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FInal Episode
Abracadabra...Goo Jun Pyo, remember Geum Jan Di, remember Geum Jan Di...
Abracadabra, abracadabra..!!
Ohhh!! You scared mee!
You little brat!! What the hell are you doing here??
i also think that,I think you've been under a lot of stress lately.
You're getting a zit on that good-looking face of yours.
What is this?
Can't you see, it's a lunchbox.
Is it good??
- You made this?
- What??
Yeah...if it's good, I'll bring it again next time.!
You must be thirsty. Do you want me to go get you some water?
I remember.!
The person that I forgot.. is you, right?
Here you go. Thank you. Come back again.
Welco ...
- One order of abalone porridge. - And one order of pumpkin porridge.
What brings you guys here?
Can't you see? We came to eat porridge.
- Ahh, I'm so full.
- Me too.
Now tell us, is there something wrong?
For Geum JanDi who can't even take care of her boyfriend because of her job...we brought some news.
JunPyo finally got discharged.
How can you guys say something so important after you're done eating?
Hurry up and go.
I'll be back.
Sunbae, you're not going? No. I came here because of you.
They look happy...the pottery that's in there. Instead of suffering from the heat, they rather look happy.
Because if they endure it, once they come out, they will be loved...they hold that hope.
That's so like Gaeul.
You can tell me now. I'm ready.
You have something to say, right?
Would you like the bad news first again?
I'm ...
If you think about it, that might not be such bad news for you.
Where to? Sweden. - or how long? - Soon
Probably about four to five years.
That's great. You'll be an even greater potter.
If you think about it, this can also be good what's the other news?
When I come back....'ll be the first one I look for.
I mean, that's only if by that time, you still haven't found your soulmate.
Put more firewood! The pottery has to be 1300 degrees C!
Goo JunPyo, congrats on your discharge..... Oh, it's JanDi Unnie. Hi, JanDi Unnie!
Oh, hi. Yumi, you're here, too.
What are you doing here? JiHoo is not here.
I heard that you were discharged. Just wanted to say congrats.
How nosy you are!
Why don't you just take care of your own boyfriend. Does JiHoo know that you're going around like this?
- Hey, watch what you say. - What?
JiHoo Sunbae has no reason to hear such things from you. Then why don't you behave so it's not so embarrassing.
Fine. I shouldn't have come. You just take care of youself.
What's wrong with you, Oppa. You're so mean.
Unnie, don't go. Tea's coming. Oppa's tea is really good. Have some tea.
Tea is ready. Bring it here, please.
Unnie, come sit over here.
Oh, it looks so good.
Ah! I'll do it myself
Is it good? I spilled it all over.
You should try it.
Mmmm, tastes good.
I'm leaving
don't come back again.
Whenever I see you, my mood turns sour. You get on my nerves.
I get it. I'm sorry. I won't come back again!
The person that JunPyo oppa has to remember, is that you, by any chance?
I'm right. But as you can see, seeing you isn't good for him. Whenever he sees you, his condition worsens.
So, from the moment on, it's best if you don't come here anymore.
But don't worry. Every chance I get, I'll work really hard to try and get him to remember you. Take care, then.
- Make me that.
- What?
- That lunchbox that you made last time.
- Lunchbox?
The rolled eggs that you made for me at the hospital. Make that for me again.
Ahhh, that. Okay, oppa.
But there are so many more tasty foods to eat here. Why do you want to eat that?
I'm sorry.
-Don't escape.
- Let me go.
- No!
You can't back off now.
It's all over now. It's useless now
You see, I believed that even though he lost his memory, even if we had to start all over again, that he'd recognize me.
But, the fact is I was wrong.
-That's not it.
I may be upset and feel cheated, but I have to accept it.
The Goo Joonpyo that I liked, the Goo Joonpyo who loved me, doesn't exist anymore.
I told you, you can't become like the little mermaid
I refuse to accept that you, two will break up over something as nonsensical as this.
i can't accept it
It's not because of Yumi.
Ultimately, Goo Joonpyo and Geum Jandi...
It's the end for us
Eat it all
What's wrong? Does it taste bad?
-This isn't it.
This isn't the same flavor as before.
Did you really make that other one?
Uh, of course. Of course I made it. Who else would have?
It's just that each time you make it, it tastes a little different.
Next time, I'll make it just right.
Is there something making you feel bad?
That girl...
Jandi or Japcho ("lawn" or "weed"), that girl's expression...
I can't erase it from my mind.
You're too much.
How could you? From the time you were in the hospital until now, I was the one who has been at your side.
But that un-nee who pops up every now and then to irritate you, she gets stuck in your mind?
Your friends treat me like crap and always take that un-nee's side.
And that un-nee's boyfriend treats me as though I have some disease, completely ignoring me.
But, for you...because I was worried about you, I put up with it all...
But, if you act like this too, then what am I supposed to do?
What's the matter?
Invitation: "Surprise pool party thrown by Goo Joonpyo and Chang Yumi"
Un-nee, you came!
- Have you been well?
- I'm glad you came, I have something to report to you.
Oppa still can't remember you.
- Is that so?
- And one other thing...
