Electoral crossroads (subtitled)

Uploaded by EgyptIndependent on 08.06.2012

I feel I am expressing my opinion
We couldn't do this in the past
No one had an opinion
The former president would put one ballot..
..which represented all Egyptian people..
..in the ballot box,
..but it didn't represent the people's opinion
The 25 January revolution erupted to change all this..
..and now the youth and every person in Egypt can play a role
Each ballot makes a difference to the candidate
So hopefully we will bring about change
All Egyptians have been waiting for this day..
..because we want things to calm down..
..and we want a new president..
..who will build us up again
May God help him
I make my opinion based..
..on the candidate's program and work
I am against the names being given,
such as describing some candidates..
..as "remnants of the former regime" and so on
If we go back 30 or 50 years,
..which of us hasn't become..
..directly or indirectly connected..
..with the ruling regime in some way or other?
Ahmed Shafiq 5,505,327
Dr. Mohammed Morsy 5,764,952
All sectors of the Egyptian people,
..all sectors of Egypt's people..
..are in my heart and in my eyes
I represent transparency and light,
..everyone knows me,
..while the Muslim Brotherhood represents darkness and secrets
No one knows who they are or what they do
I represent Egypt, the whole of Egypt
There is the protest vote
In my opinion, Hamdeen Sabahi expressed this protest vote,
..especially in a place like Port Said, for example
Hamdeen Sabahi won 40 percent of the votes in Port Said
There is the populism vote
Hamdeen got the highest number of votes,
..as compared to all other candidates in one specific area
He got 62 percent in Kafr al-Sheikh
He totally dominated
There are many calls for a boycott..
..and 40 percent of voters participated
The third tell-tale sign in the elections:
If we are talking about the period..
..following the regime's institutionalization,
..the bipolar system,
and the Islamist current’s crisis,
..it is what is known as the third bloc that came to the forefront
In other words the 8 million voters..
..that voted for Hamdeen Sabahi and Abouel Futouh
Of course, there is much generalization in this discussion