Tito's Storyline 027 (English Subs)

Uploaded by AleRP01 on 19.04.2012

To admit that one is gay, I believe you have to be very macho.
No! But it's not me who you're offending. You're offending yourself by not admitting what YOU already know.
If you change your mind... Call me.
Good day!
Is the how the jumpstart of the day is? With that mind?
I was up all night. Last night Catalina and Sarah stopped by my apartment, fighting over which one would take me to diner. Can you believe it?
What's going with women? Before it was us that would take the initiative, we would propose, and now-
You have to leave that apartment as soon as possible, Cristóbal. You have to organize your life.
By any chance did you see the apartments in the videos Bruno gave me?
I haven't been able to see anything. I don't have time.
Hey, by the way, one question. Do you know anything about Victor?
How is that man doing in the hotel, huh? -Cristóbal, concentrate on your stuff, and forget about Victor and Marisa.
Look at the apartments I looked for you and choose one for the love of god, because you already have me...
with the pond ready to explode.
I need for us to finally finish the apartment hunting. Did you see one that you like?
I'm already on top of that. -Really??
Really?? Let me see.
At last! At last! Look, this one is amazing. The best view to Central Park, three bathrooms, five bedrooms, an amazing living room!
...classic high ceilings. -Terrace. It needs a terrace. It doesn't have a terrace.
Wait... Here it is! Terrace. It has a view of the Chrysler building, for the love of god, four bedrooms, and kitchen, on the 52nd floor.
Wait isn't that were the what's her name singer lives? -Yes, yes. Two floors below.
No, no, no. Just imagining next to celebrities. No way! -Okay. Terrace, view, and without celebrities.
Here it is! Should I buy it??
Let's see, Cristóbal...
Let's stop playing the "dumb" game. What you want to do is stay in the hotel because Marisa is there.
And let them burn me at the stake if I'm lying.