I'm sorry for you, but I like Joonpyo oppa.
It's not that I did it on purpose; it just happened. I like him so much that I can't part from him.
Oppa feels the same way as I do. Sorry. I know you'll understand, right?
A person's heart can't be controlled the way we want...
Oh, look at the time...
I need to tell everyone the reason for this party.
Un-nee, come over in a little bit.
Don't collapse now.
Let's go
hear what they have to say.
We invited you all here because we have a special announcement to make.
Goo Joonpyo and Jang Yumi, we have decided to study in America next month.
What is that girl talking about?
Study abroad?
I'm going to continue my studies and oppa will carry on with his business.
Don't feel too sad while we're gone, and be happy until we meet again.
That girl is something else.
It's a shock to get hit in the back of the head like this.
Let's go.
I'll get you a glass of warm water.
Goo JoonPyo!
Do you remember this?
What is it?
You don't remember the names on this?
How would I know something like this?
I'll return it. Take it back.
Why would I take something like this?
If you want to get rid of it, throw it away yourself.
Goo JoonPyo. I'll ask just once more, just one more question.
What now?
Do you know how to swim?
I don't swim.
Don't swim or can't swim?
Because of a bad experience when I was a kid, I don't swim. I've never done it.
No. You do know how to swim
What are you? Who do you think you are to blab off about me.
You don't fear anything in the world, but you're so scared of bugs, you shake.
You the idiot who would rather his ribs all bust apart than see one finger on his woman hurt.
You're the idiot who doesn't know the difference between "privacy" and "pride" who insists that the 38th parallel are train tracks.
You freak out when it comes to kids, but...
you want to be a devoted father...
who will go out and look at the stars with his son.
You're a lonely but loving guy.
Who do you think you are?
That's who you are, Goo Joonpyo.
I'm asking who you are?
You call it out.
My name.
Geum JanDi.
JanDi yah!!
Geum JanDi...wake up!
JanDi....Geum JanDi!!
Are you all right?
Do you remember now?
Geum scare me like that one more time and you're dead!
You remember....
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry...
Say it name.
Jan Di...
It seems like just yesterday that our Jandi started high school, yet it's already graduation.
I'm sorry mom that I can't get a job or go to college like others do.
Noona, you don't have to take a test to go to Shinhwa University, isn't it the same for medical school?
If I want to get a scholarship, I have to take the test.
No, your life has been full of obstacles, now, I want you to do what you want to do.
And by the way, what are you wearing to the graduation?
I'm not going...
Why would I....
Aren't you a graduate of ShinHwa? Why wouldn't you go?
Please don't concern yourself.
Come out to the front of your house.
Congratulations on your graduation.
Do you really need to go to medical school?
Why? What are you about to say?
There's no guarantee that studying for another year is going to help.
If any,
think about it...a doctor like you?
You'd probably cut them up.
Even without a scalpel (surgical knife) you cut people up.
You...didn't really come to congratulate me on my graduation, did you? You came to make fun of me, right?
Ah, hey!
Hey, Geum Jandi, tomorrow, you...
Got it?
If you're late again this time, you're dead!
Go on in and sleep.
It's F4!!
I'll throw the garbage out and then get your tea
Oh, okay.
That little rascal...
Came already!
Geum Jandi! Why did you come this late?
Oh, well, I...
You weren't planning to just skip this last event, were you?
We're not even high schoolers, so why do you think we're here?
The great F4 have been waiting all day to dance with Geum Jandi.
Miss Jandi, would you do me the great honor of dancing with me?
- With me?
- Let's go.
No, just a minute...
Woobin sunbae, who was the backbone and support of F4...
I know that you are always one step behind, offering your heart in support...
I know that now.
Although you act cold and mean... in reality, you are warmer and more pure than others.
Thanks to you, I think that Gaeul has experienced a beautiful love.
Don't you think it's time to give others a turn?
What can I do since my clothes are like this?

It's perfect.
Geum JanDi's combat uniform
Don't you think it's the perfect outfit for Geum Jandi to finish her high school life?
As if having falling into a wonderland like Alice....
It will go to the emergency bell, the possibility which it will meet you there is a fact. .
Do you knowhow comforting it is... Sunbae?
You're like someone sent from the heaven to me like bonus....
I'll never be able to forget you...
My soulmate...JiHoo Sunbae....
Thank you.
What happened to JunPyo??
His phone is off. Do you think something's happened?
All right?
Saturday. 4 pm. Front of NamSan Tower.
I...have to...leave first.... You're crazy until the end.
Geum JanDi!
Didn't I say that if you were late, you'd be dead?
You're even late on a day like this... You always just do whatever you want.
It's not some kind of magic. This kind of thing...
It's easy ..
Compared to grassland management
Come here
It's a coffee that costs $36.3. Drink it up!
Let's go.
It's been a long time since we've been here huh?
Is it open??
Why don't I see anyone here??
I rented it. What?
I basically bought it until the morning. And I also have something to show you.
Come here. I told you there's something I want to show you!
What's wrong with you...there's something I want to show you... you already know? you intend to make it so that I can't get married?
