Alexander Rybak - kisses girl :) + (English subtitles & SlowMo)

Uploaded by Aurora1820 on 20.05.2009

Ahh, I could have listened to you all evening..
-Yep, but now the time's up
Then I just have one more exchange I'd like to offer you..
-For the fiddle?
You sing about a fairytale..
You've won the hole kingdom, would you trade your violin for a kiss from a real princess?
-Yes, if you kiss here..
How dare you!! Have a nice Friday!
Give me the fiddle!
That's so naughty!
-There you go.. ;)
Okay, I will play a bit.. How should I do?
-There, just play on that one
No, you play
Have a nice Friday!
-That's all, thank you!