This is my home; why can't I go in?
Let go of me, get out of the way!
Let go...
This is my home.
Ou Gu!
Ou Gu is inside. Ou Gu!
Ah Nan!
Let go!
Ou Gu...
You can't go in!
Let of me. Ou Gu's inside!
You can't go in!
Ou Gu's inside!
Da Jiao Bang, it must be Da Jiao Bang
Ou Gu!
Let go!
Let go!
Ah Nan! Biao Ge!
You can't go in!
Ou Gu's inside!
Biao Ge! Ah Nan!
What are you doing running inside?
Ou Gu...
Nan Ge!
Don't worry, nothing can happen.
Be careful. It's dangerous.
Ou Gu!
Where's Ou Gu?
Where's Ou Gu?
Come out, Ou Gu. Ou Gu!
Ou Gu, where are you?
Ah Nan! Long Yan!
Ah Nan! Long Yan!
You've looked at it for a long time already.
Weird. Why are there so many people and so much smoke?
On fire?
How did it turn out like this?
I only went to buy a drink.
Miss, just to ask you a question. What is your relationship with this shop?
Can we ask if the two people who dashed in are your friends?
- I don't know. - Then do you know the reason for the fire? 323 00:14:-1,220 --> 00:14:00,300 Ou Gu, where are you?
Ou Gu!
Ou Gu, come out
Ou Gu...
Ou Gu!
Where are you? Come out!
Where are you?
Are you an idiot? Why did you come in with me?
The person who should be in here... It should be me, instead of Ou Gu.
Don't worry, I won't let you guys die.
You hear?
Ou Gu...
Ou Gu, where are you?
Biao Ge...
Biao Ge, you're alright?
I'm alright
If something happened to you, what would I do?
But I'm okay. What're you angry about? 343 00:14:58,100 --> 00:15:-1,220 Nan Ge
Nan Ge, are you alright?
Long Yan, you leave first.
No way. If we leave, we leave together.
Can't. Ou Gu's still inside.
I don't care that much.
Plus you're hurt too. Let's go!
Where's Ah Nan? He still hasn't come out yet?
Ah Nan. I haven't seen him.
Ah Nan...
You can't go inside!
Ah Nan hasn't come out; I have to go inside to find him.
Nan Ge, be careful.
Bear with it.
Ah Nan...
Ah Nan...
Ah Nan...
Help! Come quickly!
There are people who aren't out yet! Help!
Ah Nan...
Listening to this kind of music, wouldn't it make the procedure more severe?
This is Rong Rong's habit.
Every time Rong Rong does a diagnosis
or performs a surgery,
she listens to this kind of music to be able to relax more.
Ah Nan.
Don't move!
It will crack.
Does it hurt?
Like hell.
"Like hell".
Do you even know what "hurt" means?
If you know that it hurts, you should know the danger.
Then it doesn't hurt.
I really don't understand you.
You were like this since we were small.
Every time, to save someone else, you could throw away your life.
Do you know that this makes me worry?
Oh, I thought you are only concerned about that "impossible person".
If you say such nonsense again, I wouldn't be your friend any more.
Fine. I won't do it again next time.
Next time?!
No, no. There won't be a next time.
It's OK.
Hey, you guys all came.
Ou Gu, where were you?
Boss, sorry.
This kid doesn't work when he's supposed to.
He went to the convenience store to slack.
He even bought pop and read magazines.
I didn't think things would turn out this way
It's life, you know? It is not accident proof.
Could you change your slogan?
Fine, listen.
No one's blaming you, okay?
You should be blaming me.
You even have nerve to say it.
It's all because of you
that the Big Foot Gang burned down our company.
What should we do now? Tell us.
Can you pay up? Huh?
Wei Jin Ye, it was I who decided that Long Yan should stay.
If you have issues, blame me.
And there's no evidence.
How can you say it was done by the Big Foot Gang?
Ah Nan, don't worry. Leave this to me.
Let me warn you, damned cop.
Don't you dare meddle in this issue.
Cut the crap.
Just recover. I'll take care of the rest.
You dare!
Know your place, cop.
If you stick your nose into this it won't end.
Will I be able to run the business?
Yeah, police officer,
Right now you don't have any clear evidence
and you can't do anything about this.
If you keep on doing this,
you will give more opportunities to the Big Foot Gang
to cause us trouble.
The reason I've tolerated them for two years
is because I just want to do my business in peace.
I don't want to care about the triad or anything else.
Do you think by waiting it out, everything will be fine?
Right now, you only let them do whatever they want.
Anyway, I have means. Just stay out of it.
I have to get into this.
Don't fight anymore! I'll take care of this.
I'm not a hoodlum or the police. Can't I go myself?
- Ah Nan, you rest. - Don't stop me.
- You rest. - Don't stop me.
Don't be mad, will you?
How can you tell me not to?
By confronting him, will you solve the problem?
But if you accuse him without evidence, that's risky too.
Being a police means living in risk all the time.
Just because of that, should I bow down to that kind of person?
He's my older brother. I understand him the best.
I don't want anything happen to you.
Don't worry, I'll be fine.
Hu Tie Nan,
where are you going?
When one's hurt, they should stay in bed and rest, not wonder off somewhere. 452 00:22:57,820 --> 00:23:-1,540 Yes... I know.