You just need to marry me. Who were you going to marry???
Move. Just move aside.
Goo Jun Pyo loves Geum Jan Di
Our first night together!!! <3
It's still here!!
Now you can not get married.
Geum Jan Di.
Listen carefully to what I have to say...
So ominous... W-...W-...What is it now???
Let's get married...
Yes, married.
Why are you suddenly joking around like that??
I'm not joking
I've just barely graduated from high school.
...have to go to the U.S.
This time, it's not because of my mom.....
...and not because of the business...
It was my decision.
Killing off a living dad...forcing an offspring to marry...
or having to lobby all the time. I don't want that kind of corporation.
...going to try my best.
So...if I can save the corporation then that's great...
but if I can't...
then I'll shut it down with my own hands.
How long will it take?
......4 years.
At least it will be 4 years...
For that long??...
So.....come with me then.
I can't..
Why can't you??
When you went to Macau.....
....I made a decision, too..
About my dreams and my futuree..
What is it that I want and what is it that I want to do.
Like you.....
...the thing that I want to try my best at ,and do my right here...
Have a good trip....
I said, "Have a good trip."
4 years later, if you come back as a great man, I will think about it again then..
Geum Jan Di.
Are you serious
You are going to regret for letting me go
Hey, you are the one who is going to regret it!
Alright, you win
I already know...
that I would regret until I die for letting you go
Goo Joon Pyo
You might not be as stupid as you look
You wanna die?
4 years later
Shinhwa group's managing Director, Goo JunPyo covers 3 international economic magazines.
Today, we have Goo JunPyo, the executive director of ShinHwa Group who succeed in establishing a strategic alliance with the Global Soft Inc. this month
which has been internationally recognized and brought Korea into the spotlight.
Thank you for coming on our show. Hello.
I heard not too long ago that you are the first Korean to be on the cover of 3 international economic magazines.
Congratulations. -Thank you.
We'll change the topic a little bit now. The viewers, especially the women in Korea, would like to hear some personal information.
Of course, you're managing an international company, but you're also in the prime of your 20s
So I'm sure you're lonely sometimes. How do you overcome that?
Dating or love. It seems like you're curious about these aspects of my life.
You certainly have a faster understanding of things than others.
Yes. Well, to say I wasn't lonely or had it hard is probably a lie.
But because of a promise I made with someone, I was able to rely on that and endure it.
Just watching you talk about it. It shows that you have someone special in your heart.
A lover? Lately, there's been a lot of rumors about your marriage.
Since you're already here. How about you tell us a little about who she is?
Is that a grape? -Yes
You're still putting too much pressure in your hands.
YiJung Sunbae...
Who is he? Is he teacher's boyfriend? Mister did you just come back from another country ?
Oh, how did you know?
Then, did you just come back from Sweden?
Little miss, you're really amazing.
Then you're him! Our teacher said her boyfriend was there.
You can't tell him that!
Hey wait! Wait! Wait!
Thank you!
Hey, third repeater. Are you late even on a day like today? Not a day goes by that you don't cause trouble..
I'm sorry, Sunbae-nim. I'm sorry.
Do you think it'll end like that?
Hey, Geum JanDi! -Yes.
Can't you do this properly?
What is this?
I'm sorry. Do it again. Hurry! -I'm sorry Sunbae-nim..
You came?
By the look on your face, looks like you made another mistake.
Sunbae, since you entered on time, you're already in the graduating class…
When am I, a third-year ever going to finish and in what millennium will I become a doctor?
The future sure looks dark. You're not worried about flunking?
It's because of you that I've lasted this long as an outcast.
When I think about what I'm going to do when you go to the hospital, it looks dark..
Then, should I repeat too?
Aigoo, that's all right. That's scarier than a flunking joke.
It's not a joke.
Sunbae, you have to hurry and become a doctor so you can reopen your grandfather's clinic..
That's why you went back and studied.. That wasn't the only reason.
Doctor prince, my throat hurts.
Doctor prince?
SaeByul is going to grow up and marry Doctor Prince later in the future.
We'll get married next time. Right now, say ‘ah'.
Commoner, can you hear me? Geum JanDi respond.
Are you there Geum JanDi? If you're there, come meet me on the beach. Goo JoonPyo?.
Goo Joon Pyo?
You took 5 minutes! Can't you walk faster?!
Goo JoonPyo.
What's going on?
What do you mean? Goo JoonPyo has come back for Geum JanDi.
Seeing you wearing this white gown, I guess ugly ducklings can become swans after all.
It's Goo JoonPyo.
You're really Goo JoonPyo.
I missed you. Enough to die.
I'm not going to let you go again.
You promised, didn't you? When I returned, you'd take responsibility for me.
Look here, Mr. Goo JoonPyo with a bad memory.
I said when you returned in four years, I would think about it. I never said I would take responsibility.
Your memory is bad too, but you remember that well.
In my memory, there was another condition.
The one about if you come back as a really amazing man.
Can you really say that in front of the great Goo JunPyo?
Geum JanDi...
Please marry this great Goo JunPyo.
I object to that proposal!
I also object!
Me too! You guys can't do that so easily without our permission.