[ENG SUB] Last Night of Madame Chin EP01 (1/3)

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Partial Translation from: Heaven & Earth fansub Editor & quality control: cgem
2009, Shanghai
That picture is really not bad.
The lighting isn't bad too.
It's interesting!
Look, he took the picture really well.
That picture looks really good, doesn't it?
Yes. The photographer used a really unique background.
Look at this picture.
The technique use for that picture is really good.
Really not bad.
The title for the "Dancing Queen"
Will it be Miss Jin Zhao Li
who has won the title for 2 consecutive year?
Or will it go to the black horse, Miss Ren Dai Dai,
who is the most popular choice this season?
The answer will be revealed soon.
He said you're a black horse.
I warned you. You should take precautions against tanning.
Why won't you listen to me?
Don't rush it.
He'll be introducing you as a limp horse later.
I officially announce…
I officially announce...
that everyone rest a moment.
Let's continue dancing.
Mr. Gu is not here.
Why don't you say something?
What is there to say?
He probably didn't come because he's busy.
He is your dancing partner
If he's not here,
aren't you going to lose the title to someone else?
There's no losing or winning.
Paramount has nothing
but lots of dancers.
It's the same whoever gets crown the 'Dancing Queen'.
It's not the same.
We have a lot of dancers.
But you're the main.
If you don't perform,
we'll lose at least half our annual profits.
You're too much!
Do you mean to say that all the dancers here
cannot compare to one Jin Zhao Li?
Where are you placing me, Ren Dai Dai?
The most important thing in a competition is fairness.
As a host, how could you be bias?
Johnny, Dai Dai is right.
Follow the rules and let's continue with the competition.
Did you hear that?
Follow the rules
If not, don't blame me
if I bring all the customers away.
Dai Dai!
Don't, don't...
Not good, clap for me instead.
The competition is starting.
Wait and see.
Mr. Guo. You've finally arrived.
I was delayed due to some personal affairs.
How about I go talk to the band
and start this all over again?
Get ready to perform.
No. Don't stop the music.
Everyone is mesmerized.
If you don't let Zhao Li end this beautifully,
then you'll disappoint the audience.
That's bad.
I can't find a better word.
Mr. Guo.
Do I have the honor of dancing with you?
Dai Dai is really good. That's right.
Zhao Li.
Ren Dai Dai is going overboard.
Doesn't she know that Mr. Guo is your partner?
How thick-skinned.
Who said Guo Shi Hong is mine?
He's never signed a contract with me.
your title as the Dancing Queen
will be gone.
Dancing is for personal enjoyment.
I've never bothered about winning.
Aiya! It's all your fault.
No one's dancing the tango with you now.
Why are you stopping?
Can't you tell?
The dance floor belongs to them.
That's great.
The kind of chemistry they have is unique.
The two of you look like you were born to be dancing partners.
Chairman Guo is right.
I've danced with him ever since I had any memory.
My first dance, my first partner
is him.
Zhao Li. Who's this handsome man?
Why haven't we met him before?
Introduce us.
My identity isn't important.
The important thing is that you don't know
your own identity.
You shouldn't be here.
What are you doing?
You want to wear that crown for yourself?
This matter is none of your business!
Sorry mister, it's already my business.
What are you doing?
Finish up your celebratory wine.
I'll wait for you outside.
Don't be like this.
Are you alright?
Let's drink.
Cheers to Zhao Li.
Take care, sir.
Miss Jin.
Miss Jin.
Big bro!
Where have you been these last 2 years?
How is your health?
I'm fine.
It's because you call me brother.
that I have been too afraid to come here.
What's the matter?
Even my elder brother
disdains my occupation.
Not disdain.
It's because if you were not associated with the Jin family
you would not be here.
What are you talking about?
I've been your real sister all these years
if i am not from the Jin family, then who's family do I belong to?
My main purpose in coming
back to Shanghai is this.
What purpose?
I don't understand what you're saying.
I can't explain it clearly.
I'll have mom explain it.
Good, good!
I win! How about that?!
How about that? Is is enough, Old Li?
Old Li, lend me a few.
Off with you.
Don't stay if you have no money.
You're blocking others' wealth.
Come on! Lend me some!
Aiya! Seriously..!
Are you getting up by yourself or should I help you?
Please, lend your mom a hand.
Don't run!
Don't run! Don't run!
Want to die?!
Look where you're driving!
If not for my brother
I'd never seek you out.
Still trying to run?
Let's see where you can run off to!
What do you two want?
You two...
are ganging up on your mom?
I had such a tough life.
We'll talk about your gambling later.
First we resolve Zhao Li's business.
Zhao Li. What's the matter?
It's her 23rd birthday in a few days.
You promised me.
Are you going to keep your word?
What is this all about?
Can we not answer that?
You have to face it sooner or later.
Or do you want to take this secret
to the grave and then you'll be happy?
What are you doing?
Zhao Liang.
I'm still your birth mother.
Don't force me, ok?
I don't want to force you!
Can't you be a bit more fair to Zhao Li?
She has a right to pursue her own happiness.
If you have something to say, just say it!
Stop arguing in a circle!
I...I really cannot say it out loud.
I beg you, don't say it.
I beg you. I beg you.
Forget it. Never mind. Don't say it
I hate being left in suspense.
I'm leaving.
Zhao Li. Zhao Li.
Nothing good ever comes out of Mother's mouth.
I'm not interested in knowing.
I'm leaving now.
It's about your birth.
my birth?
What about my birth?
Tell her.
If you want me to say the truth,
I can't do it. I can't.
Don't force me, Don't force me!!
Don't run!
I'll shoot if you don't stop!