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Windows 8 consumer preview coming out this week.
Google Privacy policy going into affect this week.
And sad news for, Hey, Hey we’re the Monkees. All that and more on the JTWebMan show.
[Intro Music] Welcome back to the JTWebMan show.
In news this week. Microsoft release the new Windows 8 consumer preview.
It’s extremely different look and feel then the Windows 7 all the way back to Windows
95. Pretty much had the same user interface.
So they are changing it up. I encourage you to download it and try it
out because you probably need to start getting use to it.
It’s way different. It’s a lot like the Windows phones so if
you have a Windows phone it will be the same kind of interface. as the Metro style, very
tileish. Now old applications will run on it in the
standard windows format. You can click on a little desktop and go to
that. So it’s not a big change if you still have
old applications but it still is a big change in my mind.
I have to say I am not a fan it. Sorry Microsoft but you have gone and made
a great operating system to run on the tablet. But to run it on a PC with a mouse and keyboard
I think you are making it run, at least the user interface, is going to be
slower for users then the previous one. So, I mean you have to mouse into corners
and wait for things to pop-up and to change between applications you have to go into another
corner and I don’t know. I mean it will work really great when you
are using your finger. It’s probably the reason why Microsoft has
done all their demos using a finger and a touch a screen and haven’t done it using
a mouse and keyboard. So I have to say I am not a fan of it with
the mouse and keyboard but will make a great tablet operating system.
Now if you want to try it out there is a link in the description down below and you can
download it and try it out as well. I would suggest installing it on a virtual
machine like VirtualBox or duel booting if you are geeky enough to know how to do that.
Or install it on a old computer but a older computer that still makes the minimum specs
for Windows 8. And Hey, that’s my opinion and everyone
is entitled to their own opinion. So what do you guys think?
Do you think that Windows 8 will be the next best thing?
Or is it going to be like Windows phone 6.5 and then just trying to put a user interface
on a device that maybe doesn’t need to be that way.
Leave your comments down below and tell me what you think.
In other news. Google new privacy Policy went into affect
on March 1st. For those of you who missed the millions of
notifications that Google put up. and all that.
Basically they changed their privacy policy so that the data that they now where kind
of collecting before now gets lumped into this big bucket of everything that’s tied
to your Google account., now they can look at.
There has been some huge uproar about this. I don’t know I mean like Google is already
collecting this information and using it. So them putting it together in one account
doesn’t surprise me. It’s not like they didn’t necessarily
have the data and the means to do it already because I am sure they are tracking by IP
address. So I don’t know, maybe it just me, I have
known for a long time that surfing the Internet and doing google searches or going to different
websites or uploading, I mean, all this stuff is not anonymous.
And the other thing is Google provides all these services for free, I mean, 99 percent
of what Google provides is absolutely free. It’s all paid for, well mostly, by their
advertising. In other news.
Dr. Seuss The Lorax comes out today and I am so excited.
I want to see it. Though from what I gather it’s probably
going to be kind of, you know, well it’s Dr Seuss.
So you are going to learn something, right? And it’s going to be educational.
Come on I grew up on Dr. Seuss and love Dr. Seuss.
He always has great stories. So I am sure theres going to be a educational
aspect to it. If you watch the trailer.
I’ll put a link down below. It kind of talks about trees, about them bring
back trees. And being somewhat kind of like us in being
a consumer driven society. So it should be interesting putting that into
a cartoon and making it entertaining and funny for kids. as well.
So I am excited are you! And in sad news, Davy Jones, he was the lead
singer for The Monkees, pasted away on Tuesday. He was at age 66.
So, I loved the Monkees when growing up. My mom listen to oldies stations when I was
growing up in the car so I have heard plenty of the Monkees songs and loved their music
when I was a kid. So Davy you will be missed.
And here is a little clip in tribute to you and the Monkees...
[Monkees Music Video] >> Davy Jones: Oh I could hide beneath the
wings of a blue bird as she sings the six o'clock alarm would never ring
but it rings and we rise wipe the sleep
>> Jeff Turner: Now if you want to watch the rest of that great video the link will be
down in the description. That leads us to the last segment of the show
and that is the Video Of The Week! Now I’m a big James Bond fan and I am also
a big fan of robots so this week I am going to show you some quadrotor robots playing
the James Bond theme song. [James Bond Theme Song]
Well if you want to watch the rest the link will be down in the description below.
I want to thank you for watching. I’m Jeff Turner a.k.a. JTWebMan, you can
follow me on twitter at or you can follow me on Google Plus at
And You guys have a great weekend! [Beep]
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