[Interview] Bas Rutten (1/3)

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I wanted to show who Bas Rutten is.
This is him. I'm Bas rutten, the one and only.
El Guapo as they call me in America. It means "the handsome guy".
If you'd come an hour later, i would've looked better
But it's still fine, look.
I've been keeping an eye on you, especially on the internet.
Here in America, people know you.
But not in Holland.
Perhaps because fighting sports aren't very popular in Holland.
Do you agree? Yeah, everybody sees it as violence.
It's cage fighting, beasts who are in a cage.
It's typically dutch. Even in the UK it took a while for people to understand it.
But it's going fast there, they even have UFC now.
I think... at the moment....
I sometimes mix up dutch and english.
At the moment the dutch understand what's going on,
what's happening in the ring or cage, it will be ok.
It's boxing, thai boxing, judo, jiu jitsu, that's it.
It's a mix of olympic sports.
Well, not thai boxing but then you can take some taekwondo.
So it's not really dangerous
When did you start fighting?
A long time ago... My wife predicted it all:
She said... I was living with her for 6 months
She said to me: you're going to be a famous fighter in Japan.
I said i wouldn't fight anymore. You wouldn't fight in Holland anymore.
You're going to be a famous fighter in Japan.
Eight months later i got a call from Chris Dolman from Amsterdam.
He said: Bas, you've got to come to Amsterdam.
They're having a tryout for a new organisation from Japan
They're looking for fighters.
So i went there,
I had a sparring match in the ring with someone,
who tried to knock me out, so i kicked him.
He had to go to the hospital te get stitches in his head.
They were both pointing at me - we want him.
Two months later I was in Japan, having my first match.
43 seconds into the match, i finished him, he was in a coma for two days.
Success! Next day, while walking on the street,
people put babies into my arms to take pictures.
That was it, i made it.
It went that fast? Yeah, everybody had seen it.
It's very popular. With us it's soccer, in Japan it's martial arts.
How did you get started? Did you get any lessons?
When i was 12, i went to France with my family.
Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon was playing, but it was 17+,
so we sneaked into the movie theatre.
When i saw Bruce Lee, I wanted to be him.
As a kid, i had bad skin, eczema everywhere.
Sometimes when i moved my hand, pus was coming out.
I had astma as well.
If i had astma, i had no eczema and vice versa.
Bullies tried to beat me up, i was a loner, I used to swing on a tree.
If they wanted to beat me up, i climbed into a tree and swung to the next tree.
Nobody dared doing the same, so thats how i escaped.
After i saw Bruce Lee, i wanted to do a fighting sport,
but my parents see it as violence, like the rest of Holland.
After begging for two years i was allowed to go.
After 6 - 8 weeks i had the brown belt, so that went very fast.
My confidence went up.
Then the biggest bully of the school came along with 6 - 7 friends,
they provoked me and i talked back.
They were surrounding me and i gave the toughest one a punch in the face,
i broke his nose, so the police came.
The police came at my house, so i wasnt allowed to do fighting sports anymore.
When i moved out at 20 - 21, i started doing everything:
karate, taekwondo, kyokushin, thai boxing.
With thai boxing, i was playing my first match within four weeks.
And like i did in Japan, after 43 second with a spinning backing to the liver.
Thats where my liver shot was created.
I'm famous for it.
I hit them on their body, which is the nicest way to beat someone.
and that was it.
At newyear, someone came to me and asked if i wanted to fight Frank Lobman.
Frank Lobman was a very good thai boxer:
in 50 matches about 45 knockouts.
I said sure, but i was drunk.
In februari, they called me and asked where to send the posters.
Which posters? Of the fight. Which fight? Against Frank Lobman.
Who said that? You did. When? At newyear. Really?
Oh my god - the match was three weeks away so i figured i'd just try.
In the first round i ran out of gas. Sometimes i can't find the dutch words.
I ran out of gas, everybody said i got hit, but i didn't i just couldn't control my legs.
I was talking to my corner: i can't move my legs. I can't stand.
I had a hole in my shin, here, a big hole.
It hurt a lot, so I was given a lydicane injection in my butt.
So i couldn't control my legs. If you see that match, you see me jumping.
At other matches, i often stand still. So it was very weird.
So i think that that was the problem.
Then they started booing me, "i always said he couldn't fight".
They forgot that from 14 matches, i won 13 in the first round.
I thought what a stupid crowd in Holland, i will no longer fight here.
You said 20 - 21, isn't that kind of late?
Well, when i started mixed martial arts i was 28.
I was 28 years old and i'd hardly trained, i completed 5 or 6 lessons.
The first 1,5 years i had some lessons in Amsterdam, which was too far away from Brabant.
Stuck in traffic, it takes 2,5 hours to get there.
So i said i'll train alone. The first 1,5 years i trained on a bag.
And then i met Leon van Dijk, he was very strong and also talented.
We started to hang out together.
When i tried to counter him, 2 or 3 times in a row,
he already knew how i was trying to counter him.
So i had to find another way to...
to camouflage the same arm bar.
Each time i had to find another way to set up the arm lock
Which is very good for you.
We were watching a video...
My heads spinning about how to say it in dutch.
We were watching a video of some fights
If i saw a lock, i went to the gym and i tried it out on him.
And when i tried it out, i wanted to know how to escape from it.
And when i knew how to do that, i learned how to counter it and lock him.
That's how we handled each technique.
Nobody taught me, but i learned everything by myself.