Back off.
I'm seriously warning you,
If you don't stay quiet in here for a few days, the wound won't heal.
Aiyoh, you know if I lay here all day doing nothing,
I get really depressed. And I can't even lie on my back, only on my front.
That's alright, too. See if you dare to play hero next time.
- Just like an obasan (old lady) - What did you say?
Oh, nothing.
Oh, nothing?
You just clearly called me obasan.
Hu Tie Nan, are you tired of living?
You're even starting to talk back to me.
Lie down.
Oh, yeah. How's Elva?
Since when did you care so much about somebody else?
It's not that. Li Ah Biao gave me the responsibility of sending her home.
You really can't be saved.
Get better first, then worry about work.
I only want to be a good person.
Can't God just stop testing me?
Ah Nan,
You're not thinking about taking your past road again, are you?
Every time I recall how I accidentally killed Ah Bao, I remember the way his mother looked at me;
Then I tell myself,
no matter what my hardships are, I won't return to E Nan Bang
Even though I know if I go back, my dad will shelter me, but...
Ah Nan,
It's already in the past.
Don't you think I'm terrible?
I've killed before.
Nobody wants to be friends with me.
Ah Nan, don't brood about it. It's already in the past.
I really won't go back to being E Nan Bang, believe me.
Ah Nan. Actually, I've never thought you were terrible.
I remember when we were small, your temper was awful, very explosive.
*cheering for the boss*
You're so capable. You're able to fight the seniors.
Yeah, Yeah. So great.
Just a small case. Go eat lunch.
Thanks, boss.
Hurry over there.
Hu Tie Nan, does your family run a farm?
Why does your lunch always have fresh veggies?
I am a vegeterian.
None of your business.
I didn't know until later Fei Long Shu told me.
You didn't eat meat, because you didn't have the heart to kill animals.
And usually, you couldn't even bear to kill ants. 503 00:25:57,260 --> 00:26:-1,780 You would take the stray dogs home.
That time I knew,
you definitely weren't the way everyone thought you were.
You have a very kind heart. still remember?
So I believe that
you would not go back to the triad because of a small incident.
It was done by me. So what?
That's right. That's for challenging our Big Foot Gang...
Re... Reporting, boss
Someone from Mu Zhi Tang said that our gambling den in Taiwan
was raided by the cops.
Hello. What is it?
Our money lending business was raided by the cops?
Why is it like this?
Why is the police raiding our hotel for nothing?
What is it now!
All our stocks were confiscated by the cops?
Hurry up and call that Li Ah Jin Biao!
Stop being disgusting.
Do you have a day off today? Why did you take time to come over here?
I came to see if your diet worked yet.
Oh, please.
Girls from the bar say that I'm cuter this way.
Let me ask you
The fire in Evil Boy's Delivery Express, was it your work?
What fire? I didn't know about it.
I just came back from Mainland China.
Don't act dumb in front of me.
I know it's you!
And let me warn you
Ah Nan is my good friend, don't cause trouble for him again.
Oh, my princess, don't worry.
And right now he's out of the triad. 545 00:29:-1,460 --> 00:29:02,380 Let's bury all the grudges from before.
But it really wasn't me.
It better be the case.
Or else...
You're leaving?
Darling, take care.
Be careful.
I'm not afraid of anyone, just scared of my little sister.
Funny. Very funny.
You dare laugh at me?
Let me tell you
It's alright if Hu Tie Nan has his father to back him up.
But now, even my sister is shielding him.
Do you think it's funny?
Hurry up and call that Li Ah Jin Biao.
Yes, Boss.
Officer, just say it right out.
What do you want me to do so you'll return the stock to me?
Stop harrassing Long Yan.
And, the Delivery Express must not have any more accidents.
Let me tell you, officer. Help us out here.
The incident at the Delivery Express has nothing to do with us.
It's a deal then.
I'll get my stock back tonight.
Anything else?
Damn it!
Don't fuss, get out of the way.
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Hu Tie Nan, congratulations for
being released from jail tomorrow.
Man Niu, are you trying to stir trouble? 585 00:32:57,700 --> 00:33:-1,580 Hu Lu, don't bother with them.
Hu Tie Nan, you are already getting released tomorow.
We really can't bear to let you go.
Well, I'm sorry.
Considering our previous good relatioship,
I'll send people to give you ten-twenty autographs
for commemoration.
Man Niu, you wanna play?
Today I'll play with you 'til you're satisfied, stop giving him crap over there.
Go die!
You want to just come at me? Don't touch him! You...
Bai Nian Da Ge!
Bai Nian Da Ge, are you okay?
- Don't run! - Ah Nan!
Bai Nian Da Ge,
You have to remember that:
people may slander me, bully me, insult me or laugh at me.
My answer is
to tolerate them, let them do whatever they want,
to avoid them or not to notice them.
Remember. Don't you ever forget...
You must not take the path of Bai Nian Da Ge...
Bai Nian Da Ge!
Bai Nian Da Ge, get up!
Bai Nian Da Ge, did you hear me?
Bai Nian Da Ge!
Hu Tie Nan, you're coming out tomorow
Don't hold me back...
Bai Nian Da Ge!
Don't hold me back!
Bai Nian Da Ge...
Don't pull me. Bai Nian Da Ge!
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